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Quick Guide on How to Close all Apps on iPhone 11 (4 Methods)

iPhone 11 remains the most superior product for Apple lovers even after the latest editions of iOS devices. It is due to its competent features and technicalities that make it a perfect match. When new products face various challenges, many users try to figure out how to close out apps on iPhone 11? Different apps are running in the background that needs to be closed for the smooth working of the device. To close Multiple Apps at once on iPhone 11 comes out to be quite simpler. It can be done just by following a few steps that are easy to perform.

How to Close Apps on iPhone 11?

Check out these various steps that might be fruitful if you get stuck up with closing apps on iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Option 1: How to Clear Apps on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max?

1. Come to the bottom of the home screen, swipe up to the middle of the screen, and pause while still there.

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2. You will find that the app switcher comes up or the several apps running in the background appear.

iPhone 11 Close Apps Image

3. Navigate between the apps by swiping left or right to look for the app you want to close.

Select Apps to Close on iPhone 11 Image

4. Now touch that particular app preview and swipe it in the upward direction to close.

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Option 2: How do I Close Apps on iPhone 11 without Home Button?

Closing apps on iPhone 11 that come without a home button can be quite tedious for some users. Either you can make use of the virtual home button and come to the app switcher. If you find using the virtual home button inconvenient, you can look for this method.

1. Come to the home screen and tap on the bottom-left edge of the screen. Swipe up and come to the center of the screen.

iPhone 11 Home Screen Bottom Left Image

2. While you drag to the center, you will find the app switcher emerging. Let the app switcher come to the display completely.

Apps switcher iPhone Image

3. Swipe left or right to look for the app that you wish to close.

Select Apps to Close on iPhone 11 Image

4. Tap on that app and swipe it to the top of the screen to close it from running.

Close App in iPhone 11 Image

Option 3: Closing Background Apps on iPhone 11

Using multiple apps sometimes leads to running certain apps in the background that are not being used. These apps do not take up any battery or processing power. They only consume your device’s battery when using Background App Refresh. You might want to check your device to ensure that it does not drain off the battery with the unused apps. Following certain steps might help you find out how to force stop an app on iPhone.

1. Go to “Settings” option on the screen.

iPhone Settings Image

2. On the next screen that opens up you will find the “General” menu. Click on that.

Settings General Option Image

3. In the General menu, look for “Background App Refresh” and open it.

iPhone General Background App Refresh Image

4. Turn the “Background App Refresh” OFF if you find that it is ON.

Turnon Background App Refresh Option Image

Option 4: Method to Close Multiple Apps at Once in iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro Max

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to come to the middle and pause for a while, holding on the screen in the same position.

2. This will help to open an app switcher on your device that does not possess a home button.

iPhone 11 Close Apps Image

3. When the app switcher is opened, use three or four fingers to place it on different app cards.

Close Multiple Apps in iPhone 11 Image

4. Move your fingers in the upward direction allowing all the app cards to move with the fingers letting it close the apps.


Why my iPhone opening apps by itself?

There might be a software problem in the app itself as the iPhone comes with high security. Else, the problem might be in screen or charger which makes the phone trigger to a mis click and open the apps by itself.

Is force stopping an app bad?

Force stopping may speed up your phone but drains the phone’s battery.


With Apple coming up with an app switcher Closing Apps, iPhone 11 becomes a cakewalk that keeps your device working effortlessly. Coming to all the open apps by simply swiping up through the home screen is an effective gesture that helps you to exit an app. Most apps are running in the background in an inactive state and do not use up any resources. But for the device’s smooth functioning, it is suggested to exit or close all the unused apps. They might not only drain the battery but also might hinder the software working process creating unnecessary clutter.

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