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How to Remove Discord from Computer (Windows, MacOS) & Mobile (Android, iOS)

Before learning about how to uninstall Discord from any system or mobile, let’s gain a brief knowledge on this application. The software Discord, launched in 2015, has now become the most important tool for gamers. If you are a gamer, then you must already be aware of its use. Discord is used to connect several people in a channel while they are playing any game together. It is a versatile software that is compatible on almost all platforms, whether it is a Windows PC or macOS one, Android or iOS.

Even if Discord is a great app, but you want to use another one and try to install it in your system, you need to uninstall Discord completely. However, some users find issues while uninstalling the software completely. This article will guide you through all the steps to remove Discord completely from your system.

How to Uninstall Discord from Windows 10?

Can’t uninstall Discord Windows 10? Don’t worry; you can do that while following some extremely easy steps. We have mentioned two methods to uninstall Discord from Windows 10 below:

Method 1: Conventional Method of Removing Discord with Windows Uninstall

1. Stop Discord programs running on PC by closing the Discord window.

2. Right-click on the taskbar and then select “Task Manager.” Check all programs running on the computer. Find Discord program and close it if it is still running.

Task Manager from Task Bar Image

3. In the Task Manager window only, Click on the “StartUp” tab. A list appears. Select Discord in it and click on the “Disable” button.

Task Manager Startup Image

4. Now that Discord software is disabled, right click on “Start” / “Windows button” at bottom-most right corner of your computer’s screen and click “Apps and Features”/ “Program and Features”.

Programs and Features Option Image

5. Click Discord on the list and select the “uninstall” option. This will remove Discord software from your computer.

Uninstall Discord on Windows from Settings Image

6. Discord is now uninstalled from your computer, and you can no longer see Discord in the list.

Remove Remaining Files of Discord: Even though Discord is uninstalled from your computer, some files remain in your system that would not allow you to install any other app.

7. To remove the Discord folder and files, open “Explorer.” Click on the “View” tab and see its settings. All settings regarding software will be on that list. Select “Show Hidden Files, folders and drives” option.

Show hidden files folders and drives image

8. Now go to C: UsersusernameAppData location, delete the “LocalDiscord and RoamingDiscord,” and reboot your computer.

Remove Discord from the Registry– When you uninstall Discord, its registry files will remain in your system until you delete them. Follow the steps below to do so:

9. Type “Regedit” in Taskbar’s search box. list containing all the registry groups will appear; now delete all the registry files belonging to Discord.

search regedit image

10. Open Web Browser on your PC and disable and uninstall all Discord extensions. Now the Discord is completely uninstalled from your computer.

Method 2: How to Uninstall Discord Windows 10 with a Professional Discord Uninstaller

1. Launch Total Uninstaller software on your computer. Click on the Discord icon on the menu and select the “Run Analysis”.

Discord Run Analysis Image

2. All the files and folders belonging to Discord will appear on the screen. Now, click on “Complete Uninstall” and then “Yes”, to confirm the step.

Discord Complete Uninstall Image

3. Click “Yes” again to start the process of uninstallation. Wait until the first one gets finished. Now, click on the “Scan Leftovers” button.

Total Uninstaller Scan Leftovers Image

4. Click the “Delete Leftovers” button on the left. This will delete everything belonging to Discord on your computer.

Total Uninstaller Discord Delete Leftovers Image

5. Click “OK” to finish the removal process and exit the Total Uninstaller. Finally, restart your computer and Discord is now deleted completely.

Discord Leftovers removed message Image

How to Uninstall Discord Mac?

Discord won’t uninstall from your Macbook or PC? Don’t worry; you can do it by using these two different methods.

Method 1: Uninstall Discord from Mac Manually

1. Firstly, right-click the Discord icon and press “Quit.” This will close the program and stop it from running.

Quit Discord on Mac Image

2. Use Finder and go to “Applications”. Now look for the “Discord” app. Once located, drag the app to trash to delete it from the computer. Alternatively, you can right click on app and select “Move to Trash”.

Trash Discord from Mac Applications Image

3. Now, you need to empty the trash bin so that no file related to Discord stays in your system. For that, right-click on your “Trash bin” and select “Empty the Trash”.

Go to Folder Option in Finder app Image

4. Now, you will need to delete all the residue files of Discord. Otherwise, you would not install other communicating applications.

5. Open the “Finder” app. Select the “Go” tab from the menu bar above and then click on “Go to Folder”.

Go to Folder Library Image

6. Enter ~/Library in the box that shows up.

7. In the ~/Library folder, you will find a list of all files related to the Discord app. If you search for them manually, here is list of places where they are usually located:

~/Library/Application Support

Discord folder in Mac Library Image

8. Reboot your computer once. Now the Discord app is completely uninstalled from your computer.

Method 2: Discord Delete Folder in Mac using an App Cleaner and Uninstaller

1. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller on your Mac. Give it some time to scan all the files on your computer.

Install App Cleaner and Uninstaller Pro Image

2. A window appears containing the list of all the apps and software installed on your computer. Locate “Discord” in that list you see in the program.

Discord in App Cleaner and Uninstaller Pro Image

3. Click “Uninstall”. All files related to the Discord app will display on your screen. Review files once and then click on the “Remove” option.

Uninstall Discord in Mac using App Cleaner Image

4. Now, all the Discord uninstall is completely done on your computer. Reboot your system once.

How to Fully Uninstall Discord from Android?

There are two methods to uninstall Discord from an Android device. We have listed all the steps of those methods below:

Method 1: From the Settings Menu

1. Open your device’s Android Settings. This will open all the settings of your device.

Android Settings Icon Image

2. Scroll down to find and then select the “Apps”/ “Applications”/ “Applications Manager” option. After selecting it, a list of all apps installed on your device will appear on screen. You can also search “Apps”/ “Applications”/ “Applications Manager” options in search bar at top of Settings menu.

Apps in Android Settings Image

3. Find Discord app on the list. Tap on “Discord” app icon, and you will see app’s information in new window.

Discord app in Android Image

4. Two options will appear in the next window. Now tap the “Uninstall” button to proceed further.

Uninstall Discord App in Android Image

5. A confirmatory popup box will appear. Select “OK” or “YES” to start the uninstallation process.

Confirm Discord App Uninstallation Image

Now the Discord app has been uninstalled completely from your Android device.

Method 2: From the Apps Menu

1. Open your Android app menu in which you can see all the icons of the app installed on your phone.

Android Menu Icon Image

2. Tap and hold the “Discord” app icon. While doing this, the icon will start wiggling and you will be able to move it around the screen.

Discord App Icon in Android Image

3. Drag and drop Discord icon to “Uninstall” option at edge of your screen, depending on your device variant. On some devices, when you long-press an icon, a pop-up will appear. Select “Uninstall” option in it.

Uninstall Android Discord App Image

4. Tap “YES” or “OK” on the new popup in order to confirm your action.

Confirm Discord App Uninstallation Image

Now the Discord app is completely uninstalled from your device.

How to Completely Uninstall Discord from iOS?

Uninstalling discord from iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad has two methods. We have mentioned both of them, and you can choose anyone according to your convenience.

Method 1: Directly from Home Screen

1. Tap and hold the “Discord” icon on the home screen. While doing this, icon will start wiggling, and you will be able to move it around screen.

Discord App Icon in Android Image

2. Click on a “cross (x)” like a symbol that will appear at the top left corner of the app icon.

Discord App Close symbol Image

3. A new pop-up box will appear on your screen. Tap on the “Delete” option to remove the Discord app from your device.

Delete Discord App Image

4. Press the Home button to stop the icons wiggling on the screen.

Now the Discord app is completely uninstalled from your iOS device.

Method 2: Uninstall Discord App from iOS through App Settings

1. Tap on the “Settings” icon on the Home Screen of your iOS device.

iOS Settings Icon Image

2. Scroll down and tap the “General” option. This will open all the General settings of your device.

General Icon in iOS Settings Image

3. Tap the iPhone Storage option which will be present near the centre of the menu list.

iPhone Storage Option Image

4. The list of all the apps installed on your device will appear. Select the “Discord” app icon in that list.

Discord App in iOS Image

5. After selecting the Discord icon, another page opens containing two options. Select the “Delete App” option.

Delete Discord App in iOS Image

6. A new pop-up appears. Select “Delete App” in it again to confirm the action. The Discord app is now fully uninstalled from your device.

Confirm Discord Delete App in iOS Image

How to Remove a Game from Discord?

Removing a game from Discord is not as hard as it sounds. This can be done by using two different methods.

Method 1: Removing from Discord Account

1. Sign in to your Discord account and go to the “Library” tab.

Library in Discord App Image

2. Right click on the game that you want to uninstall. If the game is installed, the option of Uninstall will be there. Click on “Uninstall,” and game will get removed from your Discord in no time.

Method 2: Removing from DiscordGames Folder

If you cannot log in to your Discord account, this method is the best one to follow.

1. Go to (Users) > (Profile) > (AppData) > (Local) > (DiscordGames).

Local Disk C DiscordGames Image

2. The list of all the games installed on your device will appear. Right click on the game folder that you want to uninstall and select “Delete”.

Delete Games from Discord Image

3. Refresh the app page, and you will no longer see the game in your list.

How to Uninstall Better Discord?

Better Discord is a modified version of Discord that some users find hard to uninstall. There are three methods to uninstall it from your device, and you can choose any one of them according to your ease.

Method 1

In this method, Better Discord is uninstalled completely by removing its files from the Discord application. This is suitable for Windows systems.

1. Click the “This PC” icon on your Windows device located on the desktop.

This PC Icon Image

2. At the top of the file explorer, search for “%localappdata%\Discord\app-0.0.305\resources” in the search bar. You will see all the files, as shown in the image below:

AppData Local Discord App Image

3. Locate the “app” folder. It contains all the Better Discord configurations. Open the folder by double-clicking it. You will see a folder named “betterdiscord” in it.

betterdiscord folder image

4. Come back to the resources folder and right-click on the “app” folder. Then select Delete to remove all files of folder, including “betterdiscord.”

AppData Discord App Delete Option Image

5. Deleting the app folder will completely remove Better Discord from the Discord chat application.

Method 2

In this method, Better Discord is uninstalled by replacing the Discord .exe file. This is suitable for both Windows and macOS.

1. Navigate to to download Discord. Click on the “Download for Mac” or “Download for Windows” as per your operating system.

Discord Download for Windows Image

2. The .exe file will then get downloaded and saved under the Downloads folder.

3. To begin the installation process, double click on the downloaded file (Discord Setup).

Discord for Windows Setup Extension Image

4. Go through the standard installation process. This will replace the already installed Discord app on your system with a fresh installation. It will also uninstall Better Discord during the process.

Method 3

While using this method, you will remove Better Discord from your system and know how to uninstall and reinstall Discord.

For macOS

1. Click on the “Finder” icon present on the bottom panel.

Finder Icon on MacOS Image

2. Then select “Applications”. This will show the list of all the applications installed on your device.

3. Right click on the Discord Application and select Move to Trash. This will uninstall Discord from your Mac system.

Delete Better Discord on MacOS Image

4. Now navigate to and click on the “Download for Mac.” This will re-install the application on your Mac without Better Discord.

Discord Download for Mac Image

For Windows

1. Right click on the “Windows” button or “Start” button. Click on the “Programs and Features” or “Apps and Features” option.

Apps and features System settings Image

2. The list of all the apps installed on your device will appear on the screen. Locate the “Discord” app and right click on it. Select the “Uninstall” option to remove Discord and Better Discord completely from your system.

Find Better Discord in Apps and Features Image

3. Now navigate to and click on the “Download for Windows” option. This will reinstall Discord without Better Discord.


Though Discord is an extremely popular app amongst gamers, sometimes there are many bugs in it because the Discord won’t open or uninstall. We have mentioned all possible aspects and methods by which you can uninstall Discord from your system without any issue. We hope this article has helped you in getting the work done.

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