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Essential Discord Slash Commands You Need to Know as a Server Owner

Discord is a popular voice and text chat platform that has taken the gaming community by storm. With millions of active users, the developers at Discord have consistently added new features to enhance communication on their platform. One such feature is “slash commands,” which allow users to trigger certain actions such as joining a voice chat or changing their status by typing a forward slash followed by a keyword. In this article, we will explore the power and functionality of Discord’s slash commands.

What are Discord Slash Commands?

Discord slash commands are a feature within Discord that allow users to quickly perform specific actions or retrieve information with simple commands. They are called “slash commands” because they begin with a forward slash (/) and are followed by a keyword or phrase. When a user types a slash command in a Discord chat or server, Discord will automatically recognize it as a command and execute the corresponding action. Discord slash commands can vary from basic commands like `/help` to complex actions like `/play` for music applications.

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Benefits of Using Slash Commands

Using Discord bot slash commands offers several benefits, including:

  • Speed: Slash commands are a quick way to execute commands and retrieve information without having to navigate through menus or use a mouse. This makes them perfect for gamers or anyone else who wants to keep their hands on the keyboard.
  • Increased productivity: By using slash commands, users can quickly perform tasks, such as muting or kicking someone, without having to navigate away from the chat screen.
  • Consistency: Because slash commands use a standardized format, they are easy to remember and use. This ensures that commands are executed correctly every time and reduces the chance of errors.
  • Enhanced user experience: Slash commands are a convenient feature that elevates the overall user experience on Discord. By having access to a variety of commands, users can better customize their experience on the platform.

How to Use / Slash Commands?

Here are the steps on how to use a / slash command:

  • Type the forward slash (/) in any text channel or server on Discord.
  • A list of available slash commands will appear. You can also start typing the keyword for the command you want to execute to narrow down the list of available commands.
  • Select the command you want to execute by clicking on it or pressing Enter.
  • Fill in any additional required parameters for the command. This will vary depending on the command you are using.
  • Press Enter to execute the command.

Most Popular Discord Slash Commands

Discord is the go-to platform for communities of all kinds, from gamers to artists, study groups to music lovers. One feature that stands out on Discord is the slash command, which allows users to execute certain actions quickly and efficiently, without the need to navigate through multiple menus or options. Here are some of the most popular Discord slash commands and how you can customize them to fit your community’s needs.

List of Frequently Used and Popular Commands

Slash commands are pre-defined, text-based commands that begin with a forward slash (/) and perform a specific action when entered into Discord’s text chat or channel. Here are some of the most frequently used and popular commands on Discord:

Slash CommandFunction
/helpList of all available slash commands
/meDisplay actions in the third person
/nickChange your display name in the server
/spoilerHide text or images as spoilers
/tableflipFlip a table in frustration
/unflipUnflip a table
/createCreate a new channel or server
/archiveArchive a channel or server
/inviteInvite users to a channel or server
/muteMute a channel or server
/unmuteUnmute a channel or server
/deleteDelete a message
/kickKick a user from a server
/banBan a user from a server
/whoisGet information about a user
/channeltopicChange the topic of a channel
/crosspostCrosspost a message to another channel
/emojilistList all custom emojis on the server
/gifSearch for and send a GIF
/membercountGet the number of members in a server
/pollCreate a poll with multiple options
/serverinfoGet information about the server
/userGet information about a specific user
/shrugSend a message with a shrug emoticon (¯_(ツ)_/¯)
/tableSend a message with an ASCII table
/afkSet your status to “Away from Keyboard”
/calcPerform a simple calculation
/joinJoin a voice channel
/leaveLeave a voice channel
/playPlay a song in a voice channel
/queueView the current song queue in a voice channel
/skipSkip the current song in a voice channel
/stopStop playing music in a voice channel
/ttsSend a text-to-speech message
/uptimeView how long the bot has been running
/giphyPulls a random GIF from GIPHY’s extensive library that matches your search terms
/spoilerHides a message with a spoiler tag, which users can reveal by clicking on it
/tableflipFlips a table in anger, with an ASCII table going flying across the screen
/shrugAdds a shrugging emoji in your message; perfect for when you’re not sure what to say

Integrated Slash Commands

Integrated slash commands are a feature offered by various communication applications, including Slack and Microsoft Teams, that provide users with a convenient and efficient way to interact with different tools and services from within their messaging platform. These commands are initiated by typing a forward slash (/) followed by a keyword that triggers a specific action or function.

Some noteworthy integrated slash commands available in Slack and Microsoft Teams include:

  • /remind: allows users to set reminders for themselves or their teammates. This command can be customized to include a specific day and time, as well as a reminder message.
  • /giphy: allows users to easily search for and embed GIFs into their messages. This command can be used to add a touch of humor or personality to a conversation.
  • /poll: allows users to create quick polls within their messaging platform. This command is ideal for gathering quick feedback or making group decisions.
  • /file: allows users to quickly upload and share files with their team members. This command supports a variety of file types, making it easy to share documents, images, and other important files.
  • /call: allows users to initiate voice or video calls directly from their messaging platform. This command is ideal for remote teams and enables them to communicate effectively without having to switch between different applications.
  • /shrug: this command inserts a shrug emoji into a message, signifying confusion or uncertainty.
  • /highlight: lets users add important keywords or phrases to a conversation so that they receive notifications when they are mentioned.
  • /thread: this command allows users to start a new thread within a conversation, enabling them to keep discussions organized and easy to follow.

How to Personalize and Customize Your Own Commands?

Discord slash commands are not limited to a given server’s common commands; users can create their own command personalization using Discord bots. This is achieved through programming using Discord’s API software (application programming interface). Users can create bots that act as moderators, game managers, music channels, or launch mini-games that use trivia or other games. Best of all, there are already many Discord bots that you can use for free, including popular takes like MEE6, Dyno, or GAwesomeBot.

How to Create Custom Discord Slash Commands? 

Discord slash commands have revolutionized the way people interact with Discord servers. They allow users to execute predefined actions with a single command, making chat commands fast and efficient. Below are the steps on how you can create your own custom Discord slash commands.

  • Set up a Discord bot: The first thing you need to do is set up a Discord bot. This bot will be responsible for handling the custom slash commands you create. There are many ways to create a Discord bot, but the easiest way is to use the Discord Developer Portal. Once you have access to the Developer Portal, you can create a new application and add a bot to it.
  • Add your bot to your server: Once you’ve created your bot, you need to add it to your Discord server. To do this, you’ll need to generate an invite link for your bot and then add it to your server. This can be done through the Discord Developer Portal as well.
  • Create your custom slash commands: To create your custom slash commands, you’ll need to use the Discord API. This allows you to define the commands and their corresponding actions. There are two ways to create custom commands: you can either use an existing Discord bot framework, or write your own code using one of the many Discord API libraries.
  • Define the command structure: When creating a custom slash command, you’ll need to define its structure. This includes the command name, description, and any arguments that the command requires. This information is used by Discord to provide users with useful information about the command.
  • Create the command action: Once you’ve defined the command structure, you need to define the action that the command will execute. This could be anything from fetching data from an external API, to manipulating data within your Discord server.
  • Test your custom slash command: Testing is an essential part of creating a custom slash command. It’s important to test your commands in a controlled environment to ensure that they work as expected. You can do this by setting up a test server or by using a test bot.

Discord Slash Command Libraries

Discord slash commands have become increasingly popular in recent years as they provide users with a quicker and more efficient way of executing commands on Discord servers. In this article, we will focus on two popular libraries that allow developers to implement these commands in their applications – discord-py-slash commands and discord.js slash commands.

Discord-py-Slash Commands

  • This library is a Python implementation of Discord’s Application Commands API, which allows users to create slash commands for their Discord servers.
  • The library comes with a set of tools that allow developers to easily implement slash commands, including decorators that can be used to specify the commands, subcommands, and options.
  • It also supports the creation of application-specific commands that can only be used within the developer’s application.
  • One major advantage of discord slash commands python library is that it supports the use of context menus for slash commands, allowing users to execute commands by right-clicking on specific elements within the Discord interface.

Discord.js Slash Commands

  • This library is a JavaScript implementation of Discord’s Application Commands API, similar to discord-py-slash commands, which allows for the creation of slash commands for Discord servers.
  • The library provides a set of tools that allow developers to create and manage slash commands, including the ability to specify options, subcommands, and even custom permissions for each command.
  • It also supports powerful debugging tools that can help developers test and troubleshoot their commands during development.
  • Additionally, Discord.js slash commands library allows for the creation of context menus just like in discord-py-slash commands, making it easier for users to execute commands directly from Discord’s interface.

How to Choose Relevant Commands for your Community or Group?

  • Identify the primary functions and needs of your community or group.
  • Brainstorm a list of commands that could benefit your community or group.
  • Prioritize the most important commands that are critical to your community or group’s functions.
  • Research and analyze similar groups or communities to find inspiration for relevant commands.
  • Choose commands that align with your group’s culture and values.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Custom Commands

  • Start with a clear and concise command name that describes its purpose.
  • Use proper capitalization and avoid using unnecessary symbols or characters in commands.
  • Ensure that commands are easy to remember and execute for group members.
  • Test commands before releasing them for the server and update as required.
  • Provide clear instructions for new users on how to use the custom commands.
  • Regularly review and update commands to ensure they are relevant to the server’s needs.

Tips for Using Discord Slash Commands Effectively?

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and online communities that provides a range of communication features, including the use of slash commands. Slash commands offer quick access to specific features and make communication more efficient. In this article, we will provide you with some useful tips to help you use these commands more effectively.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Slash Commands

  • Do keep it simple: One of the key benefits of using slash commands is their simplicity. Therefore, it is important to keep your commands simple and easy to understand.
  • Don’t overuse them: Using too many commands can confuse others and detract from the conversation. Be selective with your commands and use them only when necessary.
  • Do understand the purpose of each command: Familiarize yourself with the various slash commands available, their functions, and how they will benefit your conversation.
  • Don’t use unnecessary commands: Using commands for the sake of it will only add confusion and clutter to the conversation. Use them only when they add value.

How to Troubleshoot Discord Common Problems?

  • Typing errors: Typing mistakes can occur while using slash commands. Always double-check your spelling and syntax before sending the command.
  • Invalid or unknown commands: Make sure you are using a valid command supported by Discord.
  • Access restrictions: Some commands require specific permissions, such as managing roles or servers. Ensure that you have the required permission to use these commands.
  • Lagging or unresponsive commands: This may occur when the server is overloaded and experiencing issues. Try logging out and back in or refreshing the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Discord slash commands not working?

To fix Discord slash command issues, first ensure that the bot has the correct permissions. If the issue persists, consider hosting the bot on a server rather than a personal computer, and verify that the commands are correctly registered with Discord’s API. Additionally, double-check that all required parameters for the command are included.

How to enable slash commands in Discord?

To enable slash commands in Discord, go to server settings, select “Slash Commands,” and add your custom commands using the Discord API. Benefits include streamlined communication and easier interaction within Discord communities.

What are discord.js slash commands example?

Examples of slash commands could include /help, which would provide users with information on how to use the bot, or /play, which would allow them to begin playing a game or accessing a specific feature.

How to add slash commands to discord bot?

To add slash commands to your Discord bot, use the Discord.js library and set up a command handler with Discord’s API. This allows for streamlined and efficient interaction with your bot through the server command interface, providing a better user experience and increased bot functionality.

How to make slash commands discord.js?

To make Slash Commands in Discord.js, use the @discordjs/builders library and the Discord API. Follow the documentation to create and register the command.

How to use slash commands discord.py?

To use slash commands in discord.py, define the command’s structure, create a function for the command, and register it with the client. Slash commands offer a simpler and more intuitive way to interact with bots compared to traditional prefix-based commands. They also offer auto-completion and real-time feedback on incorrect usage.

How to make a Discord bot with slash commands?

To make a Discord bot with slash commands, use a programming language like Python, create an application on the Discord Developer Portal, and use the Discord API to handle and execute slash commands.

How to remove slash commands in Discord?

To remove slash commands in Discord, go to Server Settings, click on Slash Commands, and delete or disable individual commands.

How to make slash commands Discord py?

To make slash commands in Discord.py, use the @client.slash_command decorator, specify a name, description, and options. Then, use await ctx.send().


In conclusion, Discord slash commands offer a streamlined and efficient way for users to interact with bots and perform tasks. With their intuitive and user-friendly interface, these commands save time and enhance the overall experience of using Discord. Additionally, their flexibility and customizable options cater to diverse user needs. Overall, Discord slash commands are a valuable feature that will continue to improve the Discord platform for years to come.

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