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How to Find Android Phone (ON/OFF) – 6 Effective Ways to Locate

Losing your Android smartphone in today’s generation is a scary scenario. Simply because there is a lot of data stored in the phone, such as photos, personal information, and financial data. In case your phone gets lost and is found by a thief, it could be misused. But no worries, there are solutions by which you can quickly recover your lost cell phone. We have listed a few tested solutions that you can use when your device gets lost/stolen. Below are the best methods on how to find your Android phone.

[Top 5 Apps] Best Find My Phone App for Android

The easy way to find Android Phone location is using an app. Though the default features help you to track the location, there will be some additional features in the applications which most of the users found beneficial.

1. Family Locator by Life360

Life360 is a location tracking app that will help the user track their lost phone location. This app allows the user to stay connected with all family and friends while accessing the location-sharing feature. The best feature about Life360 is that you can control who can find you or your phone. Also, with this app, one can create groups and add people to it and monitor their location, which is visible only to group members. Users can also view location history and access it for future reference. You can also get the advantage of safety numbers such as for an ambulance or police.

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2. Find My Device

Find My Device is Google’s find my phone android app that offers security solutions to an android phone. This app can locate a user’s lost phone within the desired distance, and the user can ring its phone. The best part about using this method is that you can easily find your phone if it’s lost nearby, but in the worst situation, you can also erase all the data if you couldn’t find it. It’s a completely free app that has no charges when installed. Find My Device also has indoor map support to find places such as malls, stadiums, restaurants, and airports.

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3. Cerberus

Cerberus is known to be one of the most popular apps for finding my phone and Android apps. This app has extensive in-built features such as locking, resetting, sounding alarms, messages, and access to the phone’s front camera. One of the eye-catching features this app has is that the user can hide Cerberus from the app drawer so that people cannot suspect that there is any such app on the phone. In the beginning, the user can use the free trial and further can purchase a single license for $5 per year.

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4. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey is a highly trusted security app for Android smartphones. It is a more lightweight app compared to the previous apps listed above. This Prey Anti-Theft app is a simple and straightforward app with all the basic features like finding your phone, alarms and completely locking the device. Like the previous pick, this app can also take pictures of the thief by accessing the front camera. Prey app has successfully benefited several Android users in finding their phones.

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5. iSharing

iSharing is another great app for location tracker and keeps track of your family member’s location. This app has been packed with features to track the lost phone’s location. iSharing also features creating groups and chatting with other group members, and one can also access their real-time location wherever they are. Also, this app will send you notifications as to when a particular group member has left or when they have reached a certain place. To find an Android phone location, iSharing is the best app to opt for.

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Other Methods on How to Find My Phone Android without App?

1. Track your Android Phone’s Location by using Google Maps

This is a comparatively quick method to track your phone’s location immediately.

  • Go to and sign in with your Gmail account. 
  • Now, you can know your device’s approximate location, and if it couldn’t be found, you will see the last known location. 
  • Next, there will be given 3 options for you to choose from: either to make your phone ring, lock your device, or erase your phone. Select anyone and move forward.
FInd my device using Google Maps Image

2. Make use of a Smart Home Speaker

If you have misplaced your Android smartphone at your home place, your home speaker can come in handy at this point. First and foremost, make sure your device and speaker are connected to search your phone in seconds quickly.

Smart Speaker Image

For example: – if you own a Google Home, you can try saying, “Okay, Google, find my phone.” your smart home speaker will then search your device and make it ring. The best part about using this method is that even if your smartphone is in silent or vibrate mode, it will still sound.

3. Find the Phone with a Bluetooth Tracker

This method can be a little more expensive than the others since it requires a user to invest in Bluetooth trackers. There are many Bluetooth trackers around the market, one of which is Tile. In short, you simply have to connect your phone to the tracker, so when your device gets misplaced at a certain place, the tracker will set off an alarm to alert you of the phone’s location.

Find Phone using Bluetooth Tracker Image

4. How to make sure Google Find My Device is enabled on Android?

The best part about Google Find My Find service is that even if you don’t remember to turn the app on, Google will work on it by default when an Android phone is linked to a Google account. Here’s how you can verify if Find My Device is enabled.

1. Open the “Settings” app and Tap on “Google.”

Android Settings Icon Image

2. Next, on your “Google’s” settings page, click “Security.”

Google Settings in Android Image

3. Click “Find My Device” from the page.

4. On the “Find My Device” page, make sure the app is Turned ON. You can check it by seeing if the button has been swiped to the right.

Turn ON Find My Device Option Image

5. How to Find a Phone Number?

In many cases, you might not remember your own number, but no worries, there is a way you can view the phone number that has been assigned to your Android device.

Option 1: Go to your “Home Screen” page on your android device and click open the “Settings” app. Navigate downwards and select “About phone” or “About device.” Next, select “Status” and then “Phone Identity,” here, you will be displayed with all your phone details, including your phone number.

Find My Phone Number in Settings Image

Option 2:  Another quick way of checking out your current phone number is using the messages app. First, open the “Messages” app and select settings on the top right of the menu bar. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and see “Phone Number” under Advanced option. Your phone number will be shown.

Find Phone Number in Messages App Image

Option 3: The last method you could try is dialing “1-800-444-4444,” and it will read out the number you are calling from. 

6. How to Find Lost Android Phone When Turned Off?

The first step to finding a lost Android phone is by using the Find My Device app by Google. Making sure that your phone has an internet connection and is linked to your current google account, can visit the Google page and search for “Find My Device.” In the worst scenario, you can get access to the last location of your device. Another option is where a user can go check the location history connected to the google location account. If the smartphone is still connected, you can see which places your phone has traveled to.


We hope our guide has helped you find your Android device. There are several other apps that you could use to track down your lost/stolen cell phone. We have analyzed and picked 5 of the best apps that are free and have a simple user interface that anyone can easily access. Before installing any apps, make sure to backup all your data into another device (preferably PC) if your phone gets stolen in the future.

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