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[FIXED] How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 – Quick Guide to Connect

With advancements in technology, almost every multimedia device comes accompanied by Bluetooth that makes it easier to connect multiple devices. To transfer your files from one device to another, Bluetooth serves as a smart medium. Working on Windows 10 PC also becomes convenient as you can connect any device to your PC using Bluetooth. In case your PC lacks Bluetooth, getting a Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver would help you. If you are looking for How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10 or wish to update your Bluetooth driver, these various methods can help resolve your concern. Thus, employ these simple steps and fix the Bluetooth on your device in no time.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows people to connect various devices such as cell phones, speakers, laptops and even cars. This is made possible through short-range radio waves that are transmitted between two different compatible devices. Bluetooth works by having both devices exchange information like profile names, music files, addresses and more. One of the most appealing aspects of Bluetooth technology is its ease of use. In just a few steps, any user can begin transferring data without installing additional hardware or software. Not only is it efficient but also secure due to its encryption protocols. With these benefits, Bluetooth has become an essential part of our everyday life.

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Where is Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Want to know where is Bluetooth on windows 10? Finding Bluetooth on Windows 10 is easy!

  • Navigate to the control panel, or search for it using the Search bar at the bottom left of your desktop.
Open control panel image
  • Once there, click ” Devices and Printers” and select the menu option titled “Bluetooth and other devices”.
open devices and printers image
  • Now, Click on the Bluetooth toggle button to ‘on’. This will direct you to a list of options that will enable you to set up a wireless connection with any nearby devices that may be Bluetooth-enabled.
Turn on bluetooth image
  • If a Bluetooth device is not already visible upon selecting this menu option, simply press “Add Bluetooth or other device” to detect one in your vicinity.
add bluetooth or other device image
  • Once detected, connect by following the steps provided and enjoy wireless communication with your device!

What are the Ways to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Bluetooth is an incredibly useful technology that allows users to wirelessly send information between two or more electronic enabled devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Below are the the various ways in which you can turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10. From using Action Center setting options, accessing Device Manager control panel settings, through to using shortcut hotkeys – we’ll cover it all!

How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 Using Settings?

1. On your desktop, click the “Settings” icon above the Windows icon.

Windows 10 Start Settings Option Image

2. Next, select “Devices” and click “Bluetooth and Other devices” from the left side panel.

Bluetooth and Other devices in Settings Devices Image

3. Under the “Settings” menu of the Bluetooth section, turn Bluetooth on windows 10 position to “ON”. Once you have turned on your Bluetooth, you can now click “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. As soon as you select and add the particular device to Bluetooth, a new window will pop up on Bluetooth.

Bluetooth and Other Devices Add a device Option Image

4. You will be shown a list of available Bluetooth pairing devices. Click on the suitable one and continue as instructed. Once you have connected a device, it will show up as “Paired” devices.

Make use of Swift Pair

A swift pair service on Windows 10 operating system allows you to pair up supported Bluetooth devices on your desktop/laptop, after that reducing the need for increased steps in pairing devices. In order to use the “Swift Pair” application, make sure to turn on a device that you want to connect to and make it discoverable.

1. Go to “Settings” on your Windows desktop and click on “Devices”.

Windows Settings Devices Option Image

2. Next, under the “Devices” section, select “Bluetooth and other devices” and click on the “Show notifications to connect using swift pair” box.

Show notifications to connect using swift pair Option Image

3. Click “YES” if it is your first time using the service, and you will get a notification of the same.

4. Next, click “Connect” when a notification appears saying, “New Bluetooth device was found”. Then select “Close” after the device has been paired.

New Bluetooth Mouse Found Connect Option Image

How to Enable Bluetooth on Windows 10 from the Keyboard?

Enabling Bluetooth on Windows 10 from the keyboard is quite a simple process. With just a few quick steps, you can get your device connected in no time!

  • To access your Settings, quickly press the Windows + I keys at the same time.
  • Subsequently, use your arrow keys to move the cursor to “Devices” then press “Enter” on your keyboard.
enable bluetooth with keyboard image
  • Navigate to the “Bluetooth & other devices” option by using your arrow keys, then press “Enter” to access it. Use the arrow keys to locate the Bluetooth toggle switch and press spacebar to activate it.
turn bluetooth on in Windows 10 image
  • To reconnect with devices that have been paired with this computer in the past, ensure that the switch next to “Show notifications to connect using Bluetooth” is enabled.
turn on bluetooth notifications image
  • Search for your device in the list of available devices and it will be displayed.
  • To connect your device to the computer, use your arrow keys to select it and press Enter.
connect bluetooth image
  • You will then be prompted with other instructions that need to be followed in order for pairing completion.

How to Open Bluetooth on Windows 10 from Windows Action Center?

Opening Bluetooth on Windows 10 is easy and only takes a few steps.

  • Firstly, click on the “Action Center” in the lower right corner of your screen.
open action center image
  • Next you will likely see a box that says “Bluetooth” near the top, if not, click the “Expand” button to reveal all options.
expand action center to open options image
  • If Bluetooth is off, simply click it so that it turns blue and says “On” underneath.
turn on bluetooth in action center image
  • Finally if you need to add or remove any Bluetooth devices, click on “All Settings” to enter the settings menu then select “Devices” at which point you should be able to connect or disconnect from any current devices.
connect or remove bluetooth image

With this guide you can easily open Bluetooth on Windows 10 from your Action Center in no time at all!

How to Fix Bluetooth Icon Missing from Action Center?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a missing Bluetooth icon in your action center, there are several steps to take in order to try and restore it.

  • To open the Windows Settings app, simply press the Windows key + I on your keyboard.
open settings app image
  • To personalize your taskbar, simply click on “Personalization” and then select the “Taskbar” option.
open personalization and taskbar image
  • Navigate to the “Notification area” section and select “Turn system icons on or off“.
turn system icons on or off image
  • Double-check that the “Bluetooth” toggle switch is enabled. If it’s on, consider switching it off and then back on again for optimal performance.
turn bluetooth icon on image
  • If the Bluetooth symbol is nowhere to be found, simply go to “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” and turn on the “Bluetooth” option for it to show up.
  • If the Bluetooth symbol is still absent, try rebooting your computer or update your Bluetooth drivers to get it back.
update Bluetooth drivers windows 10 image
  • If the above steps do not resolve your issue, you can attempt using the “Bluetooth troubleshooter” on Windows. Access this by navigating to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Bluetooth.

Overall this may be time consuming but following these simple steps can eventually get your Bluetooth icon back up and running in action center windows 10!

How to Turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10 Using Cortana?

Turning on Bluetooth in Windows 10 is an easy process that can be completed using voice commands through Cortana.

  • To open the “Bluetooth settings“, open up your start menu, type “Cortana” into the search bar, then click on the Cortana window to open it.
  • Once Cortana in windows 10 is open, ask it to open the Bluetooth settings, and make sure the toggle near the top of the page is switched to the ‘On‘ position.
open bluetooth using cortana image
  • Once that’s done, you are ready to pair wireless peripherals and accessories with your Windows 10 PC.

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How Do you Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 from Airplane Mode Settings?

Turning on Bluetooth on Windows 10 from Airplane mode settings is relatively simple and straightforward.

  • First, you need to access the Settings menu, which can be done by clicking on the Start button or pressing the I key if on a laptop.
  • From here you will find a host of options, including “Network & Internet” – click on this one to get started.
turn on bluetooth in airplane mode image
  • In the new window that appears, go to the “Airplane Mode” tab.
airplane mode settings image
  • Depending on your device and settings this option may already be enabled; if not just toggle it so that it is turned “On” and click “Save changes” when prompted.
switch bluetooth on in airplane mode image
  • You should now see options to re-enable devices like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth appear down below in the same window – just tick them both and hit “Save changes.”

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC Windows 10?

You might know some techniques of how to pair a Bluetooth headphone with your smartphone. However, it is not as simple to connect them to your Windows 10 computer. If you follow some steps as stated below, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your pc.

1. Start by switching on your Bluetooth headphone to pairing mode. You can do this by holding the power button for 2 – 4 seconds or till a light starts to blink on it.

2. Next, navigate to the “Settings” app on your PC and select “Devices”. In that section, tap on “Bluetooth and other devices” on the left side panel.

Bluetooth and Other devices in Settings Devices Image

3. See that the “Bluetooth” icon is turned on; if not, switch it on by clicking on the button, so it turns blue. Next, click “Add Bluetooth or other devices,” and then in the “Add a device window” section, click “Bluetooth”.

4. Make sure your Bluetooth headphone is in its pairing mode. After a few seconds, your headphones must appear in the list of devices available. When you see your headphone’s name, click on it.

Bluetooth and Other Devices Add a device Option Image

5. Once this connection process is complete, you will see a notification that reads “headphones connected”. You can now click “Done” and close the “settings” window.

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Why can’t I Turn on Bluetooth on My PC?

In some cases, due to various reasons, your gadget’s Bluetooth may not work desirably. Even after several attempts, you may not connect any Bluetooth device to your computer, which is a very unfortunate situation. There may be a situation where your Bluetooth might not show up on Windows 10, or the monitor constantly pops up Bluetooth failure error again and again. Such problems related to Bluetooth are generally a result of both hardware and software issues. There may be some connectivity issues between your computer’s software and Bluetooth driver. Or if multiple Bluetooth devices are connected, then also it might result in this problem. A broken device or an incorrect setting on Windows 10 can also lead to this error. Even outdated or incorrect Bluetooth drivers may cause Bluetooth failure. So, if you can’t turn on Bluetooth windows 10, then checking your device for such things can help resolve the dilemma.

How to Fix Bluetooth Problem in Windows 10?

If you’ve been experiencing issues connecting or staying connected with your Bluetooth devices, here are some of the fixes for common Bluetooth problems in Windows 10.

Solution 1: Manually Update Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10?

Just like any other operating system, Bluetooth drivers can be outdated as well. Specifically for users who have installed Bluetooth Drivers about a few years ago and have forgotten to update them, need to know about this process. Here are some common steps which you will need to follow in order to update Bluetooth driver windows 10.

  • Press the “Windows + X” key combination and click on “Device Manager” from the left taskbar. Or simply find it from the Windows 10 search bar.
Windows 10 Device Manager Image
  • Scroll down to the “Bluetooth” section and click on the arrow situated next to it.
Bluetooth Section in Device Manager Image
  • Next, right-click on the first Bluetooth device and choose “Update driver” from the downward menu bar.
Bluetooth Update Driver Option in Device Manager Image
  • Now Windows 10 will look for any latest driver on your local computer system. Further, follow all of those on-screen instructions as prompted, and your Bluetooth driver will get updated.
Search automatically for updated driver software option image

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Solution 2: Re-Enable Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10

If you find that the drivers of your Bluetooth not working on windows 10 properly, reinstalling Bluetooth drivers may be the best solution.

  • Begin by opening the “Device Manager” to view all installed devices and expand the list of network adapters.
device manager image
  • Right-click on “Bluetooth“, and select “Uninstall Device“.
uninstall bluetooth device image
  • Once uninstalled, reinstall it by clicking the “Action” tab at the top of the window and selecting “Scan for hardware changes“.
Scan for Hardware Change Device Manager image
  • This will reinstall all drivers previously removed from Device Manager.
  • You should now have a functioning Bluetooth driver ready to be used!

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Solution 3: What to Do if Bluetooth Unable to Find Devices?

If you’re having trouble with your Bluetooth devices, there are several steps you can take to remedy the issue. Here are two fixes you can try if your Bluetooth wont connect

1. Put the Other Device into Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Putting a device into Bluetooth pairing mode is an important step when connecting two devices wirelessly. 

  • To do this, begin by turning on the device you’re trying to pair and enable its Bluetooth connection.
  •  Then open Bluetooth settings on your device and enable its Bluetooth feature. After both have been activated, look for the other device in the list of available connections on both gadgets.
pair bluetooth devices image
  • To complete the pairing process, select the desired connection on each device, then enter a code if prompted or click “confirm” to proceed with the synchronization.
Pairing Bluetooth devices image
  • Once that’s finished, your devices should be properly connected over Bluetooth.

2. Make Sure the Other Device is Within Bluetooth Range

Making sure a device is within Bluetooth range is an important step for many tasks. 

  • Make sure the device being paired has Bluetooth capabilities. 
  • Then, take certain precautions to ensure that both devices are within the normal Bluetooth range of 10 meters, as going beyond this distance will result in interference with the signal. It may help to bring both devices closer together or even into the same room if possible.
  •  Additionally, it’s important to be aware of any physical barriers that may block the radio waves like walls and furniture; if those are present, try moving the devices around until you have a good connection between them. 
  • Finally, check that other wireless technologies like Wi-Fi networks are not interfering with a successful pairing. Following these steps can greatly improve your chances of having two devices successfully connect via Bluetooth.

Solution 4: Check for Any Bluetooth Updates on Both Devices

To ensure that your devices are getting the most out of their Bluetooth connection, you should regularly check for updates. Checking is relatively straightforward:

  • First, identify which device is the primary Bluetooth device and which device you would like to connect it to. 
  • Next, select settings or preferences on both devices and look for a “Bluetooth” option. Typically, within this menu there will be an area for updates. 
update bluetooth drivers image
  • Once here, check for available updates on each device and install any updates available to maximize the efficiency of your connection. 
  • Finally, you may want to go over a few settings or preferences from its updated state to make sure that everything is running as desired. 

You should conduct these steps regularly to avoid any unforeseen connections or compatibility issues.

Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays in Windows 10

1. In the Windows search menu, type services and from the list generated, click on “Services”. Else, open Run wizard and enter ‘services.msc’

services.msc in Run wizard Image

2. Services dialog box opens up on the screen that displays a big list of options. Scroll down to look for “Bluetooth Support Service”.

Bluetooth Support Service Option Image

3. Right click on Bluetooth Support Service and click on “Properties” on the generated list.

Bluetooth Support Service Properties Option Image

4. The Bluetooth support service properties dialog box is opened now. Go to “Startup type” and select “Automatic”.

Bluetooth Startup Type Automatic Option Image

5. When you made the required settings click on “apply” and then click “OK”.

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Option 1: Use Settings Apps

Open “Windows Start Menu”. Search for the “Settings” tab and click on it. Next, on the left panel of the Windows Settings section, click “Bluetooth”. Disable the Bluetooth toggle slider to its “OFF” position.

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10 Settings Image

Option 2: Use Device Manager to Disable Bluetooth

Search for “Device Manager” in the Windows Search panel. Click on “Device Manager” and run the tab. Once the Device Manager page is launched, scroll down to the “Bluetooth” section and expand it by clicking on the downward arrow next to it. Right click selecting the Bluetooth device and select “Disable”. If you fail to turn off Bluetooth via the settings app, use the Device Manager to disable it.

Disable Bluetooth in Device Manager Image

Option 3: Turn off Bluetooth Via Action Center

One can also turn off Bluetooth on a Windows 10 computer simply by clicking on the “Action Center” icon located at the extreme right side of the Taskbar. Click on the “Bluetooth” icon and Turn it off.

Turn off Bluetooth via Action Center Image

Option 4: Disable Bluetooth Driver with PowerShell

Some enterprise administrators want to deactivate the Bluetooth driver so as to block it from executing any actions such as transferring files or radio transmission. But, they do not have any Group Policy Object that they can use at present on Windows 10 PC. Yet, they can make use of the PowerShell application that is mentioned on TechNet. Make use of the following script to disable the Bluetooth driver with PowerShell.

Is your Computer Incompatible with Bluetooth?

“Does My Computer Have Bluetooth?” If this question is still on your Is your computer incompatible with Bluetooth?mind, here are some steps to let you know the answer to that said question. Whether your PC has the ability to Bluetooth or not can be identified by following these steps:

1. Right-click on the “Start” button and open “Device Manager” on your computer.

Windows 10 Device Manager Image

2. Look out for Bluetooth entries in the “Device Manager” section. Also, look if there is any Bluetooth adapter under the “Network Adapters” section. Sometimes the “Other Devices” option also lists Bluetooth adapters.

Device Manager Devices List Image

3. As said before, your computer may support Bluetooth but not show up on your computer’s “Device Manager”. In such a situation, you must either update or install a new Bluetooth driver.

How to Download Bluetooth driver for windows 10?

Before downloading the Bluetooth driver, you need to know some basic information about your desktop’s processing system.

1. Press the “Windows + R” key combination and launch the “Run” utility. Type “Control” in the dialogue box and click “Ok”.

Run Control Panel Image

2. Now, make sure you have set the view section to “Category” mode.

View by category image

3. Next, click on the “System and Security” icon and select that “System” option. Here you will get specific general information about your computer.

Control Panel System and Security Image

4. Note down the given information about your desktop, such as its “processor” and “system type”.

System Processor Information Image

5. After taking note of the required information, now you have to download Bluetooth. Open any web browser. Navigate to Search engines such as Google, Bing or Internet Explorer.

Google page url image

6. Next, type your processor name and add “Bluetooth driver download” next to that name. Select “Enter”. Here we have given an example for Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10.

Search Intel Bluetooth driver download Image

7. Scroll down to the website link that will directly take you to specific official download links for Bluetooth. Make sure to download the link from a trusted website to avoid any kind of malware entering your computer.

8. Next, download Bluetooth driver for windows 10. Make sure to check the BIT version before downloading.

Download BT bluetooth driver windows 10 Image

9. Once you have successfully downloaded the driver onto your device, you simply need to follow all on-screen instructions to install Bluetooth driver for windows 10. This process may differ from each brand of desktop/laptop, so there is no specific installation process guide.

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With the help of Bluetooth devices, you can enjoy movies or listen to music without any interruption. So, if at all a situation arises where your Bluetooth works ineffectively, you need to solve that issue as soon as possible. We hope our complete guide over how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 computer will help you precisely. This article’s main objective is to clear all your doubts regarding Bluetooth, from its installation to disabling.

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