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Live Wallpaper Windows 10: Top 15 Apps for a Stunning Animated Desktop Background

When it comes to Windows 10, you can get customization to the level you can’t even think of. Imagine having a desktop background of your choice and interest. Yes, Windows 10 does offer you the ability to do so with its live wallpapers. You can enhance your system background by lacing it with all kinds of widgets, dynamic wallpapers, stickers and much more. Live Desktop Wallpaper Windows 10 not only gives an alluring look but also allows you to customize your system’s look according to your interest. Abundant smart apps for Windows 10 are available that come up with tools and features you would love to work with. These features help to add a different meaning to moving desktop backgrounds Windows 10. Get the best 4k live wallpaper Windows 10 by using any of these apps.

What is Dynamic Wallpaper for Windows 10?

Dynamic wallpapers for windows 10 are live wallpapers that give a great way to customize and enhance your PC background. To overcome that old, boring and pale look of your computer background, these windows 10 dynamic wallpapers are there to redefine your system look. These are basically videos or gifs that act as wallpaper for your Windows. They take up much more resources on your PC as compared to other normal wallpapers. But they won’t fail to impress their spectators and users. With various apps and tools, you can very comfortably personalize any video or image according to your choice to set it as a desktop background. Many of these tools are free of cost and do not demand a penny for installation.

How to Set Live Wallpaper for PC?

Are you wondering about how to set live wallpaper on PC Windows 10 as background, you must be aware of various tools and apps that provide these live wallpapers. Look for the best suitable app you wish to have. Get that app on your computer by downloading it from its respective store. Install it as instructed, and if a free trial is available, get that free trial version. Launch the app on your computer and select the source of live wallpaper. You can select the best Windows 10 wallpaper from your own system memory or get it online. Select the wallpaper and look into settings to apply it as your desktop background.

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10+ Best Live Wallpaper Apps for PC Free Download

If you’re looking for a new way to customize the look of your desktop, why not consider exploring the world of pc live wallpaper apps? These apps offer a variety of visuals that can transform an ordinary screen into something truly extraordinary. From soothing nature scenes to vibrant animations and abstract designs, there is no limit to what you can find in the best Windows 10 live wallpaper apps available today. Best of all, these apps are often free or relatively inexpensive, so they don’t require breaking the bank! With so many amazing options out there, it’s easy to find the perfect backdrop for your desktop experience. Here are some the best free live wallpaper apps for Windows 10 PC.

1. Desktop Live Wallpaper for Windows 10

Desktop live Wallpapers is one the best free live wallpaper software for PC Windows 10 and you can get it free from microsoft store. This app opens up a world of personalization options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your desktop with live, constantly-evolving background animations. Choose from a variety of exciting designs, from abstract shapes to alien landscapes. There’s something to appeal to everyone in this app. It’s the perfect addition to any Windows 10 user’s desktop, giving it that extra sense of liveliness and style.

You can use this Microsoft store product with the .wmv format of videos to set wallpaper in the free version. If you want to set any other format video as live wallpaper, you must first convert it into a .wmv format and then use it. It also offers you the flexibility to pause and restart the live wallpaper in desktop anytime from the taskbar as per your choice. To set any live wallpaper from your system, simply open the app, click on browse folder and look for the folder that contains videos in the .wmv format.

Microsoft Store Browse Folder Option Image

Download Desktop Live Wallpaper for Windows

2. Rainmeter

This app comes up with the best free wallpapers for desktop with a wide range of skins/themes for your desktop. Its free and open-source tool helps in better customization and aids in viewing all kinds of valuable information. It comes up with the skin that is generally in small-sized widgets and can move freely over any desktop. Being suitable for any PC with Windows 7 or above, this wallpaper app requires minimum hardware resources for its functioning. One can also use this app for rebuilding applications in an easy-to-understand language. Some themes are smart enough to capture your notes and to-do lists and assist in managing your system’s media player.

Manage Rainmeter Folder Image

Download Rainmeter App

3. Lively Wallpaper App

If you’re looking to bring some lively animation to your Windows 10 experience, look no further than the Lively Wallpaper App. This app is an innovative, interactive wallpaper application that allows users to add lively animations and styles to their normal desktop backgrounds with just a few clicks. With this creative and lively tool, you can personalize your computer like never before, by making it unique and special. In addition to offering a wide variety of lively and colorful wallpapers, the app also allows users to sync their own audio or video projects in real time for a truly custom computer experience. Make your Windows 10 desktop pop with Lively Wallpaper App today!

lively wallpapers app image

Download Lively Wallpaper App for Windows

4. RainWallpaper

This live wallpaper app PC helps to set up an animated skin automatically as soon as you launch it in your system. It also offers a wide range of wallpapers that provides you the flexibility of changing animated desktop background Windows 10 as and when desired. Its net and responsive interface is lag-free and prevents weighing down computer resources. An integrated wallpaper editor allows editing images from the beginning or any existing images. These wallpapers also come accompanied by sound and function well with just a mouse click. This user-friendly software allows advanced quality video formats, including MP4, WebM or WMV. Thus, you can enhance your desktop’s beauty and give it a complete new look according to your choice.

RainWallpaper App Wizard Windows 10 Image

5. Push Wallpaper

This free live wallpapers Windows 10 app lets you pick up both video and live wallpaper from its huge library of available wallpapers. The exe file present makes it possible for you to choose any video and keep it as your desktop wallpaper that looks lively and happening. You can also be able to put videos and GIFs as animated desktop wallpaper Windows 10. To provide you with a better experience, it offers customization options for adjusting the particle speed in a space-based live wallpaper. No doubt you can come up with some of the best desktop wallpapers according to your taste.

Push Wallpaper Wizard Image

6. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine turns out to be an efficient and powerful tool for live wallpapers on Windows 10. With an ample amount of options, it also allows you to pick up graphics and videos. You can even pin any particular website or application as your live wallpaper. To give your wallpaper your own taste and touch, it offers you a facility to personalize wallpapers as you desire. One best thing that this app comes up with is to scale dynamic wallpapers on any monitor. If you possess an ultra-wide monitor or a multi-monitor setup, you can even run it. With all these customization and personalization abilities, you can manage to get some of the best live wallpapers for Windows 10.

Wallpaper Engine customization image

7. Chameleon Wallpaper App

If you are looking for a smart and efficient app that gives you the best animated wallpaper Windows 10, then the Chameleon wallpaper app is a perfect search for you. As the name suggests, this app offers the most attractive live wallpapers by adjusting background colors. As you point the mouse on something in the background, the color accordingly changes. It picks up more than one color and gives an immense attractive look to your desktop background. Since the advanced version of Chameleon 2.0 is highly optimized, it consumes a minimum battery and chooses a color just with a double-tap. Display camera preview option is also available that helps to know how the camera captures colors.

Chameleon app wizard image

Download Chameleon Wallpaper App for Windows

8. Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper

Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper on Windows 10 Image

9. Widgets HD

Widgets HD is the premier app for wallpapers on any device. Boasting high-quality standard and 4K images, Widgets HD is your go-to for stylish visuals. The app offers a simple user interface with categories for different themes, allowing you to easily find the perfect wallpaper to match your mood or device’s aesthetic. With an extensive collection of modern and classic imagery plus regularly updated new designs, Widgets HD will make your device look great without any effort from you. Downloading it today is a great way to upgrade the look of your home or lock screen in just a few easy clicks!

Widgets HD Image

Download Widgets HD App for Windows

10. Deskscapes

To set live wallpapers on Windows 10, this dynamic app allows a tailor-made experience and creates a wallpaper according to your interest. You can use your own WMV files to set as your desktop background if you wish to do so. With 60 special impressions and a wide range of color effects, Deskscapes allows modification of wallpapers easily and effortlessly. This easy-to-use software considers desktop resolution and aspect ratio. Thus, no worries about coming up with a wallpaper that fits your desktop quickly. You can also recolor your existing wallpapers to come up with some efficient desktop backgrounds for Windows 10.

Deskscapes Wizard Image

11. Star Wars Darth Vader

For Star Wars fans, this wallpaper is an absolute stop to give them a cinematic experience. This dark-themed wallpaper with the sinister villain Darth Vader gives a stunning look to your desktop background. It provides a magnificent and lively look to your desktop in its own moving style. Allowing you to define the lightsaber time based on its battery consumption and Wifi signal strength, this application will be your best buddy. It also allows customization of trembling lightsabers according to one’s requirement.

Star Wars Darth Vader Image

12. Tomb Raider

Popular action-adventure films became a base for many activities, animation, merchandise and wallpaper due to its popularity. Moving wallpapers Windows 10 are one such creativity for its fans that allow them to decorate even their PC. This free software makes use of 3D models of popular characters from movies in different models. The graphical movement with up-to-date online wallpapers helps to brighten the desktop and gives an engaging background.

Tomb Raider Image

13. WinDynamicDesktop app

Windows 10 users have something to celebrate: the new WinDynamicDesktop app! This application allows users to take advantage of the amazing Dynamic Desktops feature that was introduced with macOS Mojave. With it, you can experience a new background for Windows 10 each hour of the day that is inspired by the time and location from your PC settings. Each image transitions seamlessly between different lighting conditions, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic effect. WinDynamicDesktop offers hundreds of best wallpapers for desktop to choose from, allowing you to tailor your day and work environment with stunning imagery while simply working on your computer. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to customize Windows 10, look no further than WinDynamicDesktop!

WinDynamicDesktop app image

Download WinDynamicDesktop App for Windows

14. MyLiveWallpaper app

The MyLiveWallpaper app for Windows 10 provides users with a high quality experience and an incredible selection of vivid and immersive wallpapers. This easy-to-use application allows users to personalize their desktop experience and instantly upgrade the look and feel of their PC. The app offers stunning live wallpapers, vibrant themes, surreal visuals, ultra HD images, detailed photos, fun cartoons, smooth animations, inspiring 3D artworks, colorful abstracts and so much more! Each wallpaper can be adjusted to one’s exact specifications – resolution, size and even color changes are all available at the click of a button. With so much freedom to create something new every day through using the MyLiveWallpaper app for Windows 10, it’s no surprise that this has become one of the top rated apps in its category.

Mylivewallpaper app for windows 10 image

15. Sim Aquarium 3

To have a classic 3D graphic look on your desktop screen, this Sim Aquarium 3 provides a virtual fish tank for your desktop. Its lively and breath-taking visual gives an interactive appearance to your desktop. You can easily personalize your aquarium with special effects and sound effects to make you feel soothing and comfortable. It also allows you to bring in audio files making your aquarium-like feel more fantastic and embellishing. You can have a large variant with 2 elaborated 3D coral reef backgrounds and 30 super intricate fish varieties with an appealing look. To give you a complete natural visual of an aquarium, it supports 3D glasses and displays offering special art effects of luminescence.

Sim Aquarium 3 App Image

How to Use Animated GIFs as Windows Live Wallpaper?

Adding animated GIFs to your Windows 10 desktop can be a great way to bring more color and motion to your computing experience. Animated GIFs are particularly fun and engaging, though you may not be aware of how to set them up as animated wallpaper on your computer. The good news is that setting up animated GIF’s as windows live wallpapers is quick and easy;

To do this, locate the animated GIF you’d like to use and save it to your device. Then, right click on the animated wallpaper windows 10 image and select ‘Set as Desktop Background.’ Once these simple steps are followed, your animated GIF will appear as a live wallpaper on your Windows 10 desktop! This charming option gives users a fun way to personalize their screensavers, adding a touch of creativity. Animated wallpaper can be an enjoyable addition for all kinds of computer users.

How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper on Windows 10?

Setting a video as wallpaper on Windows 10 is easy and fun. Just right-click your desktop, choose “Personalize,” and then select either “Desktop background” or “Lock Screen.” From there, you can choose any video stored on your computer or an online resource to set it as your wallpaper. You’ll be asked to specify how often the wallpaper will cycle – set this to be frequently enough to enjoy the entire video’s length. Once set, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful visuals set livened up with some sound for a truly engaging experience!

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What are the Drawbacks of Using Live Wallpaper in PC Windows 10?

Live wallpapers can be visually stunning and are a fun way to customize your PC Windows 10 experience. However, they can also come with some drawbacks you should be aware of.

  • Firstly, they can drain your device’s battery power faster than usual, as the wallpaper consumes system resources in order to animate.
  • Additionally, live wallpaper has been known to cause compatibility issues with some software applications, particularly if the wallpaper contains a lot of animation or effects.
  • Some live wallpapers may even contain malicious code that puts the security and privacy of your device at risk.
  • Additionally, using live wallpapers usually means increased RAM utilization and may slow down your PC if it’s already running on low memory.
  • Also, it can be more difficult to manage since each image in a slideshow will need to be formatted correctly before being added to the slideshow. Plus, if you’re not careful you may end up with an unwelcome surprise when the images are suddenly popping up on your screen at random intervals!

Taking all these considerations into account, one might decide to carefully use live wallpaper in windows 10 or opt for static ones instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get live wallpapers on Windows 10 PC?

If you want to get free live wallpapers for PC windows 10, you can get the help of third-party apps like Wallpaper Engine or RainWallpaper, etc. With these apps, you can easily customize a live wallpaper and set it as your PC background.

How to download live wallpaper for PC?

Upgrade your desktop background to something more vibrant and mesmerizing with a live wallpaper. To achieve live wallpaper for pc download, simply search for the above mentioned apps. Download and install your preferred choice. After that, select the best live wallpaper of your choice and click on ‘download’ or ‘save image’ as to save it on your system.

How to make a live wallpaper for PC windows 10?

If you want to set a customized live wallpaper, you can do it by utilizing tools like Adobe After Effects or Wallpaper Engine to create breathtaking moving visuals. To do that, import an animation, customize it however you want, and set the file as your background using a dedicated app.

Do live wallpapers drain battery in laptop?

Live wallpapers may be fun and attractive, but they can also drain your laptop battery faster than a static image. Depending on the detail of their animation, live wallpapers will require more power from system resources – so for longer-lasting charge it might be best to opt for simpler backgrounds when you’re running low!

Do live wallpapers work on home screen or lock screen?

Yes, live wallpapers work both on home screen and lock screen, However, the ability to use live wallpapers on the lock screen or home screen will depend on the type of device you are using and the operating system. Some devices support both, but in other devices it may be possible that your can use live wallpaper either as home screen or lock screen.

Does live wallpaper consume more RAM?

Live wallpapers can be gorgeous, but they come with a cost. The more complex and intense the animation is in your wallpaper choices, the higher amount of RAM usage you will experience on your device as they require additional processing power to run the animation. So it is best to close other programs or use static images it your device is getting slow.

How to run live wallpaper Windows 10 software?

Run live wallpaper software on Windows 10 by downloading and installing a live wallpaper-compatible application from a reputable source. After that, launch the application and follow the on-screen instructions to set up and activate the live wallpaper.

How to add live wallpaper in Windows 10?

Live wallpapers are not natively supported in Windows 10. However, you may add live wallpapers using third-party software such as Wallpaper Engine.

Does live wallpaper slow down PC?

Live wallpapers have the ability to slow down a PC, as they utilize system resources such as CPU and GPU power. However, depending on the complexity of the wallpaper and the PC’s hardware, its effect on performance may vary.

How to setup live wallpapers on PC?

Third-party software like Wallpaper Engine can be used to set up live wallpapers on your PC. First install the wallpaper engine software then download the live wallpapers, and set them as your PC background.

How to make animated background Windows 10?

To create animated background in Windows 10, make use of third-party applications like Wallpaper Engine or Rainmeter, which lets you to personalize and apply animated wallpapers to your desktop.


To have cool computer backgrounds for windows is like a piece of a cake these days as the operating system supports a wide range of wallpapers. With varied tools and customization, the library contains a wide range of slideshows to give an impeccable look to your desktop background. Making use of these best live wallpaper Windows 10 apps mentioned above, you can get the perfect wallpaper for PC. Editing and giving wallpapers a new look according to your choice becomes easier than ever before. So, get any of these apps for your Windows 10 and convert your desktop background in your own personalized way.

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