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How to Clear Cache & Cookies on Android | Different Techniques to Free Up Space

We all are accustomed to use several applications on our Android smartphones. But, whenever we use these applications, they keep storing important data for future usage by occupying your phone’s internal storage space. An Android smartphone has very limited storage capacity and can fill up quickly with just a few apps installed on it. Latest phones don’t have a system cache today, but if yours does, you can find it on a separate partition from your phone storage.

Each Android smartphone has an in-built application manager that you can access through your settings menu. This application manager helps you clear the cache on your Android smartphone, making space in your internal storage system. Also, clearing cache can help in faster website browsing. Check out different methods on how to clear cache on Android.

What is Cached Data?

Any app or website that you have browsed has a load of bartering information. Every phone uses temporary data to store cache files, so when you open any app or website the next time, it will quickly recall its associated information. Users get the benefit of content that is pleasing to them in exchange for location, smartphone type which they are using, time spent on each website or app etc.

Whatever you own (laptop, tablet or smartphone), it doesn’t make a difference since all devices have a certain space allocated for cache files for quick data access whenever needed. The main aim of storing cache files as history on an Android phone is to improve users’ experience when visiting the same website in their future.

Android Wipe Cache Partition on your Smartphone

Wiping your system’s cache must not cause much trouble to your device, but it does not come in help either. Files stored in the cache partition allow your smartphone to get hold of commonly referenced data without rebuilding it constantly. When you wipe out such files, your system will rebuild those files when your phone needs to access them in the future. We recommend that you do not clear phone cache regularly since, at times, these files can get corrupted and can cause issues in your device’s operating system.

Method 1: How to Clear Cache on Android Phone?

If you own the latest version of an Android phone, you will need to delete cache files for each separate app individually. In several cases, clearing cache from apps or any website browser can resolve storage, improving your smartphone’s performance. Below are some steps you must follow for clearing cache on Android.

1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android smartphone and select “Storage”.

Storage Settings Image

2. Next, under “Storage,” tap on the “Other Apps” icon. This will direct you to a list of installed apps on your phone.

Storage other apps option Image

3. Select the app or browser that you want to clear its cache. In order to know which app is consuming much space, click on three dots on the top-right of the menu bar by selecting “Sort by Size”.

4. Now, click on the app that uses too much space. Once the new page for the application information opens, tap on the “Clear cache” option.

Android App Clear Cache from Settings Image

5. Ensure that you do not click on “Clear Storage,” or else your entire data stored in the app will get deleted.

Method 2: Clear System Cache Android using 3rd Party Applications

There are several ways for clearing cache on Android. You can do it manually or with the help of a cache cleaning app such as CCleaner. We shall list some steps on how you could use CCleaner to perform the clearing of cache task on your Android phone.

1. Download and open CCleaner from Google Play Store.

Download CCleaner from Playstore Image

2. Launch the CCleaner application and select the “Start here” button and accept required app permissions. Next, click on “Start Scanning” and wait till that process gets completed.

Clean Master Start Option Image

3. Then, tap on “Finish Cleaning,” and this app will automatically do the needed cleaning process.

CCleaner Finish Cleaning Option Image

4. Once the cleaning is complete, it deletes unnecessary app data.

CCleaner Cleaned Screen Image

Method 3: How to Delete Cookies on Android?

As said, cookies help to load previously visited pages or browsers more quickly. Most times, these cookies also send personal data such as email addresses and phone numbers to third parties. Because of this issue, it is advisable to keep deleting cookies from time to time from your web browser. Here’s how to clear cookies on Android:

1. Locate and Open the “Google Chrome” app on your Android smartphone. You can apply this step to whatever browser you are using, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

2. Once you opened the browsing app, tap the 3 vertical dots located at the page’s top-right.

Google Browser Page Image

3. From the opened menu bar, select the “Settings” option.

Google Chrome Settings Option in Mobile Image

4. Here, you will see a new page of the setting; tap “Privacy” below the “Advanced” section.

Advanced Privacy Google Settings Image

5. Next, under the “Privacy”, click on the “Clear Browsing Data” icon at the page’s bottom.

Google Privacy Clear Browsing Data Option Image

6. Now, check the box next to “Clear cookies and site data” and click “Clear”.

Chrome Cookies and saved website data clear Image

Method 4: How to Clear App Cache on Android?

Clearing app cache on Android removes all stored temporary files which the particular application uses when you will launch it again the next time. For clearing app cache on Android, you must do the following actions:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.

Android Settings Icon Image

2. Navigate to the “Apps” menu section and choose installed applications.

Apps in Android Settings Image

3. Next, search for the application from which you want to clear the app cache.

4. Click on your required app and move it to the “Storage” tab. Now, click “Clear App cache”.

Android App Clear Cache from Settings Image

Method 5: How to Clear App Data on Android?

Clearing app data will result in quite a large amount of storage space in your phone. So if you consider clearing the app data of a particular app, it will not only clear cache files but also resets its entire application, which means you will have to sign in again.

1. Open “Settings” on your device and scroll down to the “Apps” menu.

Search Settings Apps and Notifications Option Image

2. Click on “Apps” and further move to choose “installed apps”.

App Info Screen Image

3. Once you select the app you want to clear the data from, select it and move to “Storage,” and click “Clear Storage/Clear App Data”.

Android App Clear Cache from Settings Image

How Do I Free Up Space on my Android Phone?

If you own an Android smartphone that is less than 128GB of storage space, you will face an issue while downloading a new app like ‘Storage Space Running Out’. It is because an Android with less storage can get filled within no time. But no worries, you can still pick out some space in your internal storage by doing simple device cleaning. Here’s how you can free up storage in your Android phone:

Option 1: Use Free Space

1. Make use of Android’s free space tool that is installed in it. Go to your Android phone’s “Settings” app and select “Storage”.

Storage Settings Image

2. You will see a list of apps and how much space they are consuming individually, plus a list of all app categories.

Apps with their storage Image

3. Next, tap the “Free up storage” button.

App Storage Free up Space Option Image

4. You will be using the in-built “Remove items” tool. This will give you an opportunity to clean up all photos, videos, downloaded apps and most frequently used apps.

Remove items Screen Image

Option 2: Go to the Storage Section

Next, there are few other tools in the storage section. You can also see how much storage space each app takes.

1. Open your “Storage” tab, and under it, select a category “Music and audio or games”. There will be a list of apps that will fit under this category.

Apps under Music Category Image

2. Then, tap on the app you want to clear the data from. You will now see the app size and how much storage it is using. There are 2 options you should select from, i.e., “Clear Storage: and “Clear cache”.

Google Play Music Clear Storage Clear Cache Image

3. Keep in mind that before pressing the “Clear Storage”. See what data does that app hold because you wouldn’t want to delete your important media, files and documents.

Option 3: Smart Storage Toggle Feature

Adding to cleaning up your Android device storage, there is a toggle feature known as “Smart Storage”. This feature offers your phone the option to automatically remove backup photos and videos for a given period say 30 days.

Smart Storage Screen Image

Other Techniques on How to Free Up Space on Android

1. Uninstall Unused Applications

Few apps installed in your device may take up excess space in your phone. This also can lead to your phone slowing down in its performance. So, just click on the app that you no longer use and select “Uninstall”. Once you have deleted all apps you are not using frequently, you will notice the difference in your device’s space.

Uninstall App Image

2. Enable Auto-Delete for Old Messages

This is yet another useful way to free up storage space on your device. By enabling auto-delete, you can quickly get rid of messages that are over 200 in just seconds. Go to your phone’s “Messages” app and then select “Settings”. Next, click on “More Settings” and turn on “Delete Old Messages”.

More Settings Screen Image

3. Save Important Files/Documents on Cloud

We assure you that using a cloud service will help you in saving space big time. The moment you backup the files on the cloud, you can immediately delete them from your phone. Android users can store their files on Google Drive, which comes with a space of 15GB. Below listed are some of the other popular and trusted cloud-based storage services you could make use of.

  • Dropbox: Free account comes with 2 GB of free space
  • iCloud: Free account comes with 5 GB of free space
  • OneDrive: First-tier with 5 GB of free storage

4. Store Backup Files into your Laptop/Desktop

With the help of a USB cord, transfer all your important files and documents into your laptop/desktop. You can easily connect the Android phone to any laptop or desktop and clear necessary files from your device.


We recommend that you clear your cache periodically; this will help your device to perform much faster and also not let your battery drain out quickly. If you notice that you have to keep on clearing cache daily to free up space on your smartphone, you might as well want to uninstall some unused apps from your phone. You can also free up some space by archiving important photos and videos by using cloud storage.

If you require high storage space for your phone but cannot delete certain files, you must consider installing a high-volume SD card to increase your device’s storage space. We have listed down fully tested and examined solutions on how to delete cache on Android phone. Clearing cache is a great way to free up storage space on your device.

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