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8 Best Remote Control TV Apps – Turn any Android Phone into a Universal Remote

Do you face problems managing the TV with a remote? Do you often misplace your remote? Does your remote often get worn out easily? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then here comes the solution to all your problems related to it. A universal Android TV remote control is a specialized app that completely transforms your android mobile to control the TV, that too without the use of an actual remote. It is very useful in terms of changing channels, operating the television with a small click. Thus, making it a very important part of our day-to-day lives. There are multiple apps available that can be used for controlling the TV through Android. Some of these apps are as follows.

Best Universal Remote App Android

1. Twinone Universal TV Remote App

This smartphone universal remote app has a unique feature to regulate and manage TV very efficiently without actually using a remote. It has overall compatibility to be used and controls various cable boxes and TV making it the best universal TV remote app. Its strong in-built compatibility supports multiple brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Sanyo, etc. The app is easily accessible on various applications due to its smart interfaces. Through easy scrolling and browsing options, all users feel comfortable using it. Apart from this, we like that app has a troubleshooting feature that quickly resolves any connectivity issue. Managing TV through this is a very hassle-free job in nature.

Twinone universal remote app

2. Unified TV Remote App

This TV remote control app is a real boon to every person facing multiple problems related to TV controllability. If a person also wishes to own a TV remote application, this is the best one to crack upon. It has multiple levels and unique features that cater to all issues of users. Coming with support to help detect any nearby devices through smart IR sensors and surround sound remote controllers. The overall interface of the application is so easy for effective functioning. Also, it features a highly specific home screen and multiple shortcuts to manage TV efficiently.

Unified TV remote App

3. Sure Universal Remote Control TV Application

This application, also known as sharp TV remote app, combines the best of two very important aspects of IR, Bluetooth speaker remote control and Wi-fi technology, to make the best TV control application. It has a unique feature that gives a very productive output while controlling TV sets and set-up box sets. Application also helps in optimal management of Television as well as multiple other appliances. Through its smart interface, applications allow users to make applications most effectively. Easy scrolling and browsing, and searching are some of best-featured ones, with all these in-built features accessing Remote Control App.

Sure universal Remote Control Tv Apps

4. Anymote Universal Remote App Android

This application holds all the benefits that a user wants in terms of accessing universal remote. It is not just about managing TV sets. Universal Blu Ray Remote also features effective commanding aspects of set-up boxes, DVD players featuring universal stereo remote aspect. A TV remote app without Wifi works on IR blaster; thus, it is important to have it on Android phones. Even if a user uses an old model, they can use this application by mounting an IR blaster on the device. One of the most intriguing factors of this device is that users can easily customize applications as per their convenience. Different controllability aspects can be brought into a single screen with help of this app. Moreover, one can use applications to manage multiple custom remotes for various gadgets.

Anymote Universal remote Application

5. CetusPlay Remote Application

The Cetus play remote application is one of the best applications for composing all types of customized remote services in a single frame. Using the customizable universal remote control for smartphones has become very easy; the users can simply install the application on their android phones and manage multiple applications. The app developed using the simplest interface. It also guides the user on how to program a universal remote more effortlessly with the distinct features of media casting, multiple control modes, etc. However, the application is ad-supported. That’s not a big deal because it is available at a lower price segment.

CetusPlay remote application

6. Samsung TV Remote Application

This brand’s universal TV remote apps for Android devices remote controlling aspects just get enhanced through this application. Samsung remote app shows a high level of compatibility to multiple brands. Through its simpler installation process, it unlocks unlimited access to its diverse features. The remote gets very handy through the installation of this application. Numerous functionalities come very effortlessly through this device, like the qwerty boards, directional arrows, browsing buttons, etc. Apart from this, the application is compatible with wi-fi for faster delivery. A troubleshooting feature has also been taught to ensure the smooth functioning of the application.

Samsung TV Remote Application Image

7. ZaZa Universal TV Remote Application

ZaZa universal remote app Android for TV remote application is a well-versed application for completely accessing multiple gadgets. The application has a uniqueness that it showcases through its compatibility. Starting from Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo to many others to convert for a universal application. Through this remote control application, one can manage Android appliances like TV efficiently. Its simpler and easy interface makes it highly approachable for its users. Moreover, the user can also use the application for making the customized remotes for different categories of appliances.

ZaZa Universal TV remote application Image

8. Air Remote for Apple TV

This remote app for iPhone specifically designed to manage the Apple brand’s television controllability aspect. Through its easy technicality, swipe, scroll buttons, tap buttons, smooth interface, the user can manage the television without much effort. This remote control application for iPhone uses an IR blaster for connectivity. It also ensures that the user does not face any technical issues while connecting the application to the television.

Air Remote for Apple TV Image

How to Program a Universal Remote?

Follow the below steps for programming a universal remote:

  1. Switch on power of television or any other appliances that needs control.
  2. Users will have to press and hold remote (android device) power buttons and correlated devices at a similar time. 
  3. Once the power button comes up, users can release both buttons on their devices.
  4. Press the remote’s power button by pointing the converted android device (remote) towards television and waiting for a moment.
  5. If power on television or other appliances gets switched off, it means the remote has got the correct code. 
  6. Following this, users can press stop and save code.
  7. If the device not responding, the user can follow the same steps until code matches.
  8. Once matched, users can point remote (android device) to the item which they want to control and manage as per their convenience.

Bottom Line

With the advent of new and modern technologies, many improved versions are available. This TV remote app for all TVs ensures that thorough compatibility is being there in application. A lot of user concerns also inculcated to provide the best version of it. While some applications include the Ad- system, at the same time, price is also very minimal in terms of availing multiple features of application. Easier interface through proper color schemes, simpler management techniques are also best universal remote applications or smartphone remote controllers. Thus, adding to all these, taking worries of managing television without an actual remote has just got an effortless solution through this application.

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