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How to Clear Google Chrome Cache, Cookies, Browsing History?

While working with any browser, it is quite normal that some of the information from various websites is stored in the form of cookies and caches. Though these cookies and cache do not harm browsing in general, it is quite good to clear such data from time to time. To avoid any kind of loading or formatting issues, it is recommended to clear cookies in Google Chrome. Now you might be thinking of how to clear cache and cookies on Google Chrome? If you are new to clearing cache or browsing history, then here are a few ways that can be your savior. Follow these small steps, and you are all done with it.

Google Chrome Clear Cache and Cookies [3 Quick Ways]

Here are the 3 simple methods with step-by-step guidelines to clear cache, cookies, history, passwords, etc. Adopting these steps, you can get rid of all caches and cookies from the period you wish to remove.

Option 1: How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome Manually?

1. The first step to clear all the cookies and cache involves opening the Google Chrome browser on your computer. tab image

2. On the top right-hand side corner, you will find the “Menu” option in the form of three vertical dots.

3. Click on those dots, and you will find the “More tools” option in the generated menu.

4. Open “Clear browsing data” in the More tools option.

More tools Clear browsing data Option Image

5. A new window opens up that asks you to choose the time range on top. You can select any time period for which you wish to erase data. Select “All time” if you wish to clear all data till present.

Clear browsing data Time Range All Time Image

6. Tick the checkboxes next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”.

7. Click on “Clear data” on the lower right corner of the tab.

Clear browsing data Cookies and Cached files Settings Images

Option 2: How to Clear Cookies on Google Chrome with Shortcut?

You can also clear Google Chrome cache and cookies by pressing shortcut keys on your keyboard. It opens up the browser cache window simply by pressing shortcut keys without involving many technical steps.

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del buttons on your keyboard. Make sure to press them together at once.

2. A new window opens up that says “Clear Browsing Data”.

Clear Browsing Data Select Time Image

3. Now you can select the time period of data that you wish to erase.

4. Ensure that the boxes in front of “Cookies and other site data” and “Cache images and files” are selected.

Clear browsing data last hour Image

5. Click on the “Clear Data” option shown in the bottom right corner.

Option 3: Method to Clear Stored Google Account Data

While browsing through the internet, some browser data may be stored in your online Google Account. To get rid of the same, follow these basic steps:

1. Open the web browser and visit the “Google – My Activity” page by opening “”

Google My Activity Image

2. On the left pane, select “Delete activity by”.

Google Delete Activity by option Image

3. In the “Delete web and app activity” dialogue box, click on “All time.”

Delete Activity All time Image

4. Click “Next” and then press “Delete.”

Confirm Delete Activity All Time Image

What happens after you clear Google Chrome Cookies, Cache & all?

Clearing all cache and cookies on your web browser is like allowing your computer to forget all previous settings or activities. These settings that are saved from frequently accessed sites gets deleted. It might take some more time when you re-open those sites again as some images or data need to be downloaded again. This may seem dreadful as your computer forgets certain settings that require it to be loaded again, but it is quite helpful. Deleting cache and cookies from a web browser helps fix certain unknown problems due to this saved data.

How do Cache and Cookies work?

When you frequently visit some sites, your web browser saves some of the website data to ease your browsing experience. When you open that site again, it loads faster, taking less time. This data stored in the form of files known as Cookies. This occurs when you repeatedly visit the same sites. These sites have some images or some part of a web page stored in the form of a cache. It helps to load the page quicker when you open it next time.


Continuous access to certain sites lets Chrome store some data or files in the form of cookies and cache. This stored data helps to increase browsing speed when you visit that site again. Storing such kinds of several files might sometimes result in the malfunctioning of browsers leading to unresponsive pages. Thus, such browsing history needs to be cleared off from time to time, following various steps mentioned above. It helps to speed-up working of browsers that would have been slowed down due to unwanted file storage.

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