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8 Simple Solutions to Fix Keyboard not Typing Problem in Windows

It will be a disaster if your laptop or PC’s keyboard with Windows 10 doesn’t respond well as efficiently as it should be. All your money, excitement, and interest in working with your PC will go straight into the trash in such a situation. There can be various reasons for your keyboard not working Windows 10 properly. So, let us help you in resolving major issues which can trigger your keyboard not to work properly.

How to Turn On the On-Screen Keyboard?

There are various reasons for your keyboard not to work as desired. But the crux of the matter is to solve all of those issues and work with your keyboard worry-free. Exactly for that purpose, below are some methods. But before that, you have to work with an on-screen keyboard. To get an on-screen keyboard, you need to troubleshoot and to do so look at the below steps:

1. Before knowing the steps to resolve the issue, first, let’s turn on the screen and go to the Settings of your Windows 10 to troubleshoot.

Desktop Settings Option Image

2. Now, all you have to do is select the Ease of Access option.

Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

3. If you scroll down, at the bottom of its left side, you will see the Interaction section. There select its Keyboard option.

Settings Keyboard Option Image

4. On the right side, at the top of that page, you’ll see Use your device without a physical keyboard. There turn on Use the On-screen keyboard.

Use the On-screen Keyboard Enable Image

That’s it! Your system is ready to be operated without the connection of an external keyboard. Now, all you have to do is follow the given solutions to fix problems associated with a keyboard.

[FIXED] How to Fix Keyboard Not Working Windows 10?

For resolving your keyboard issues, these below methods are our best bets:

  1. Update your drivers
  2. Use the Window 10 Keyboard troubleshooter
  3. Turn off the filter key features
  4. Simultaneously press both the Windows and Space bar
  5. Take a look at your Windows 10 Power settings
  6. Uncheck the box of the Fast startup
  7. Check your USB ports
  8. Switch to Chrome OS

Method 1: Update Your Drivers

Outdated drivers can lead to improper working of Windows 10 keyboard. So it is inevitable to update drivers properly.

1. Firstly, click both the Windows and X buttons simultaneously. There opens the table consisting of a list of options.

2. From that list, select the Device Manager option.

Windows 10 Device Manager Image

3. Now, after clicking on the Device Manager, you’ll see the Keyboard in the appeared list of devices. Click on it to get an Update driver option.

Device Manager Keyboards Update Driver Image

4. Allow Windows 10 to look for the newest driver update on your local computer or online. There you will see on-screen instructions. Follow the instructions for updating with the latest version of drivers. That’s it! Your keyboard should work properly.

Is this method not helpful? Relax! Don’t panic. We have another solution.

Method 2: Use Window 10 Keyboard Trouble Shooter

As we all know, Windows 10 comes with various troubleshooters. Meaning, those troubleshooters will come in handy to resolve your windows 10 problems easily. So, run a troubleshoot to solve the keyboard issue

1. To run troubleshooting, first click on the Settings option.

2. There, you will find a search bar. In that search bar, type “Find and fix keyboard problems”.

Find and Fix Keyboard Problems Image

3. Select the Next button to start troubleshooting. Here, your Windows 10 will start detecting issues.

Fix Keyboard Problems Next Option Image

4. After troubleshooting ends, you have to follow the On-screen instructions if any issues are identified. This will end up successfully fixing any persisting keyboard issues.

Method 3: Turn Off Filter Key Features

The filter key feature in the older version of Windows 10 has a bug that causes your laptop keyboard not to respond. For resolving this, follow the below steps:

1. Simultaneously press both Windows and R keys on the on-screen keyboard. Here the Run utility bar will open. Type “Control” and click on it. This will lead to the control panel.

Run Control Panel Image

2. It is preferred to ensure that your view mode is set to Category.

3. Here, you have to click on the Ease of Access option.

Ease of Access in Control Panel Image

4. Ease of Access will take you to another bar that shows Change how your keyboard works. Click on it.

Ease of Access Change how your keyboard works option image

5. Here, you will find the Turn on Filter Keys option with a selection box. Suppose that box is empty, then there is no issue. But, if it is checked, uncheck it. This will turn off the filter keys.

Turn on Filter Keys Option Image

That’s it! We guess this will be able to make your keyboard start working. If not, we have another method to solve your case.

Method 4: Simultaneously press both Windows and Space Bar

If your keyboard suddenly stopped working, this is an easy way to fix that issue.

  • Just press both the Windows and Space bar simultaneously on your on-screen keyboard. This will resolve the issue.
Windows and Space Bar Keys Image

But, if you still fail to make your keyboard work normally, let’s move onto another solution.

Method 5: Take a look at your Windows 10 Power Settings

Windows 10 system has power-saving options. If you haven’t used your wireless keyboard for a while, these settings will disable it to save power. Thus, you are needed to disable these power managing options.

1. By now, you know how to click on the Device Manager. Relax if you don’t. Simply press simultaneously on both the Windows and X. Device Manager will appear.

2. Here, you will see the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Click on its adjacent arrow, where you will see extended options.

Universal Serial Bus Controllers Option Image

3. Here, double-click on the USB with which your keyboard is connected. Then, all you have to do is click on the Power Management.

Universal Serial Bus Controllers Power Management Image

4. Uncheck the box with Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, as shown in the later picture.

Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device option Image

That’s it! You are good to go. If you are still stuck with the question, “why my keyboard is not working,” we have yet another method to solve.

Method 6: Uncheck the Box of the Fast Startup

A fast startup setting may also lead to your keyboard not working appropriately. For disabling your Fast Startup guide, do give attention to these below-mentioned steps:

1. To open the Run window, you know what to do. If you don’t, refer to Method 3 mentioned above and follow Steps 1 and 2.

2. Later, click on the Hardware and Sound heading. Next, press the “Power Options” menu.

Hardware and Sound Option Image

3. Choose “Change what the power buttons do” option will appear.

Change what the power buttons do option Image

4. Now, Change settings that are currently unavailable link will be displayed.

Power Options Change settings that are currently unavailable Image

5. Here, one will see Turn on fast startup option with an aligned box. Uncheck that box. After that, save these changes with the Save Changes button.

Turn on fast startup option Image

6. Restart your system. Now, there are good chances that your device will work.

If your query is “Why keyboard not responding?”, this below technique can answer that.

Method 7: Check your USB Ports

Inefficient USB ports can also lead to your keyboard not working properly. Check these ports first. Following steps are precisely for that purpose:

  1. Plugin and plug out all those ports concerning your keyboard.
  2. After plugging out that certain keyboard USB port, try using that port with other external devices like the mouse.
  3. If that other connected device, too, doesn’t work, then it is your system’s USB port that is at fault. Do replace it.

Method 8: Switch to Chrome OS

  1. If none of those above mentioned methods do not come to your aid, we highly suggest you go for a much more reliable operating system.
  2. To successfully solve the matter of how to fix keyboard keys not working, install the Google Chrome OS. This one comes with all the necessary options and even more marvellous options to operate with.

Reasons for Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working Laptop / PC

It is vital to know the root causes that are affecting your keyboard’s improper functioning. Some significant reasons for your keyboard stopped working are:

  1. Poor USB connection
  2. Low/nill battery in case of a wireless keyboard
  3. Keyboard Driver error 
  4. Untidy keyboard
  5. Active filter keys
  6. Windows 10 updates
  7. Improper power supply configurations

1. Poor USB Connection

In case of a poor USB connection, your keyboard gets no proper commands. And, thus, it leads to your Windows keyboard not working. A poor USB connection is one major factor for your input device to stop working.

2. Low/Nill Battery in case of a Wireless Keyboard

In the current modern era, everything is wireless. A keyboard is no less in that category. A wireless keyboard needs to be ensured that it has fully charged batteries within it. If these batteries are ineffective, they can act negatively. Thus, a low battery can lead to a wireless keyboard not working.

3. Inappropriate Drivers

On how to fix your keyboard, it is also crucial to check drivers concerning your Windows 10. An appropriate driver given with that particular input device has to be ensured that it is installed. If it is not done precisely, your keyboard will not work.

4. Untidy Keyboard

One common question which knocked on our doors is, “why isn’t my keyboard working?”. Your keyboard won’t work as desired if there are any particles stuck between its keys. You will feel rigid keys or improper functionality of keys if there are any food particles stuck. Thus, for a keyboard not working, dust or such particles can be a reason. Take a brush and thoroughly clean keys to work with your keyboard effortlessly.

5. Active Filter Keys

These filter keys do nothing but ignore our repeated keys. These filters come in handy for people with hand tremors or any such related issues. So, that is why these activated filter keys can lead to your laptop keyboard not working.

6. Windows 10 Updates

One major drawback in the initial Windows 10 is its filter key bug. Although the whole software was awesome, its bug in the filter key caused a headache. Microsoft worked and fixed this bug in their latest version. Filter bug, which in their latest software, is introduced to make your keyboard work effectively. This older version is the cause for your keyboard not typing letters.

7. Improper Power Supply Configurations

Windows 10 has come up with power-saving modes. One of its power-saving functions is to turn off those inactive devices in your system’s background. It can be a trigger for your keyboard not to start working.


It is very frustrating to work with an inefficient Keyboard. For most users, when they buy their Windows 10, one common thing they get wondered is, “why some of my keyboard keys are not working effectively?”. The above whole study provides you with various elucidations regarding the origin of faults leading to your keyboard’s dysfunctioning. We have also effectively offered you different methods to resolve issues. Hope all the above solutions have come to your aid. If any of these solutions have successfully made your keyboard work, then our article has fulfilled its whole purpose.

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