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How to Run XCode on Windows? – 6 Simple Ways to Use X Code for PC

Before we delve deep into how to use XCode on Windows, we should know what this XCode is. So XCode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is basically an immensely robust software used to build Mac apps. If you plan on designing applications on the Mac OS, you must know that XCode is a toolset designed and built by Apple, which lets you reach your desired destination. Designing apps for Windows is a task comparatively way more manageable as you can do them literally on any platform. But if you aim to develop apple applications, XCode is the key to your success. Even though operating XCode for Windows is a bit tricky and almost next to impossible, by this article, you can become a pro through our stated simplest methods.

How to Download & Use XCode for Windows 10?

For downloading XCode on Windows, just follow the below mentioned methods

Method 1: Rent Any Apple Hardware

A true revolution in recent technology is the Cloud Computing system. You can select any of your desired platforms and still experience great memory and speed without any difficulties. In fact, you can avail supercomputers on rent and then use them while having to pay only a small amount of sum. You can rent them on an hourly basis, and this way, you can have access to any device you require. This can be a brilliant way out as you can rent any MacBook device or Apple device via the cloud. Then you can use them to build your apple applications on your own Windows OS. There are a few services that let you have access to your desired Mac device in exchange for monthly fees, i.e. Mac-stadium, Mac-in-cloud, Virtual Mac OS X etc.

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  1. Rent any Apple device virtually via Cloud.
  2. Sign in to your desired Mac Operating System using a pre-installed RDP or remote desktop connection on your PC.
  3. Now you can operate any Mac device from your own PC.

Method 2: Getting A Macmini

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution to your MacBook crisis, then you can any day, opt for a MacMini. A MacMini is a small and portable CPU device containing all the necessary HDMI ports and USB ports you would need while working. This is an effective and powerful substitute proven to be utterly helpful while attempting to make a Mac OS on your Windows OS.

  1. You can set up this Mac Mini on your screen by using the remote connection or HDMI.
  2. If you want to connect it to your PC for using XCode, then you should take recourse to the remote desktop client.
  3. Using a remote desktop client would enable you to run XCode anywhere you want to.

Method 3: By Building A “Hackintosh”

Building a Hackintosh is also a brilliant idea to get started with your Mac OS on Windows OS. Hackintosh is a PC that comes designed to run Mac OS. This method is a bit more technical than all other ways we have suggested in this article. But if you remember to follow the steps, you should be able to build a Hackintosh without any difficulty. There are 2 ways in which you can make a Hackintosh. The first one is to make Mac OS the primary operating system of your PC, and the other one is to create a dual boot so that both the Windows OS and Mac OS can co-exist in your PC.

  1. Hackintosh.com – You can get your hands on plenty of helpful tutorials and guides on building a Hackintosh from this website.
  2. 9to5mac.com – This website provides you with up-to-date articles on how to build a Hackintosh for yourself.

Method 4: MacOS Using Virtualbox Or Vmware

Well, you can make use of virtual machines in order to run XCode on your Windows OS. You can successfully use Virtualization software, like Virtualbox or VMware, to turn your PC into a Mac OS. Now, in this guide, let us talk about Virtualbox and VMware in particular, as almost all the other applications function in a more or less similar way.


In case you do not have a copy of Virtualbox installed on your PC, you have to download it. There is a set of things you would require to be able to use Virtualbox. You would need a powerful computer, a dual-core Intel processor, an installation disc for Mac OS, hardware virtualization and 4 GB of ram (2GB in the least).

  1. First, install Virtualbox.
  2. After the successful installation, open the app.
  3. Now click on “Mac OS X server 64 bit”.
  4. Give your virtual device access to 4 GB RAM if your PC boasts a RAM of more than 8 GB. Or, you can choose 2 GB instead, that should also get the work done.


If you want to have XCode on your Windows PC for mere learning or testing purposes, installing VMware should be enough to get you on the roll. You just have to follow these simple steps one by one to get started with VMware.

1. Start with installing the latest version of the Mac operating system on your virtual machine, which is VMware in this case.

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2. Now go to the App Store and sign in with your own unique Apple ID. If you do not have one, then make sure to create one.

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3. Now you should search “XCode” and then install it.

4. You might be required to give the root access for the installation process. If this installation is complete, then you can try starting your project and enjoy Mac facilities within your Windows OS.

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Method 5: 3rd Party Solution

There are a large selection of tools available which help you create a cross-platform application without having to use XCode. What these tools do is let you create a special code that you can run on all types of devices irrespective of their operating system. So this should be enough to serve the primary purpose of designing Mac OS apps. However, Apple only allows applications created with XCode. But using these 3rd party tools, you can run the application on any OS, as a universal code for your app gets created, which can be supported on all devices. But, this method is not totally error-free, so you should not expect a seamless experience while developing or publishing the same.

Method 6: Buying A Second-hand MacBook

If you want to develop an iOS application but cannot afford the expenses for buying an Apple device, this method is all that you are looking for. A 2nd-hand MacBook should not cost you much if you research before buying one. The best time to get one used MacBook is when a new generation gets launched in the market. Also, try to purchase a device that is 1 to 2 years old, this way, you would be getting Apple care service for at least 1 year. Parts replacement process would also bear a lot less trouble. Do not forget to bargain for the best price and always ensure that the device is not damaged anywhere. If you keep these simple things in mind, you would be getting the Apple device at a way lower price than expected.


Indeed, Apple has not released any official method in which you can use XCode on non-Apple devices. But using the aforementioned ways, you can always avail yourself the luxury of creating an iOS application using your old Windows PC. Of course, some of these methods do take a bit extra time as they are more technical. Moreover, we have included simpler hacks as well, just so that you can have your dream fulfilled no matter how expert you are in the technical field. Hope you have enjoyed this article and learnt useful tricks that may come in handy in your journey.

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