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How to Sign Out of Only One Google Account from Computer / Mobile? [Solved]

Many users often use more than one Google account to keep their professional and personal emails in a much organized manner. There is no issue if you are logged into multiple accounts at a time, but the real problem arises when you want to sign out. This is because Google doesn’t allow its users to sign out from just one account. By using the traditional method, you will simply sign out of all accounts at once. You will only get a single option that reads “Sign out of all accounts” when you use Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, or Google Photos. Thus, this issue needs a solution. Check out how to sign out of one Google Account using different simple methods.

How to Logout of Just One Gmail Account from Chrome?

To answer that question, we must say “Yes”. Owning a single account must not be troublesome for many users, but on the other, if you own multiple accounts, it can be inconvenient. Let’s say you have 4 – 5 accounts for various individual purposes, and now if you would like to log out of any 2 accounts, you would not be able to do so. Google forces you to sign out of all accounts rather than a single account. This process can get confusing when passwords aren’t saved for each account that you do not wish to sign out from. Moreover, the UX design engineered for Google account users can be time-consuming as well as unmanageable. So, to help you know how to sign out of Gmail for a particular account without affecting the other accounts, we have come up with this article.

Method 1: How to Sign Out of Google on a Computer?

Logging out from any of your Google accounts on your computer just takes a few simple steps to complete the action. You can happily sign out of a Gmail account through any Google page, such as YouTube or Google Docs by following the below steps.

1. On the main Google window page, locate your profile icon, which is at the top-right corner.

Gmail profile icon image

2. Next, click on the image, and a drop-down menu bar will open. Select “Sign Out” that is below the menu box.

Gmail Profile Sign Out Option Image

3. By doing these said 2 steps, you should be able to sign out of your Google account successfully.

Method 2: How to Sign Out of Google Account on Phone App

On your smartphones or tablets, you can sign out of any particular Google account by putting these below steps into action.

1. On your mobile or tablet device, open the “Gmail” app.

Gmail App Page Image

2. Next, on the top-right side, click on your profile photo.

Gmail App Profile Photo Image

3. Now a drop-down menu bar shall open, select “Manage accounts on this device”.

Manage accounts on this device option in Gmail App Image

4. Now, select the account name that you want to sign out from the given list of accounts and tap on “Remove account” at the bottom.

Gmail App Remove Account Option Image

5. With this, you have signed out of your Google account on your mobile or tablet.

Methods 3: How to Log Out of Google Account on Android Settings

Apart from those previous methods, you can also log out of any specific Google account by using your Android device. For that purpose, look at these following measures:

1. Launch “Settings” on your Android mobile. There, navigate and tap on “Accounts” or “Accounts and sync”.

Android Settings Accounts Option Image

2. If you own the latest Android device, look out for “Cloud and accounts” under “Settings”.

Cloud and accounts Option Image

3. Later, select “Google” or any other Google app. Click on the particular Gmail account ID that you want to log out of.

Google in Android Settings Accounts Image

4. Once you are directed to a new page, click on the 3 dots “Menu” tab on that page’s top right side. Select “Remove” or “Remove account”.

Remove Gmail Account via Settings Image

5. In contrast, for your new Android device, you will notice the “Account remove” option immediately after you select an account for removing purposes.

Confirm Remove Account Google Settings Image

6. Click on “Remove account,” and you have successfully removed your Google account from your Android Google app.

Method 4: Signing Out of your Gmail from All Devices

Now we shall learn how you could sign out from your Google account from multiple devices by following just a few actions

1. Open your Google account page by searching ““.

2. Next, select the Security option located on the left panel.

Google Account Security Option Image

3. Now, scroll down to “Your Devices”. Here you will notice all types of devices that your account has been signed in. Select “Manage devices” to sign out.

Manage Devices Option in Google Security Image

4. Once you have clicked on “Manage devices’ you will be directed to a list of your account signed-in devices. Click the 3 dots beside on the top-right of every device and select “Sign out”.

Google Your Devices Sign Out Option Image

5. Note that there is no other way to sign out of your Google account from all devices at once. And that’s why you have to sign out from each device individually.


So here we come to an end over our list of solutions you can use when you need to sign out from your single Google account. By following all previous solutions regarding your type of need, you can undoubtedly tackle multiple Google accounts at once. Most of us usually use multiple Google accounts for various purposes such as friends, office work, family, or shopping, but handling them when signing out becomes troublesome if you don’t know how to do so. But, as discussed above, there are some quick ways you could sign out from your Google account from Android or even multiple devices at once.

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