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Screenshot Not Working – How to Print Screen on Windows 10? [8 Simple Fixes]

Print screen is a function running in Windows that saves an image of the current screen or a screenshot to the Windows clipboard. This function works by a combination key of Alt and Print Screen (Prt Sc) and captures the currently selected window screen. The Print Screen is a useful feature to take screenshots anytime and anywhere on your Windows desktop. There are several reasons why your Print Screen function may stop working, such as hardware issues, multiple tabs opened at once, or any software issues. We have provided simple solutions and wouldn’t take much time to enable your Print Screen key.

How Do I Fix Print Screen Not Working Windows 10?

There will be Windows screenshot keyboard shortcut (Prt SC or Print Screen) on every keyboard. You may ask why is my Print Screen not working! The main reason behind this is F lock key or F mode key. If your Print Screen key not working even after enabling those keys, you can try one of the below 8 solutions.

Fix 1: Close all Currently Running Programs

1. Programs such as OneDrive, Snipping Tool, and Dropbox can take over the Print Screen function, shut all of these programs and press the Print Screen key once again.

Task Manager Details End task Image

2. Check if the print screen is enabled

Fix 2: Use the Hardware Troubleshooter Function

If still Print Screen button not working Windows 10 with the above solution, you can attempt using the in-built Windows 10 troubleshooting tool. You can even use this tool to fix various other types of hardware problems.

How to Run Troubleshooting Tool?

1. Open the Settings app and click on the Update and Security section.

Update and Security Settings Option Image

2. Next, click the Troubleshooting icon on the left side of the menu.

Update and Security Troubleshoot Wizard Image

3. Select the Hardware & Devices which appear on the right pane of the screen.

Troubleshoot Hardware and Devices Option Image

4. Once the Hardware and Devices section is open, you will see the icon “Run The Troubleshooter,” and you shall click on it.

Hardware and Devices Run the troubleshooter option Image

Fix 3: Update Keyboard Drivers

Outdated drivers may cause a problem with the Print Screen not functioning at times. To keep your drivers up-to-date is always mandatory, so you do not have any issues with your keyboard in the future. So, in case your Print Screen tool isn’t functioning, try to go and update your keyboard drivers.

1. Type Device Manager on your search panel or Shortcut Key “Windows + X” and click on it.

Windows 10 Device Manager Image

2. Select the Keyboards section and find the name of your keyboard.

Device Manager Keyboards Section Image

3. Once you have found your keyboard, right-click on the keyboard name and select Update Driver.

Device Manager Keyboards Update Driver Image

4. After you have selected the updated driver, there will be a short installation process. Once the installation has been completed, restart your computer.

5. Switch off your desktop and restart it and check if the Print Screen has started to function.

Fix 4: Reboot your Computer

1. Press Windows Key + R. Once the run tool is opened up, type ‘msconfig’ and click ‘ok.’

msconfig in Run Wizard Image

2. Once the configuration window has opened up, click on the ‘General’ tab and uncheck the box beside ‘Load Startup items’ and check-in ‘Load systems services.’

System Configuration General Selective Startup Options Image

3. Click on the ‘Services’ tab. After opening the tab, check the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services and then click ‘Disable all’ in the configuration system window. After clicking all of the tabs, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok,’ and your changes will be saved.

System Configuration Disable All Option Image

4. After the necessary changes have been made, reboot your computer and check if your Print Screen issue has been fixed.

Fix 5: Check if your Windows is Up to Date

1. Go to your Windows settings and click on the “Update and Security” icon.

Update and Security Settings Option Image

2. Under the Update and Security section, click on the “Check for Updates” icon.

Windows Update Check for updates option Image

3. After clicking on the “Check for updates” tab, if any updates are pending, install them and Restart your desktop.

Windows Update Restart now option Image

Fix 6: Registry Editor

1. Search for “Registry Editor” in the Search Tab and make sure to run it with administrator rights.

Registry Editor App Image

2. After the “Registry Editor” Opens up, type in the following key and navigate to it. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

Registry Editor Path Image

3. On the right pane, find ScreenshotIndex. To create a DWORD, right-click over the space and click on NEW DWORD and enter the name. Double click over the created ScreenshotIndex DWORD and glance through its characteristics.

Registry Editor ScreenshotIndex Option Image

4. When the properties window opens, select decimal for the Base section, change the value data to 695 and click “OK” to save changes.

ScreenshotIndex Value Data 695 Image

5. Next, navigate to the left pane to the icon:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

Registry Editor User Shell Folders Image

6. At the right pane, search for {B7BEDE81-DF94-4682-A7D8-57A52620B86F} and double click to see its properties.

7. Check if the value data is described as %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\Screenshots.

Edit String Wizard Image

8. Close the Registry Editor window and restart your desktop.

Fix 7: Use F Mode or F Lock Key if it is there on your Keyboard

If your keyboard has keys such as “F Mode” or “F Lock,” these keys might be one reason the Print Screen would not work. Enabling these keys can disable the Print Screen key.

1. Press the F Lock key and F Mode Key and unlock the Print Screen key.

Fn lock and Fn Key Image

2. Check if the Print Screen is enabled.

Fix 8: How Do I Print Screen on Windows using Hotkey Combination?

If pressing a single Windows Print Screen Shortcut PrtSc key doesn’t work, you can try the following hotkey combinations:

Alt + Print Screen: Using the combination, you can easily capture the current window screen and save it in your paint application.

Alt PrintScreen Image

Fn + WinKey + Print Screen: It can capture any screenshot taken on the current window screen and save it on your disk’s picture location.

Fn and WinKey and Print Screen Image

Final Verdict

We have mentioned some quick and simple methods you could use when your Ctrl or Alt Print Screen not working. With the complete detailed guide over the 8 ways by which you could fix this problem, you can start over with your projects sooner than wasting your time. We have tested numerous solutions over how to fix the Print Screen key, of which few had longer solution procedures, but the solutions we’ve noted down are short and easy to follow.

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