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How To Make One Page Landscape In Word To Enhance Documents

Are you wanting to switch up the format of a document in Microsoft Word? Making documents look professional, but also easy-to-read is a priority for almost everyone. Luckily, changing the orientation of your page from portrait to landscape takes just seconds with this helpful how-to guide! If you’re ready learn how to make one page landscape in word and create some super sleek documents, read on for step by step instructions!

What is Orientation in Word?

In Microsoft Word, the Orientation setting determines how your document is presented on the printed page; by default all documents are set to display in Portrait mode. If you require more horizontal space for a project such as a brochure or table, simply rotate the document orientation to Landscape mode through a few clicks – head over to ‘Page Layout’ tab inside Ribbon menu and select “Orientation” option. Swapping between portrait and landscape gives users extra customization options that can be incredibly helpful when designing flyers, posters, marketing materials and other visuals! Hope you understood what is orientation in Word.

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How to Change Page Orientation in Word?

If you want to know how to make one page landscape in Word, then simply follow these easy steps on how to change page orientation in word:

  • First open the desired file you want to change. 
  • Then, select the “Layout” tab in your ribbon menu to access further options.
Select Layout Tab From Ribbon Image
  • Now, click on “Orientation” and choose between Portrait or Landscape.
Choose Orientation From Page Setup In Layout Image
  • Instantly, the page orientation in MS Word will be altered and the text formatting and structure will adjust to fit.

How to Change One Page in Word to Landscape? 

Here one will get to know how to change one page to landscape in word:

Manually Inserting Section Breaks in MS Word

Follow these easy steps on how to make just one page landscape in Word by manually inserting section breaks:

  • To change one page to landscape in Word, open it up and head to the desired page.
  • To insert section break in word to the previous page, head over to the “Layout” tab and select “Breaks.” Underneath the option of “Section Breaks”, choose “Next Page” for an effortless transition.
Select Next Page From Section Breaks Image
  • Now, click the desired page and select “Layout” tab from the ribbon menu.
  • To switch to landscape mode, navigate to “Orientation” and select the option from the drop-down menu. For a perfectly formatted page, make any necessary adjustments in Word layout options.
  • Add section break in Word at the conclusion of landscape page to shift back into portrait orientation for the ensuing pages.

Without Manually Inserting Page Breaks in MS Word

If you’re looking to change part of a document to landscape without manually inserting page breaks, here’s how to make one page landscape in Word:

  • First open Word document and find the desired page. 
  • Then tap on the “Page Layout” tab located in your ribbon menu and choose “Margins” for further editing!
  • To customize your margins, select “Custom Margins” from the drop-down menu under “Margins”. 
  • Then open the “Page Setup” dialog box and click on its own corresponding tab.
  • Now, go to the “Orientation” section and pick “Landscape” from the corresponding menu.
  • In the “Apply to” section, choose “Selected text” from the drop-down list.
  • To finalize your changes, click on the “OK” button.

How to Change Word to Landscape?

Here you can get to understand how to change Word to landscape:

How to Change Portrait to Landscape in Word from Ribbon?

Transform your Microsoft Word layout from portrait to landscape with ease by following these simple steps on how to change portrait to landscape in Word:

  • To change page layout in Word document, go to the Layout tab in the ribbon. 
  • To modify your Word page orientation to Landscape, head to the Page Setup and click on Orientation. 
  • From there, select the Landscape option from the drop-down menu.
  • The page layout of your document should now be changed to landscape.

How to Make Landscape in Word Document by Adjusting Margins? 

By following these steps on how to make landscape in Word for one page, you can quickly change the layout of your Word document from portrait to landscape.

  • To customize the margins of your Word document, open it and select the Page Layout tab from its ribbon.
  • Next, click on Margins and select Custom Margins at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • Then, it will open up Page Setup to access its respective dialog box wherein you will be able to change specific margin settings.
  • Under Orientation, select Landscape.
  • Under Margins, indicate the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margin sizes that best accommodate your document size and content. You may need to adjust the margins as necessary if needed.
  • Confirm the new margins by clicking OK and closing the Page Setup dialog box.

How to Save a Landscape Word document?

To save a landscape Word document, follow these steps:

  • To access the Backstage view, click on the File tab in your ribbon. 
  • Afterward, you can choose between Save and Save As to keep either current updates or a new document securely stored.
  • Navigate to the ideal spot in which you’d like to save your document using Save As, then provide it with a unique title in the File name box.
  • Decide on the file format you desire to store your document as. The default setting is ‘.docx’, which functions seamlessly with a majority of editions of Microsoft Word. You always have the option to save in various other formats, such as PDF or RTF. 
  • Click ‘Save’ and your document will be securely stored!

How to Print MS Word Document in Landscape Mode?

Follow these steps on how to print MS Word document in landscape mode:

  • To print Word document in landscape mode, open it and click on the File tab at the top of your screen to enter Backstage view.
  • Next, click the Print button on the left side of your screen. 
  • Then, from a list of available printers in the Print screen, select which printer you would like to use!
  • Navigate to the Settings tab and select “Landscape Orientation” from the drop-down menu located in Portrait Orientation.
  • To ensure accuracy, review the preview on the right side of your screen to confirm that your document is properly oriented.
  • Modify any other applicable print settings, including the number of copies you want to produce, certain pages for printing purposes, or paper size.
  • To print your document in landscape orientation, simply click on the ‘Print’ button.

How to Make One Page Landscape in Word as Default?

To ensure that all new Word documents are in landscape orientation by default, follow these simple steps on how to make a single page landscape in word:

  • Open a new Microsoft Word document, and navigate to the Page Layout tab in the ribbon for further customization.
  • Now, navigate over to the Page Setup group and click on Orientation. Select “Landscape” from the drop-down choices for a quick change.
  • To modify your page layout, first click on the down arrow button present in Page Setup.
  • Then, a “Page Setup” dialog box will appear. Now adjust margins according to your desired design and select “Landscape” under orientation.
  • To make the desired changes permanent, click on Set As Default at the bottom of the dialog box. 
  • Then, select “All documents based on the Normal.dotm template” in the prompt that appears and press OK to confirm your selection!
  • Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

How to change to landscape mode In Google Docs?

Transform your document from portrait into landscape orientation quickly and easily with Google Docs. Simply click on File > Page Setup > Landscape and watch as the margins are auto-adjusted for you!

How to fix landscape layout issues?

Resolve the landscaping layout issues in Word by adjusting the margins and double-checking that page breaks appear exactly where they should. Preview your document before you print to ensure it looks perfect!

How to format Microsoft Word documents?

To format a Microsoft Word document, use the ribbon tabs to personalize font, spacing, and alignment. Plus insert visuals such as images, tables and page breaks for the ultimate professional look!

How to make one page landscape in Word document to portrait mode?

Making one page landscape in Word, it’s as simple as selecting Page Layout > Orientation > Portrait. Once the orientation is changed, make sure to adjust the margins according to your new layout.

How to make only one page landscape in Word Mac?

You can apply the change to only the desired page in Word for Mac by navigating
to “Layout”>”Orientation”>”Landscape” then use section break.


Hope you understood how to make one page landscape in Word. To summarize, creating a single landscape page in Word is effortless. Utilize the Page Setup in Word to switch your chosen pages to landscape orientation and adjust margins if needed.

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