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How to Mark as Spoiler on Discord for Images/Videos/Text (Discord Spoiler Tags)

To catch up with your friends, Discord is an interesting app laced with abundant texting styles for sharing your gaming adventure. You can receive and send messages by decorating them with different emojis and characters to make them look special. But be cautious, sometimes these special messages can turn out to be spoilers for you. Precisely to eliminate this issue, Discord has come up with a new markdown feature: spoiler tag. This spoiler markdown allows you to mark your messages with “Spoiler” before you send them to any recipient. How to use this feature or How to mark spoilers on Discord are some main things that Discord users need to know. You can mark your messages as spoilers in several ways without any complex steps. This Discord Spoiler Tag will alert receivers of spoiler messages, and it is their wish to open those messages.

How to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord?

To add “Spoiler” text on Discord, you can go through multiple ways and adopt these methods on any platform. You can follow these simple steps on any mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Method 1: By Adding Spoiler Text

To add a spoiler tag in Discord text message, you can type “/spoiler” at the start of any message. Adding “/spoiler” at the start will hide that message and give the right to recipients to view that message only when they wish to do so.

Discord Backslash Spoiler this message Image

Method 2: By Using Markdown

You can also use the “Discord Markdown” to mark any message as a spoiler. Adding spoiler tags with markdown is quite simple. Just type your phrase and add two vertical bars at the start and end of the phrase. Press “Shift + Backslash” on your keyboard to generate these vertical bars. Surrounding your message with these bars ensures that it appears as a spoiler message to the recipient or as Discord Hidden Text. It will open only when your receiver clicks on it.

Discord Markdown Phrase Here Image

Method 3: By Using Mark As Spoiler

To mark your text as a spoiler, you can follow another way that is quite easy to use. Type your message in Discord and highlight the text. Now right-click on the section that comes up with a spoiler tag option. Click on “Mark as Spoiler”. This will hide the content for other users until he/she clicks on it to reveal it.

Discord Mark as Spoiler Option Image

Method 4: Using Eye Symbol

If you don’t find any of these methods interesting, then here is one more that can mark your text as a spoiler message. Type your text and highlight it before you post. A pop-up bar appears in which, on the right corner, is an “Eye” symbol. Click on it to tag your message as a spoiler.

Discord Hiding Spoilers using Eye Symbol Image

How to do Spoiler Text on Discord for Images and Attachments?

How to do spoilers on Discord for any image or attachment is something that many Discord users search for. Before you upload any file or image on Discord, you can mark it as a spoiler by adopting the following method:

1. Log in to your Discord app on desktop or its website. To add the file, click on the “+” sign next to the chat box or drag and drop the file into server chat.

Discord Plus Symbol Image

2. Before your file is sent to the chat bar, a preview of it will be available. At the bottom left, select the “Mark as Spoiler” box before sending and then click on “Upload”.

Select Mark as Spoiler Box Image

3. After the file is sent, it appears as a “Spoiler Discord Image” to recipients. If recipients want to view that spoiler image, then they can tap on “Spoiler” to inspect that file.

Marked Spoiler Discord Image

How to Disallow Discord Spoiler Tag?

If you wish to forbid spoiler tags on your Discord server for any reason, you can do so by simply taking into measure these steps:

1. Go to “User Settings” on your Discord account, then click on “Text and Images”.

Discord User Settings Text and Images Option Image

2. Look for a box that says “Show Spoiler Content”. You will find 3 options in this box.

Show Spoiler Content Options Image

3. Selecting “On Click” means that your server members can click on the spoiler tag to reveal message content.

4. Selecting “On Servers I Moderate” states that you can control all tags on servers you control.

5. Clicking on “Always” means there are no spoiler tags for showing.

Methods for Discord Mobile Spoiler

We know that another question is swirling in your mind: How to do a spoiler on Discord when using on mobile? For marking spoilers on mobile, you can adopt the same methods as on desktop. You can use the vertical bar method, as now seen in most mobile phones’ keyboards. It just needs to be looked at carefully. Look for below certain steps as they can be helpful for adding spoiler tags in Discord on mobile.

Method 1: For Android and iOS Users

Any Discord users with Android and iOS can employ this method. Proceed with these simple steps:

1. Inside your Discord app, open any chat for which you want to create a spoiler.

2. Surround that specific text with bars at both ends. Wrap the text as “|| Insert Spoiler ||” and it will appear as a spoiler.

Insert Spoiler Text for Android iOS Image

3. On Google and Apple keyboard, you can find these vertical bars by clicking on the “Symbols” icon twice.

Vertical Bar on Google Keyboard Image

Method 2: For iOS Users Only

These below steps are specifically for those who are iOS users:

1. Open any Discord chat and highlight the message, and long-press it.

2. Among several options that appear, select “Mark as Spoiler”.

Mark as Spoiler on iOS Image

Method 3: Discord Spoiler Image in Mobile

Sending Discord spoiler images on mobile is quite tricky as compared to that on PC. For sending spoiler image on mobile, check on these measures:

1. Navigate to the “File Manager” of your mobile phone. Using an inbuilt file manager for mobile devices can also work.

File Manager Option on Android Image

2. In the File Manager, go to an image that you want to send as a spoiler.

Files in File Manager Image

3. Rename that image by adding “Spoiler_” at the beginning of the name. Now send that image on the Discord server after renaming.

4. Once you have sent that message, it would appear as a spoiler to your recipient.


Discord users enjoy the privilege of spoiler tags as sometimes some people won’t like to read any information which they feel like spoilers. So with a Discord spoiler tag, you can keep such information hidden by marking it as Discord Spoiler Text. Your recipients will receive this information in a spoiler or hidden form and can only reveal if he/she wishes to do so. In simple words, spoiler tags provide flexibility for receivers to view any information that can be termed as spoilers only with their consent. To know all about spoiler tags and how to make a spoiler in Discord, this article can be of utmost help to you.

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