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[FIXED] Stereo Mix Not Working Windows 10 | How to Activate It?

What Is Stereo Mix? If you have ever wanted to record sounds as they come out of the speakers of your computer, then you must have felt the need for a proper tool. Stereo Mix is that tool that you need in case you want to record the output stream of your computer, e.g., speaker outputs, broadcasting radios, live streaming audios, etc. Stereo Mix is inbuilt software that comes as default with some sound cards. But this feature often remains “disabled” in most windows 10 devices. So in this article, you would learn how to enable Stereo mix step by step in windows 10 in more than one easy method.

How to Restore Missing Stereo Mix on Windows 10?

Follow the below step-by-step guidelines to fix No Stereo Mix Windows 10 error. The process to download, use and activate Stereo mix is explained in 6 different ways.

Way 1: Downloading Stereo Mix Driver

This way will come in handy if your computer does not have the Stereo mix driver installed in it. All you have to do is just download the Stereo Mix driver and then install it in order to be capable of using it.

1. First, go to the Windows icon and right-click on it. You would find an option called “System.” Click on that. Else, go to “Settings” and click on “System”.

System Settings Option Image

2. Click the “About” tab on your computer.

About System Image

3. Next step is to check your device’s type, whether 32 bit or 64 bit. Open the Realtek website on your computer and Install Codec from their site. Make sure to match the system type before you download Codec.

Realtek Page Image

4. Tick on a box called “I accept the above,” and fill in the necessary gaps and put your valid email id.

Download Realtek Codecs Image

5. You would find the “Download the file” option, click on that said option.

Realtek Download this File Image

6. Now determine where you want to download and store the application package.

7. After all the above-said steps are done correctly, click on the “Save” option and close this window.

Realtek Audio Codecs Save Image

8. Press the Windows key and E together on the keyboard to open the File Explorer window.

File Explorer Image

9. Open the location where you have saved the Codec package and double click on the same. Now tap on the “Next” option for installing this package now.

Realtek HD Audio Driver Setup Image

10. Once installation is complete, click on the “Finish” option.

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Setup Finish Image

11. Press both the Windows key and R key together on the keyboard, and the “Run” window would open.

12. Now you have to type “mmsys.cpl” and press the enter button.

mmsys.cpl in Run Image

13. Now go to the “Recording” tab once the sounds utility opens on your PC.

Sound Recording Tab Image

14. You would be required to right-click anywhere in the window and then go for the option called “Show disabled devices.”

Show disabled devices Option Image

15. By now, Realtek Stereo Mix should be visible in the list. Right-click on the same and click on the “Enable” button.

Stereo Mix Enable Image

16. To know whether this feature is enabled or not, you can check the icon of the same. There should be a green sign beside this feature if the same is enabled.

17. Finally, you have to click the “Apply” option and then press the OK button to save all of these changes.

Sound Settings Apply Ok Options Image

Way 2: Enabling Stereo Mix from Sounds

Enabling Stereo Mix on your computer is not a very hard task if you already have it on your computer on default. You just have to enable the feature to enjoy the sound recording facility.

1. Press Windows + R keys together to get access to the Run window.

2. Now you would have to type “mmsys.cpl” in the command prompt, and the sounds facility will open. After that, you would have to press the OK button.

mmsys.cpl in Run Image

3. Go to the “Recording” tab once this Sounds tab is open on your screen.

Sound Recording Tab Image

4. Now right click on a random space and tap again on the “Show disabled devices” options.

Show disabled devices Option Image

5. As you notice the Stereo Mix option visible in the list, right-click on that said option and activate the “Enable” option.

Stereo Mix Enable Image

6. Now press on the “Apply” and “Ok” button to see the changes you have made so far.

Way 3: Checking Disabled Devices

If Stereo Mix is disabled in your device, this method will guide you through enabling it.

1. Open the “Run” window by pressing Windows key and R key together.

2. Now run the command “mmsys.cpl” and press the OK button.

3. The “Recording” tab would open on the screen. There would be two options, “Show disabled devices” and “Show disconnected devices.” Check on both boxes by right-clicking on them.

Show disabled devices Option Image

4. Now the Stereo Mix would be enabled on your device.

Way 4: Microphone Access Activation

1. Press both the Windows and I key together.

Privacy Settings option Image

2. Tap on the option ”Privacy” in order to open it.

3. On the left-hand side, you would find the Microphone option.

4. Turn on the “Microphone access for this device” after tapping “Change” option.

Turn on Microphone Access Image

5. Now you have to scroll down until you find the option called “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone settings.” Toggle this microphone access setting on.

Turn on allow desktop apps to access microphone Image

6. Check if the Stereo Mix has been activated on your device or not.

Way 5: Conextant HD Audio

Now, this is a special hack we are giving you an insight into. This trick will save you a lot of time if you have installed a Conextant HD audio device on your PC.

Step 1: Download PSPad Version

1. The first step is to install the PSPad on your computer by clicking on that icon on your PC.

2. Now you can download this portable version of the device by clicking on “PSPad portable version.”

3. Download the zip file and run the PSPad.exe file in order to run it on your PC.

4. After the device pops open, click on the search bar and tap on the “Search/ Replace in files…” option.

Search Replace in Files Option Image

5. Open the “Text to find” box and paste the following line in the box


6. You would find the Radio button beside “Selected directory,” which you would have to click on.


Search Replace in Files Options Image

7. After all the previous steps are followed, click on the OK button to confirm this configuration.

Step 2: Full Control Activation

1. Press the Windows and E keys together.

2. C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\CALCC2WA.inf_amd64_07118bd8a2180658 Go to the location mentioned above, the File explorer tab.

3. You would find a file named “CALCC2WA.inf_amd64_07118bd8a2180658”, go to the Properties section.

Rename Properties Image

4. Now tap on the tab “Security” and then press on the “Advanced” option.

Security Advanced Image

5. Besides the “Owner” option, you would find “Change,” click on the same option.

Advanced Security Settings Change Image

6. Tap on that “Add” option after the window appears.

Add permission entries image

7. Press on the “Select a principle” option you would find in the tab.

System Select a principal Image

8. Now again, click on the “Advanced” option at the bottom of the page.

Select User or Group Advanced Image

9. Tap on the “Find now” option and choose your specific account name from the given list.

Select User or Group Find Now Option Image

10. Tap on OK and then tick the “Full control” option. Again click on OK to save the settings.

Basic Permissions Full Control Image

Step 3: Using Notepad

1. Tap on the file “CALCC2WA.inf_amd64_07118bd8a2180658” and open it with Notepad.

Open with notepad image

2. Press Ctrl+F on the keyboard after the file pops open on Notepad.

3. After typing Stereo in the box, you would be needed to tap on the “Find next” option.

Find Stereo Image

4. Erase those semicolons from the three mentioned lines in notepad, as you can see in this following image, containing stereo search strings.

stereo search strings image

5. Find “File” from the menu and “Save” these settings.

File Save Image

Step 4: Uninstalling the Driver

1. Open the Run windows by pressing Windows and R keys both at the same time.

2. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the command prompt and tap on the OK button.

devmgmt.msc in Run wizard Image

3. You would find the “Sound, video and game controllers” section. Make sure to expand the tab.

4. You have to right-click on the audio driver in order to uninstall it, next find the “Uninstall device” and tap on it.

Sound video and game controllers Uninstall Device Image

5. Click on Uninstall button to ensure successful uninstallation of the said driver.

Confirm Uninstall driver software Image

6. Restart your PC in order to see the newly made changes.

Way 6: Audio Driver Updating

1. Open the Run window by pressing Windows and R keys on the keyboard together.

2. Write “devmgmt.msc” on the prompt and then click on the OK button.

devmgmt.msc in Run wizard Image

3. Tap on that option “Sound, Video and Game controllers.” Click on option “Audio device” and then tap on the “Update driver” option.

Audio Device Update driver Image

4. Opt for the “Search automatically for drivers” option, and then Windows would install the updated and latest version of the audio driver on your pc on its own.

Search automatically for drivers Image

5. Now you should be able to record sounds on your pc by using the updated driver easily.


If your Windows 10 Stereo Mix missing, you must have got an answer in this article on how to enable it on your PC. We have researched the best and the easiest methods for enabling the Stereo mix on Windows 10. Here, you would find 5 easy ways to do your job quite easily without help from experts. These 5 methods would come in handy in activating the Stereo mix differing slightly in the process. We hope you have enjoyed this article and found it to your use.

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