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Step-by-Step Guide to Show Battery Percentage iPhone 11 & Other Models [6 Ways]

You may not be the only one noticing how your iPhone 11 does not really show actual battery percentage on the status bar. We suggest you not worry about it when we are right here to give you all hacks. Well, there is nothing serious behind not showing battery percentage in the status bar. Just because newer versions of iPhones do not boast a very generous amount of space for keeping the status bar on top of screen, visible battery level has been cut off. This problem is a very prominent one in all phones from iPhone X and later. You can find how to get rid of this problem in iPhones through this article in easy steps.

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11, XR, XS?

Below are the 6 simple methods which you can follow to display Battery Percentage on your iPhone XS, XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or Others.

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Method 1: Enabling Battery Percentage from Control Panel

1. Swipe downwards from the upper right corner of the screen on your iPhone.

2. Portrait or landscape, any mode would do the job. You would find access to the control center.

Enlarge iPhone Notification Bar Image

3. The hidden status bar icons would be visible to you, including the hidden battery percentage.

iPhone Battery Charge Symbol Image

4. To get back to the full screen, swipe backwards from bottom of the screen to the upper side.

Method 2: Display iPhone 11 Battery Percentage through Charging Method

1. Connect your iPhone to the charger or any charging device.

2. The hidden battery percentage would get visible on the screen of your device.

iPhone Hidden Battery Percentage Image

3. Wireless chargers would also do this trick, as the battery level would be visible once you connect a wireless charger to your device.

Method 3: How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XR, 11 using Siri?

Now, this trick can be performed to check the battery percentage in any iPhone set released after the X model.

1. Press the side button of your device and then hold it for a few seconds.

iPhone Side button Image

2. As a substitute, you can enable the listening mode of your “Hey Siri” in the settings of the same device.

3. Now ask, “Hey Siri, please tell me the current charge of my iPhone” on speaker.

Check iPhone Battery using Siri Image

4. You would be shortly informed about the current battery percentage of your iPhone device.

Method 4: Battery Widget Status Bar in iPhone

1. You would simply have to either swipe right on your lock screen or the main page of your home screen.

2. The “Today view” would be launched right after you swipe on the screen.

3. Tap on the option called edit after scrolling down to the widgets section at bottom of the page.

iPhone Edit Widget Image

4. Now, there would be an “Add widgets” option under “More widgets.”

Activity Add Widget Image

5. Add the battery widget by tapping on it and adding it to the list.

6. Now you should be able to see the battery percentage clearly on your device.

Method 5: Detailed Battery Analysis in iPhone Settings

1. If you are willing to know battery health as well as the percentage, this method is the best for you.

2. Opt for the Settings menu of your iPhone device.

Storage Settings Image

3. There should be an option called “Battery,” click on that icon.

iPhone Settings Battery Option Image

4. Now you would be directed to a full breakdown of the battery usage and its health shortly, along with the current battery percentage.

iPhone Battery Usage Details Image

Method 6: iPhone Show Battery Percentage via Apple Watch

Let’s see how to get battery percentage on iPhone using Apple Watch.

1. First step to this method is opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone device.

iPhone Apple Watch Image

2. Now you would have to scroll down to get the full list of applications that are installed in the watch.

Apple Watch Apps Image

3. Find the option called “Power,” and then tap on this option to get access to the settings.

4. You have to select these two options called “Show app on Apple Watch” and “Show in glances.” Make sure to select these both to ensure activation of the same.

5. Now you can swipe to this Power app glance after raising your wrist, and the battery level would show there.

Power app on Apple Watch Image


It is quite true and a sort of good news that with the improved battery life of iPhone 11 and 11 pro, you do not need to keep an eye on your device’s battery level. On the other hand, battery percentage not showing on the status bar when we habitually need to look at it can be quite frustrating. But some methods are using which you would enable yourself to keep a tab of the battery percentage very easily. We have discussed some of those easy methods to check the battery level on your iPhone 11. We hope you have found it useful.

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