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How to Factory Reset Roku – 4 Ways to Fix Common Roku TV or Remote Problems

A Roku player helps you to stream all your favorite TV shows and movies just by having an internet connection at your place. Sometimes, there can be a glitch in the device, or certain new channel apps won’t work, and at times, there can be certain connection errors. All these issues may lead your Roku not to work properly. All you have to do is reset your Roku unit and just link your account. You can easily connect it to a network again and log in to your account after resetting it. Don’t worry, resetting Roku is an uncomplicated task and won’t take much of your time.

How to Reset Roku TV or Remote?

For those facing trouble while trying to fix Roku problems, the following steps will be very useful and handy. There is more than one method to reset Roku without remote and with remote as mentioned below.

Soft Reset Roku

One way is using the Roku factory reset from the settings menu. This can be done with the help of your Roku remote.

1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote and select the ‘Settings’ menu that appears on your home screen.

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2. Choose the ‘System’ option and select the ‘Advanced system settings’ button.

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3. After the advanced setting menu opens, Click on the ‘Factory Reset’ option to reset the settings in their original state.

Roku Factory Reset Option Image

4. Enter the Pin code provided and confirm factory reset settings.

Roku Enter Code to Factory Reset Image

5. The Roku soft reset begins. Once it is complete, you have to connect to a network and set up your account again.

Hard Reset using Hardware Roku Unit

If your Roku remote stopped working, or you’re unable to use the Roku Pin reset option, then you can use the reset button on Roku device. This button is available on your streaming stick or box or Roku TV which helps to reset the device without the help of remote.

1. Find the ‘Reset’ button on your hardware unit.

Reset Button on Roku Device Image

2. Press and hold this reset button for 15 to 20 seconds. Use a paper clip in case of a pinhole reset button.

3. When the resetting is done, an indicator light will start blinking on your respective device. Then, release the button; Roku hard reset is complete.

How to Fix Roku Not Connecting to Internet?

Along with resetting there is always a question on solving Roku troubleshooting problems. Keeping all of your other settings intact, you can do a WIFI connection reset to solve network issues.

1. Go to ‘Settings’ on the home page by clicking the ‘Home’ button.

2. Click on ‘System’ and select ‘Advanced system settings.’

Roku Advanced System Settings Image

3. Choose ‘Network Connection Reset’ and then select ‘Reset Connection.’ This will remove all your current Wi-Fi connection information.

Roku Network Connection Reset Image

4. Go back to ‘Settings’ and Choose ‘Network’.

Roku Settings Network Image

5. Then ‘Set up a new connection.’ This will help you to enter a new Wi-Fi connection.

Roku Network Set up connection Image

Reset Roku TV without Reset Button

If the reset button on your Roku remote not working or if you don’t see a reset button on your TV, the following steps will help you.

1. Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on your TV or stick, or ‘Mute’ button.

Roku Remote Buttons Image

2. Unplug that power cord of the TV and plug it again while holding the buttons mentioned above.

Roku Device Cords Image

3. As soon as the TV’s startup screen shows back, release those buttons.

4. Go through the initial setup process and re-enter your account details, and change settings as required.

How to Reset Roku Remote?

It is troublesome if your Roku TV Remote not working after or before the reset or restart settings. To fix this, all you have to do is:

1. Remove the remote’s batteries.

2. Power off your Roku receiver by disconnecting the power cables. After a few seconds again connect the power cables.

3. Reinstall the batteries into the Roku remote.

4. Look for a ‘link or pairing’ button and press it.

Roku Remote Reset Pairing Button Image

5. While holding this button, make sure that your Roku device is on, and as soon as a connection establishes, the indicator light starts blinking.

Bottom Line

Resetting your Roku TV, stick or remote is not a very complex task. We hope that this was helpful to you and that now you can easily reset your Roku remote or other devices. Even after this, if your Roku device doesn’t shoot up or you’re unable to do a Roku remote reset, just call on the helpline number or chat with the Roku support team. Keep enjoying your favorite shows, and have a good day!

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