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3 Simple Methods to Duplicate Page in Microsoft Word [100% Working]

MS Word brings in a lot of options with it to help the users manage their data. From entering the data to editing and formatting, you can do everything here. Often, we need to copy the entire page in Word, but writing the text once again from scratch doesn’t seem like an answer. Hence, here is an alternative option to duplicate page in Word. Not only single page, you can also duplicate multiple pages of your document. Let’s see how to duplicate a page in Word using different techniques.

(Step-by-Step Guide) How to Duplicate a Page in Word?

The process is all about selecting your target text area and then pasting it to the desired area. There is no hard and fast rule on how to copy a page in Word Rather, and it merely includes copying and pasting commands.

Method 1: How to Copy a Whole Page in Word using Blank Page?

Are you wondering about how to copy page in Word, it is a simple process and is similar to copying the text and then pasting it to another desired workspace. Listed below are the steps to be followed for duplicating a single page in Word.

1. Select the entire document using the shortcut keys, Ctrl + A, or just hold the mouse with the left click till the end of the page.

2. Press Ctrl + C to copy page Word or use the mouse’s right click to choose the copy command.

Copy whole page in Microsoft Word Image

3. If there is no blank area or page to paste the text, add it from the Insert tab by clicking on the Blank Page option.

Word Blank Page Option Image

4. Place the cursor in the area to be pasted and press Ctrl + V or choose the paste command using the right-click.

Copying and pasting the text from one page to another can be done through the home tab as well. Choose the copy and paste options accordingly from the home tab instead of using the right-click or the shortcut key.

Method 2: How to Make a Duplicate of a Word Document using PDF Editor?

Duplicating multiple pages or an entire word document is very identical to the process that entails copying a single page. Here are the steps on how to make a copy of a Word Document page using a PDF editor. Word duplicate page process is easy if you want to make changes to your final document.

To duplicate a Word Document (whole document) you can just use the File > Save As option and save the original document with any other name of your desire. But, if you want to duplicate the particular page or pages in the document, follow the below process.

1. Open the Word document that you want to make changes.

2. Now go to File and click on Save As. Select the preferred file type as PDF and save it with any name that you wish. If you want to edit the PDF file, you can directly open it with the PDF editor.

Word Document Save As PDF Image

3. Open that PDF file in a PDF editor and look at the Thumbnail view where you can see all the pages of your document.

4. Right click on the thumbnail that you want to duplicate and select Copy.

Copy a Page in PDF Editor Image

5. Now go to the section where you want to paste that duplicated page, right click and select Paste option.

Paste a Page in PDF Editor Image.jpg

6. Thus, the page will be duplicated and inserted in the place where you want in the document.

This will be in PDF format. However, if you want it in the Docx, you can convert it to the Word document using the same editor.

Method 3: How to Copy Multiple Pages on the Same Page using Page Break?

Duplicate of a word document can also be made by copying the entire data on the same page. You can do this by making use of the ‘break page’ option. The following steps will help you understand how.

  1. Select the entire text you wish to duplicate.
  2. Now copy the selected text by clicking left and using the copy option or shortcut Ctrl + C.
  3. Now move onto space where you wish to place the entire text.
  4. Go to Insert > Page Break option, add a break to the same page instead of a new blank page.
  5. Now you can paste the text using Ctrl + V keys in continuation of the existing document.
Word Page Break Option Image

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Duplicating the entire set of your work done on Word isn’t as tough as it might seem. The trick lies in knowing how many pages you wish to copy. The whole process becomes easier if it is a single page. Follow the multiple steps if there is more than one. There is no doubt that Microsoft Word is one of the best applications that have a lot to offer.

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