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How To Double Space On Google Docs: A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to make your Google Docs documents look more organized and professional? A straightforward way to enhance the appearance of your documents is by adding double spaces between each line. It’s easier than you think! In this article, we’ll show you how to double space on Google Docs using a few different methods that will leave your document looking neat and polished. Read on to find out how it’s done!

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is an incredible, free web based word processing program from the trusted source: Google. You can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time with other collaborators, no matter where they are! With Google Drive integrated into this suite of office tools, anyone with internet access can use their device to fully utilize its extensive capabilities like formatting options, tables & images support, and more advanced features such as voice typing and add-ons. Hope you understood what is Google Docs. So get creative – let’s go!

What does Double Spacing Mean?

Have you ever noticed that text on a page seems easier to read with more space between the lines? Adding extra spacing between each line, known as double spacing, can create an inviting atmosphere for readers. It makes information appear less overwhelming and allows ample room for annotations and edits in academic or business settings. Hope you understood what does double spacing mean. Fortunately, one can format Google Docs from single-spaced to double-spaced easily with most word processing software and may even be required by specific assignments!

Why is Double Spacing Important?

Here you will get to understand why is double spacing important. It is important for several reasons:

  • Readability: Inserting additional space between lines of text can make a document more manageable to read, especially for those with difficulty paying attention or following along. It also helps isolate each line, making them all the easier to comprehend.
  • Accessibility: Incorporating double spacing into documents can enhance their accessibility, allowing those with visual impairments or reading difficulties to easily comprehend the material.
  • Editing: Double spacing allows for greater readability and more room to write notes or make corrections on a paper document. This makes editing and revising documents easier, allowing any changes to be clearly visible.
  • Academic and Professional Standards: Academic and professional organizations demand that certain documents – such as research papers, manuscripts or legal documents – be arranged in double-spacing.

With double spacing, documents become more accessible to readers while simultaneously becoming easier to read and comprehend – a standard requirement of many academic and professional circles.

How to Double Space in Google Docs on Desktop? 

Here are the different ways on how to double space Google Docs on desktop using the following steps:

  • If you’d like to double space Google Doc, start by opening the document. 
  • Then, choose the text that needs spacing or select “Edit” and press “Select All” to highlight the entire piece.
Choose Select All From Edit Menu Image
  • To change the line spacing, click on “Format” in the top menu bar and select “Line & paragraph spacing” from its drop-down list.
  • To double your line spacing, click the “Double” button.
Select Double Space From Format Menu Image

Make your entire document or selected text easier to read by applying double-spacing! You can also choose a more customized line spacing of 1.5, single-spacing, or any other number you’d like when you select “Custom Spacing” in the dropdown menu and insert the specific value.

Change Line Spacing from Toolbar in Windows and Mac

You can change line spacing from the toolbar in Google Docs by following these steps on how to double space on Google Docs:

  • Start up your Google Doc and select the text you desire to alter line spacing. Additionally, if typing a new portion of content choose the desired location and adjust accordingly.
  • To adjust the line spacing of your document, click on the button labelled “Line Spacing” in your toolbar.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your desired line spacing. Options include single, 1.15, 1.5 and double or custom spaces between each line!
Line And Paragraph Spacing Menu Image
  • If you select the Custom spacing option, enter your desired value for line spacing in the corresponding field. Your chosen or newly-written text will then be formatted according to this custom setting!

Change Paragraph Spacing from Menu Bar

To change paragraph spacing on your Google Docs document quickly and easily, follow these simple steps on how to double space on Google Docs from menu bar:

  • Open Google Docs.
  • When you’re ready to apply different paragraph spacing, simply select the text that should be affected or place your cursor where you’d like to start typing with the new settings.
  • To adjust the line spacing, click on the “Format” menu in the top toolbar. Then hover your cursor over “Line & paragraph spacing” to view available options.
  • To enter your preferred paragraph spacing, choose “Custom Spacing” and enter the desired value.
Select Custom Spacing From Format Menu Image
  • Alternatively, you can choose “Add space before paragraph” or “Add space after paragraph”. for more distance between your paragraphs.
Add Space Before And After Paragraph From Format Menu Image
  • Enter the desired spacing value for your paragraphs. When you’re ready to make it official, click “Apply” to finalize your changes.
Apply Custom Spacing Image

How to Put Double Space in Google Docs using Custom Spacing?

Here comes the procedure on how to make double space in Google Docs using custom spacing. Follow these steps:

  • Launch Google Docs and select the content you want to double space. 
  • To customize your line spacing, click the “Line spacing” icon in the toolbar. 
  • Then select “Custom Spacing” from the drop-down list at the bottom of that menu.
  • Type “2” in the “Line spacing” field.
Add Double Line Spacing From Custom Spacing Image
  • To double space the current text selection or any new entries, simply click “Apply”.

How to Add Double Spacing in Google Docs on Android and iPhone?

Here you will get to know how to add double spacing in Google Docs on Android and iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Get your Google Docs up and running. You can either start a new document or open an existing one to begin working on right away!
  • To use double spacing, simply select the text you want to apply it to; or if you’d like to start typing with double spacing enabled, just place your cursor in the desired location.
  • To adjust the line spacing, click on the Formatting button in the top – it looks like an “A” with horizontal lines on the side.
  • To change the spacing between lines of text, tap on “Paragraph”. 
  • Then, change the Line spacing value to “2” using up and down arrows.
  • Finally, to add double spacing to your current text or future typing, simply press the “Tick” mark present on the top left side of the screen.
Double Spacing In Google Docs On Mobile Image

How to Make Text Double Spaced in Google Docs by Default on a Desktop?

Here one can understand how to make double spaced in Google Docs by default on desktop. Follow these steps:

  • Open your Google Docs document and navigate to the “Format” tab on the menu bar.
  • To begin customizing your text, select “Paragraph styles” and then opt “Normal Text”. 
  • Then simply click on “Update ‘Normal Text’ to match”, so that all of your paragraphs reflect the desired formatting.
Update Normal Text To Match From Format Menu Image
  • In the “Paragraph styles” panel, click on the “Options” button and select “Save as my default styles”.
Save Paragraph Style As Default From Format Menu Image
  • From now on, all newly created Google Docs documents will feature double spacing as the default style of paragraph. Don’t fret though; any existing documents or those with alternate styles won’t be changed by this new standard!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I double space only a portion of my text in Google Docs?

Yes! You can easily double space your text by simply highlighting it and utilizing the Paragraph Spacing or Line Spacing options. 

Can I change the line and paragraph spacing in the Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, To adjust line and paragraph spacing in Google Docs mobile app, simply follow the same steps indicated above.

What is double Spacing in Google Docs?

Double spacing in Google Docs adds a whole extra line of space between each line of text. This creates twice the amount of vertical spacing and increase readability when compared to single spaced lines.

How to find double spaces in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, use the search feature (Ctrl + F), input two consecutive spaces ( ), then click “Find” to identify double spacing in your document.

What is double space in Google Docs?

Double space in docs refers to the formatting feature that adds an additional blank line between each line of text, thus doubling the spacing between lines.

How do you do double space on Google Docs?

To double space in Google Docs, use keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + 2’ (Windows) or ‘Command + 2’ (Mac).


To summarize, adjusting the line spacing settings on Google Docs is a swift and uncomplicated process that takes only a few clicks. The result of doubling the space between lines will make documents look more sophisticated and easier to read.

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