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15 Simple Methods to Fix Err_Network_Changed Chrome Error [100% Works]

Err_network_changed error is one of the most common network issues faced by Google Chrome users. Internet users face several problems when connecting to the net via Google Chrome. When an Err Network Changed Windows 10 error occurs on Google Chrome, it denotes that either your internet connection or browser is blocking you from loading a particular page. The main issue is that you cannot open any websites on Google Chrome unless you do not fix this error. Let’s see why does Err_network_changed error occur and how to fix it.

What Causes ‘a Network Change Was Detected’ Error?

When there is a change in your desktop Google Chrome IP address, Chrome detects it and sends this error message. Every desktop/laptop device has been encrypted with a distinct IP address that helps in connecting to the internet network. Few Internet Service Providers and websites apply specific restrictions to your IP address. A user commonly uses VPN or proxy service to change their IP address and access some of the restricted websites. This is one of the reasons you might be facing this network issue. Below are some of the troubleshooting ways to fix the Err_network_changed error over your laptop/desktop. We have covered solutions that will work for every Windows 10 desktop.

[Fixed] How to Fix Network Change Detected – Err_Network_Changed?

If you change the network, you might see the error in Chrome ‘Your connection was interrupted a Network Change was Detected’ Windows 7 or 10.

Method 1: Reset your Modem

Instead of getting into complex solutions initially, you could start solving the error with a simple one. This network error could also be a cause of some technical issues. The first method we shall recommend is to reset your modem by unplugging all the cable and power connections and waiting for a few seconds, and then plugging them again. Now check if the error has been fixed.

Method 2: Switch to an Alternate Browser

If the issue is not solved with the previous solution, you can opt to change the web browser. Try and use another browser and check if the same error is showing up. If the error occurs on Google Chrome, but it works fine with another browser, there is an issue with the Chrome browser. You may choose from Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Brave Browser as an alternate option to Chrome.

Method 3: Check your Desktop for Malware

The connection interrupted with a network change detected error could also occur due to system infection. To fix this malware problem, you will need to run a full system virus scan. You can choose from many antivirus software that will help protect your system from viruses and malware. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Norton Antivirus Plus, Avira Antivirus Pro, or Kaspersky Anti-virus are some of the top software to kill stubborn viruses running in your system. Once you have installed either of the tools, run a deep system scan and check for the necessary problems.

Method 4: Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP

1. Open “Command Prompt” by searching it through windows search. Once you find it click on it.

Command Prompt Image

2. Below is the list of certain commands which you will have to enter one by one. After entering each command press “Enter”.

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig flushdns renew in Command Prompt image

3. Next, open the Admin command prompt window and enter the below-mentioned commands, pressing “Enter” after each command.

ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat –r
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset in Command Prompt Image

4. Reboot to register the changes. You can now check if the issue has been fixed.

Method 5: Disable and Enable NIC (Network Interface Card)

1. Tap together the “Windows + R” key, and type in the run box ncpa.cpl, and click “Enter.”

ncpa.cpl in Run wizard Image

2. Next, right-click on the NIC with an issue, select “Disable,” and click on “Enable” after a few seconds.

Disable Network Connection Image
Enable Network Connection Image

3. Hold on till the system successfully obtains the IP address. If not, type the following commands in the “cmd” window.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

ipconfig flushdns renew in Command Prompt image

4. Restart your Desktop and check if the Error Network Changed is solved.

Method 6: Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

1. Launch Google Chrome and click “Ctrl + H,” and open the history page.

Chrome History Image

2. On the left sidebar, select “Clear Browsing Data.”

History Clear Browsing Data Image

3. Select the option “beginning of time” that is located beside the Obliterate the following items.

Clear browsing data beginning of time Image

4. Now tap on the “Clear browsing data” icon located at the bottom of your page and wait till it clears the data.

5. Close down your browser and restart your desktop and check to see whether the Err_network_changed issue has been resolved. If not, you can move to the following solution.

Method 7: Uncheck Proxy Settings

1. Open “Settings App” by typing “Settings” in the Windows search panel.

Desktop Settings Option Image

2. Launch the Setting tab on your Windows computer, and under “Network and Internet,” select “Proxy” on the left sidebar.

Network Internet Proxy Settings Image

3. On the right panel, turn off the “Automatically detect settings” button Proxy setup functions.

Turn off proxy settings Image

4. Also, turn off the “Use a Proxy Server” button located at the bottom of the page.

5. Shut down your Chrome Browser and switch it on again and check if your problem is solved.

Method 8: Make use of Google Chrome Browser’s Public DNS

1. Press the “Windows + X” key together and click on “Network Connections.”

Network Connections Image

2. Once the “Network connection” tab opens, select the “Change Adapter Options” icon.

Change adapter options Image

3. Now “Network Connection” window will open and find your current connection, and right-click on it by selecting “Properties.”

Ethernet Properties Image

4. A new window opens, and under the Networking tab, select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and select “Properties.”

Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties Image

5. Next, insert the following values in the DNS server addresses tab:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

DNS server addresses Image

6. After inserting these values, click “Ok” and save the changes.

Method 9: Reset Google Chrome Settings

1. Open Google Chrome Browser and select on the 3 dots situated at the top right corner of the page, and click on “Settings.”

Google Chrome Settings Option Image

2. Next, on the left panel, under “Advanced,” select “Reset and Clean-up,” and on the right panel, click on “Restore Settings to their original defaults.”

Restore Settings to their original defaults Image

3. A new page will open, select “Reset settings.” After resetting the default, check if the Google Chrome webpage is opening.

Method 10: Deactivate The Prediction Service of Google Chrome

1. Launch Chrome Browser page and navigate to the “Settings” tab.

Google Chrome Settings Option Image

2. Scroll your cursor downwards to the “Advanced” icon.

Advanced Settings Image

3. A new page will open “Privacy and Security,” and you will get two options for prediction service. Turn off both these options.

Chrome Privacy and Security Settings Image

4. After you’ve deactivated both these options, the network issue shall be resolved.

Method 11: Make use of Ethernet or Wi-Fi with a single device

Several users have noticed that Err_network_changed error is detected when you are using both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection together on your desktop at the same time. This can lead to unwanted network issues, so it is advisable to use only one type of connection: Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Just unplug the power connections of one network, and your network issue is solved.

Method 12: Update Network Adapter Driver

At times if your network driver is corrupted or not up to date, it can also lead to a “connection was interrupted” error while you access the internet.

1. To open “Device Manager,” press the “Windows + R” key and type in devmgmt.msc and click “OK.”

devmgmt.msc in Run wizard Image

2. Expand the network adapters and find your respective network name. Right-click on your network and click on “Uninstall Device.”

Network adapters uninstall device Image

3. Next, install and update the driver. Once you restart your Windows desktop, it will automatically install a new version of the software or manually install its latest version.

Intel Centrino Wireless Download Image

4. After the driver software has been installed successfully, restart your system and update your desktop’s driver.

Network adapters Update driver Image

5. Now open the Google Chrome browser and check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 13: Deactivate WLAN Profiles

1. Open the “Command Prompt” tab by typing “cmd” in the windows search panel.

Command Prompt Image

2. Type in the command mentioned below and press “Enter”.

netsh wlan show profiles

netsh wlan show profiles in cmd image

3. Next, type in the following commands and delete all the Wi-Fi profiles.

netsh wlan delete profile name=”[PROFILE NAME]”

netsh wlan delete profile name in cmd Image

4. You can follow the same procedure for all other Wi-Fi networks and then reconnect them.

Method 14: Deactivate Power Saver Mode

In most cases, Windows 10 adapter shuts down when the power saver mode enabled. It causes an interruption in the network that later causes network error. Below are few steps listed to solve the problem:

1. Select the start icon and search for “Device Manager.”

Windows 10 Device Manager Image

2. Once you have found your network adapter, right-click on it and select “Properties.”

Network adapters Properties Image

3. Next, scroll to the “Power Management” tab and turn off “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option.

HID compliant mouse Power management Image

4. Click “Ok” and Restart your Google Chrome web browser.

Method 15: Use Winsock to Reset your Network Software

By using Winsock software, you can reset your network to its default settings.

1. Launch “Command Prompt” and select the “Run as administrator” icon.

Command Prompt Run as administrator Image

2. In the administrator window, type in the following command and press “Enter.”

netsh winsock reset

netsh winsock reset in command prompt Image

3. This may take a few minutes to complete the process, restart your desktop and check whether the error is resolved.

Final Verdict

A network changed error can prevent you from accessing various websites on the internet. Since this error can occur due to corruption or interrupted network configuration, it may be tough to fix it. To make your work easier, we have listed down 16 different solutions you could use to fix this error on your Windows 10 computer. Also, we suggest that if none of these methods work, you can simply call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and help you figure out the problem. Besides, we hope that you have successfully managed to solve the issue with the help of any one of our solutions.

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