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2 Simple Methods on How to Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox

Clearing cache on any web browser is the first thing that might come to your mind when you are troubleshooting for internet browsers. Continuous access to various websites may store cookies and cache to make your work faster. But this stored data does not make any changes visible until you make a hard refresh. Clearing cache in Firefox is quite simpler as in any other web browser. If you are looking for how to clear cache and cookies on Firefox, then these are the simple steps you need to follow. This step-by-step procedure will help you to clear the Firefox cache for site in no time.

Why Clear Firefox Browser Cache and Cookies?

Clearing cache and cookies help you to fix loading or formatting issues that might occur while accessing certain sites. When cookies store data in the form of files, it allows browsing to be quicker and easier. But these caches and cookies also create some nuisance that creates trouble sometimes. If the site data is updated, it keeps on accessing the previously-stored old data. The newly updated data will not be accessed until you clear the cache and cookies. So, to allow for the uninterrupted working experience, clearing cache from time to time helps serve the purpose. Let’s see how to clear cache in Firefox manually from time to time and automatically.

Option 1: How to Clear Browser Cache Firefox?

1. In your Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the Menu button, which is three horizontal lines on the upper right corner.

2. In the list generated, click on the “Options” or “Preferences” or “Settings” menu whatever is mentioned.

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3. Now select the “Privacy & Security” panel on the left-hand side.

Privacy Option in Firefox Settings Image

4. Scroll down to find the “Cookies and Site Data” section.

5. Click on “Clear Data.”

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6. See the box in front of the Cached Web Content and ensure it to be checked.

Firefox Clear Cached Web Content Image

7. Now click on the “Clear” option to clear all the cache data.

Option 2: Firefox Clear Browser Cache Automatically

If you are tired of clearing the browser cache manually and you wish to save time, you can set it to automatic cache clearing. Setting the web browser to automatic will clear Firefox cache automatically when the browser is closed.

1. Go to the menu button on the top right corner and choose the “Options.”

Firefox Browser Options Image

2. Select the “Privacy and Security” section and then click on “History.”

Privacy Option in Firefox Settings Image

3. The drop-down menu that appears next to “Firefox will,” select “Use custom settings for history.”

Firefox History Use custom settings for history Image

4. In the options that pop up, select “Clear history when Firefox closes.”

Select Clear history when Firefox closes Image

5. Next to the clearing history, when Firefox closes, find the “Settings” button. A new tab opens up.

Firefox Privacy Settings Option Image

6. In the “Settings for Clearing History” tab put a tick mark on the “Cache” option. Click on “OK” to proceed further.

Settings for Clearing History Cache Image

7. This will clear all the cache and cookies in your browser.


What is the Mozilla Firefox Clear Cache Shortcut?

The shortcut to clear cache on Mozilla Firefox is, just press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys at a time and click on the Clear Data option. This shortcut not only works on Firefox, but you can use for other browsers as well to clear the data quickly.

Where is Firefox Cache?

You can find the information about Firefox cache by just entering about:cache in your Mozilla Firefox browser address bar. It gives the Firefox memory and disk cache information along with Storage size and Location in Windows 10 computer or whatever OS you are using.

How to Disable Firefox Cache?

To disable Firefox cache,
1. Go to Firefox browser new tab and enter about:config in the address bar.
2. Now, in the search bar enter Cache and find network.http.use-cache in the options displayed.
3. Default it will be “true”. To switch it from “true” to “false” just double-click on it.

What is Firefox Refresh Cache shortcut?

Just press Ctrl + F5 simultaneously to refresh Firefox browser and clear cache.


If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you might sometimes have gotten stuck on how to empty Firefox cache? Clearing all the website cache and cookies becomes the need of the hour as this data unknowingly might create clutter. Firefox cache settings can be easily followed by adopting any of the above-given methods. This helps to create a way for smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Clearing cache manually from time to time might seem tiresome. So you can even set automatic data clearing when the browser closes.

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