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How to Use Discord: The Perfect Platform for Streaming, Gaming, and More

In this era of technology, conversations are no longer restricted to just conventional phone calls and texts. Consequently, Discord has become a revolutionary communication platform that provides users access to voice chats, video conferencing capabilities, and text-based messaging services. This method is, in particular, utilized by gamers, but it is also embraced by companies and individuals worldwide who require secure yet effective communication methods for their operations or personal usage! 

Nevertheless, starting on Discord can be intimidating for new users. In this article, we’ll review the basics of using the platform: from making an account to exploring servers and channels. Whether you’re a gamer or business owner looking to use its features, this guide will provide all the necessary info to take full advantage of what Discord has in store!

What is Discord and What is its History?

Discord is an ever-growing, popular application that started as a communication solution for gamers but has since exploded to reach a wider audience. Through this platform of text, voice, and video chat capabilities, users can easily connect with others who share their interests and form relationships while collaborating on projects.

Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy first unleashed the revolutionary communication platform Discord in May 2015. Driven by his experience as a gamer, Citron created the program to give gamers worldwide improved methods for connecting. With time, this groundbreaking platform has expanded beyond gaming; individuals and communities now use it to learn, conduct business operations, or commune together socially.

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Types of Devices that Support Discord

Discord is the perfect application for you, no matter your device. It’s available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in addition to web browsers—so regardless of where you’re located or what type of hardware you own, it should be easy to access and use Discord!

How to Use Discord on Different Devices?

How to Use Discord on PC?

Discord is a popular communication tool for gamers that makes it easy to chat with other players, voice or text, while playing games. Here are the steps on how to use Discord on PC:

  • Download and install Discord on your PC. You can download it for free from the official website.
  • Create an account on Discord if you don’t have one already. You can create an account by clicking on the “Register” button on the Discord homepage.
  • Once you have created an account, log in to Discord using your credentials.
  • In the Discord app, you will see a list of servers on the left side of the screen. You can join the servers by either clicking on the join server button or by copying and pasting the server address in the search bar.
  • Once you have joined a server, you will see a list of channels on the left side of the screen. You can click on any channel to start chatting with other members.
  • You can also join a voice chat by clicking on a voice channel. You can adjust your microphone and speaker settings in the settings menu.
  • To add friends on Discord, click on the “+” button in the Friends tab and search for their username or email address.
  • You can also create your own server on Discord. Click on the “+” button in the Servers tab and select “Create Server”. You can customize the server settings and invite others to join.
  • You can use various Discord settings to customize your experience as well. For example, you can change your avatar or nickname, adjust notification settings, and more.
  • Finally, make sure to follow Discord’s community guidelines and etiquette to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone.

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How to Use Discord on Phone?

  • Get the latest version of Discord from either Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Download it and install it right away!
  • After installation, launch the Discord app and opt for either “Register” to produce a new account or “Login” if you have an existing one.
  • To set up your account, follow the instructions on the screen. This will involve creating a username and password and verifying your email address if necessary.
  • Make your profile unique by tapping the three lines in the top-left corner and selecting “Profile.” In this area, you can upload a picture of yourself, adjust your username, and create an intriguing bio.
  • To join a discord server, tap the three lines in the top-left corner and select “Servers.” Then hit the plus sign at the upper right to enter an invite code or search for available servers by tapping “Discover servers.”
  • To send messages to your friends and servers, choose the server or friend you wish to communicate with and click on the text box at the base of your screen. 
  • To connect, navigate to the three lines in the top-left corner and click “Friends.” Tap the plus symbol in the upper right-hand corner to add a contact. 
  • If you’d like to use a Discord bot, the process of doing so is simple! First, identify and invite the bot that fits your needs. Then, follow its user-friendly instructions to begin utilizing its features right away.
  • Tap the three lines in the top-left corner to access and subscribe to Discord Nitro on your mobile. You can then browse multiple Nitro offerings with unique benefits like improved streaming quality, extra emoticon slots, and server boosts. 

How to Use Discord on Xbox?

To activate Discord on your Xbox console, follow the below steps on how to use discord on xbox:

  • Download and install the Discord app on your mobile device.
  • Open the Discord app on your mobile device and log into your account.
  • To link your Xbox Live account, head to User Settings and select Connections.
  • Select the Xbox Live option and sign in with your account details. 
  • Follow the prompts to link your Discord and Xbox accounts.
  • Launch the Discord app on your Xbox console.
  • To Sign-in to your Discord account on Xbox, enter your email and password or use the QR code available through a mobile device.
  • Once you’ve logged in, Discord enables you to join or create servers, deliver messages, and even make voice calls – all from your Xbox!

How to Use Discord on PlayStation?

Unfortunately, Discord cannot be used directly on PlayStation consoles due to the PlayStation network’s strict prohibition of third-party apps or software. There is no official app for Discord on this platform either, making it a nonviable option.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to connect Discord with your PlayStation. All you have to do is use the app on your smartphone or PC and join voice channels or text chat with friends while playing games.  Here are the steps you can follow on how to use discord on playStation:

  • Download and install Discord on your smartphone.
  • Create your Discord account now or log in to an existing one.
  • Create or join a server and invite your friends to it.
  • Log on to your smartphone or PC and join a voice channel or participate in an engaging text chat within the server.
  • Enjoy gaming on your PlayStation while staying connected with your friends through Discord on a PC or smartphone device.

How to Use Discord on PS5?

One of the newest and most exciting developments is the integration of Discord on PS5, where players can now communicate with each other on the gaming console. Here is a step-by-step process on how to use Discord on PS5:

  • First, you need to download the Discord app on your PS5. This can easily be done from the PlayStation store, where you can search for “Discord”. Once the app is downloaded, you can install it on your console.
  • Once you have installed Discord, launch the app on your PS5. You will be prompted to sign in or create a new account. If you already have a Discord account, you can simply sign in, and if not, you can create a new account with your email or phone number.
  • Once you have logged in to your Discord account, you can now use the app to communicate with other players. There are a few things to keep in mind when using Discord on PS5:
    • You can join existing channels or create your own channels. To join a channel, simply click on the channel’s name or icon and select “Join”. If you want to create a new channel, click on the “+” icon and enter the name and description of your new channel.
    • You can communicate through voice, text, or video channels. To communicate through voice or video, make sure your PS5 is connected to a headset or camera, respectively. To communicate through text, simply type out your message in the chatbox.
    • You can invite other players to join your channels by sending them direct invites. To do this, click on the three dots next to the channel’s name, then select “Invite People”. You can then enter the player’s Discord username or send them a direct link.
  • Once you are in a channel with other players, you can now communicate and coordinate with them during your gaming sessions. Discord also allows you to customize your user settings, such as changing your display name, profile picture, and app settings.

How to Use Voice Changers on Discord?

Voice changers on Discord can add a fun and unique element to your conversations. To use one, download and install via a plugin, then adjust the settings to your desired voice. Note that overuse or inappropriate use can lead to disciplinary action. Here are some of the ways on how to use voice changers on Discord:

How to Use Voicemod on Discord?

  • Download and install Voicemod on your computer
  • Open the Discord application and click User Settings > Voice & Video. 
  • Select Voicemod Virtual Microphone as your input device
  • Launch Voicemod, select the desired effect and then speak into your microphone to apply it to Discord.

Using Clownfish Voice Changer on Discord

  • Download and install Clownfish Voice Changer on your computer
  • Log in to Discord and head to the Voice & Video tab of your User Settings. 
  • Once there, select Clownfish Voice Changer as your input device.
  • Launch Clownfish Voice Changer, select the voice effect you want and speak into your microphone.
  • The transformation will be applied to Discord instantly.

How to Use Voice Changers on Mobile?

  • Make your voice stand out from the crowd by downloading and installing a voice changer app to your mobile device! 
  • Once you open the application, select whichever unique effect suits you best.
  • Open Discord and join a voice chat
  • Select the voice changer app as your input device in Discord
  • Speak into your mobile device, and the voice effect will be applied in Discord

How to Use Bots in Discord?

Here are some steps on how to use bots in Discord:

  • Add the bot to your server: If you want to add a bot, the invitation link is important. You can obtain this from either the bot’s site or its developer. Then, simply click on it and select which server you want the bot added to for instant access!
  • Customize the bot’s settings: After you add the bot to your server, you can customize its settings with a few key commands. To make things easier for yourself, most bots have a built-in help command that reveals all available options; this includes the “!help” command from Probot, which allows users to view every single one of its commands.
  • Use bots for server moderation: Utilizing bots to manage your server is a great way to set up automatic regulations. For example, the MEE6 bot can alert users who use inappropriate language with an automated warning system.
  • Use bots for giveaways: Giveaways just got a lot more fun with the help of Bots! With the GiveawayBot, you can easily execute giveaway events on your server. Enter one command and watch as it randomly selects all participants’ winners.
  • Use confession bot on Discord: Confession bot is the perfect way to provide your server members with a safe, anonymous space! It’s incredibly easy to use; all you need to do is add it and then type !confess. This amazing tool will create a new channel where anyone can anonymously share what’s on their mind without fear of judgment or retribution. 

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How to Use a Soundboard and Sound Pad on Discord?

If you want to use soundboards and sound pads on Discord, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Explore the various soundboard and sound pad software available online – such as EXP Soundboard, Jingle Palette, or Soundpad – to find one that fits your needs. Download it to your computer quickly and easily!
  • After downloading the software, open it and insert your desired sounds. You can either choose to upload custom recordings or use the pre-made options that come with the program.
  • Open Discord and join the voice channel where you want to use the soundboard or sound pad.
  • By utilizing hotkeys in your soundboard or sound pad software, you can quickly and easily assign each sound to a specific key combination–for example, Ctrl+1 or Shift+2. 
  • Get your soundboard or sound pad going and utilize the hotkeys to play sounds into the voice channel. 
  • You can also independently adjust each sound’s volume level in the software, ensuring they are neither too loud nor too silent.

How to Use Discord for Gaming?

Discord is an amazing platform for gamers that allows them to stay connected and communicate with each other seamlessly. Follow these steps on how to use Discord for gaming, and you’ll be up and running in no time:

  • Create or join a gaming server: You can develop or join an existing Discord gaming server to connect with other gamers who share your interests. 
  • Set up voice channels: Discord’s voice channels are ideal for in-game chats. Build individual channels devoted to each game, and simultaneously customize settings like sound quality, echo cancellation, and background noise suppression!
  • Customize your server: With roles, permissions, and channel designs of your own choice, you can customize your server to create a bespoke experience for each member of the gaming community.
  • Use bots: Bots can be incredibly useful, performing various tasks, from moderating chat to playing music or gaming. To maximize your bot experience, seek those specifically tailored for gaming communities like MEE6 and Rythm!
  • Stay organized: Utilize channels and categories to keep your server organized. For instance, you can create separate areas for announcements, casual conversations, or game-specific topics. 
  • Participate in events: Join in on the fun with other gamers by participating in tournaments, game nights, and movie nights hosted by gaming servers.
  • Share content: Discord allows you to demonstrate your gaming prowess in a fun and interactive way with other gamers who share the same interests. You can easily upload screenshots, videos, or streams of your gameplay for everyone else to see! 

Tips and Tricks for Using Discord

Discord has become a popular communication tool for gamers and communities due to its wide range of functions, such as voice chat, text messaging, and the ability to share multimedia files. With so many features and options, it’s easy for new users to get lost in the platform. Here are some tips and tricks for using Discord effectively:

  • Customize your profile: Personalizing your profile will help you stand out in the community and give others a better idea of who you are. You can add an avatar, change your username, and even add a custom status to your profile to let others know if you’re available to chat or play games.
  • Set up push notifications: Discord offers push notifications that will alert you when someone sends you a message or when there’s new activity in your subscribed channels. You’ll never miss an important message or event by setting up notifications.
  • Use hotkeys to save time: Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that save you time when navigating through Discord. You can use them to mute your microphone, switch channels quickly, or even change your status.
  • Join servers and communities: Discord is all about building communities, so it’s essential to join servers that you’re interested in. Whether it’s a server for a particular game or a community for a specific interest, joining a server can connect you with like-minded people and enhance your experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to mute or block users: Discord allows you to mute or block users with whom you don’t want to interact. You can mute someone’s messages or even block them entirely, so they can’t send you messages or join the channels that you’re in. These features can be useful if you’re dealing with trolls or spammers or need peace and quiet.
  • Explore different bots: Bots are automated programs that can perform various tasks on Discord, such as moderating chat rooms or providing music playback. A wide range of bots is available on Discord, so experiment with different ones to see which works best for you.
  • Use servers for organizing events: Discord servers are great for organizing events or setting up game sessions with friends. You can create channels for announcements, discussion, and participation, making it easy to coordinate with other members.

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FAQs about Discord

What Does Idle Mean on Discord?

On Discord, users will see their status automatically switch to “Idle” after being inactive for around 5 minutes. Changing one’s online status to Idle shows others that the user may not be actively available at the moment.

How to Mute Someone on Discord?

To instantly silence someone on Discord, right-click their username and click “Mute.” You can mute a user in either your server or private messages. If you’d prefer to be more selective with who you receive notifications, adjust your settings for each specific user or channel.

How to Unban Someone on Discord?

To get someone unbanned from your Discord server, head to Server Settings > Bans, select the user you wish to absolve, and click “Revoke Ban” or type in the command “unban @user” into the chat for instant results.

Can You Use Discord for Business?

Absolutely! Discord is the perfect choice for business operations, enabling teams to communicate and collaborate effortlessly. It also enables businesses to host virtual meetings/webinars and easily provide customer service. This app comes equipped with voice & video calls, screen-sharing features, file-sharing capabilities, and compatibility with other applications used by businesses.

Is Discord Free?

Discord is a free application with an optional subscription plan—Discord Nitro. By availing of this premium membership, you can enjoy enhanced features like custom emojis, higher file upload limits, and server boosts.

Are International Discord Calls Free?

Discord is free for international calls when both parties have an active internet connection; however, fees may be applied to data usage if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

How to Create a Discord Server?

To create a Discord server, click the + icon in the interface and select “Create Server,” name your new space, and select a region that best suits you. Customize it with roles, channels, and permissions to get it looking just right!

How to Create a Channel on Discord?

To create a channel on Discord, right-click the server name and select “Create Channel.” From here, you can customize your channel type, name, topic, and permissions before completing its creation by clicking “Create Channel.”

How to Edit Channel Settings?

To adjust your channel settings on Discord, right-click the desired channel name and select “Edit Channel.” You’ll then be able to easily modify its name, topic, permissions, or any other setting.

How to Leave a Discord Server?

To leave a Discord server, click on the server icon and select “Leave Server” from the drop-down menu if you use the desktop. If you want to exit via mobile, press your finger on the server name and then pick “Leave Server.”

How to Delete a Discord Server?

To delete a Discord server, access the settings of this particular server; select “Overview,” then tap on the option to “Delete Server” at the very bottom. Lastly, type in your confirmation by inputting the exact name of your server.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup?

To prevent Discord from automatically launching during startup, open the application and navigate to User Settings > Windows Settings > Startup Behavior. Once there, switch off “Open Discord.”

How to Change Status on Discord?

To adjust your presence on Discord, click your profile picture and pick your preferred status. You can also craft a custom message or set yourself to “Do Not Disturb” mode if necessary.

How to make Discord use less CPU and RAM

Discord can use less CPU and RAM by disabling hardware acceleration, closing unnecessary apps, reducing voice quality, and adjusting notification settings. Additionally, updating drivers and optimizing computer performance can improve Discord’s efficiency.

How to use Discord without a phone number

To use Discord without a phone number, sign up through the website or desktop application. Verification can be done through email or Google authentication.

How to add midjourney to Discord?

To add Midjourney to Discord, navigate to the Discord developer portal and create a new application. Under the “Bot” tab, generate a token, and invite the bot to your server using the generated OAuth2 URL. Once the bot is added, configure any desired settings and start using Midjourney’s voice-activated commands.

How to use midjourney on Discord?

To use Midjourney on Discord, install the bot, type !setup to link your account, and begin using its features, including server status updates and game statistics tracking.

How to make react roles on Discord?

To make React roles on Discord, enable Developer mode, go to Server Settings, create roles, and use the Role ID to add them to the emoji reactions. This allows for easy self-assigning roles for members.

How to make self roles Discord?

To make self-roles in Discord, go to Server Settings > Roles > enable “Self-assignable” > create roles > assign them to users in the “Members” tab.

How to make a sticker on Discord?

To make a sticker on Discord, click on the emoji button, then select “Create Sticker,” upload your image, and add tags for easy searching.

How to set up reaction roles Discord?

To set up reaction roles on Discord, use a bot like YAGPDB or Carl-bot. Create a role, set up the reaction, and link it to the role using the bot’s commands. Test to ensure it works properly.

How old do you have to be to use Discord?

According to Discord’s Terms of Service, users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. However, some communities may have their own age restrictions.


Discord is the perfect platform for your communication and collaboration needs – it has features to accommodate text, voice, video chat, and file sharing. With a few simple steps of setup and comprehension of the different tools available on this app, you can have an efficient tool that works for personal and business-related tasks. Make sure to explore its available tips and tricks to maximize how effective Discord could be in helping your goals.

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