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3 Simple Ways to Get Discord on your Xbox | Creating, Linking & Unlinking

Discord is a gaming app used globally on many platforms to keep connected to gamers online. It has now become one of the top rated gaming communication apps. With the increasing demand of many Xbox users, this app has come up with the ability to be linked to an Xbox account. Thus, getting Discord on Xbox becomes the priority for almost all game lovers. For that purpose, we have furnished this article to guide you in getting yourself the Discord app for your Xbox. By the end of it, you will indeed successfully share your astonishing gaming experience with your team or friends on Discord.

Why Should I Install Discord on Xbox One?

To stay in touch with all your friends and keep them updated about your gaming activities, getting Discord for Xbox is a brilliant idea. This cross-platform app allows you to join servers and channels for your favourite games. You can connect with a large number of gamers, and hence, you can keep an update regarding different games with your friends. Nonetheless, many people get stuck with one question: How to connect Discord to Xbox? This is because many people have faced trouble in linking Discord account with Xbox live account or the Xbox account. Precisely for that purpose, you can check out the following steps.

Creating Discord Account on Xbox

Creating a Discord account on Xbox sometimes becomes a tedious task for many people, especially for amateurs. Following these simple steps can help to get Discord app on Xbox One.

1. Open the official Discord website on your PC and download the Discord app. If you are using iOS, then go for its “App store”, or if you are using android, go for “Playstore”.

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2. Install the Discord app on your device and sign up using your email id.

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3. Once you successfully create your Discord account on your device, you can link this account to your existing Xbox account.

Methods for Linking Discord to Xbox

Below are various methods and techniques for linking your Discord to your Xbox live account or Xbox account. Do follow these methods carefully to enhance your gaming experience with your friends.

Method 1: How to Link Discord to Xbox?

How to use Discord on Xbox? Or how to link your Discord account to an Xbox account? These are some frequent questions asked by many users. For these questions, implement these simple measures:

1. Click on the Xbox button and open “Account Settings” in its generated menu.

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2. Now, you will see an opened “Account” tab. There, go to the “Linked Social Accounts” option from the menu.

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3. Select “Link Discord Account” from that opened menu.

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4. A 6-character pin code will be generated that is required for entering in the Discord app. In the Discord desktop or smartphone app, go to the “Connections” menu and enter this generated pin code.

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5. Once you have entered the pin code, your Discord account gets linked to your Xbox account.

Method 2: Linking Discord to Xbox Live Account

You can alternatively link your Discord account to your Xbox Live account through the Discord app or Discord website.

1. Go to Discord’s official website and log in using your username and password as required.

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2. On the bottom right corner, click on the “Settings” icon and open the Settings tab.

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3. Now navigate to “Connections”.

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4. The “Xbox” icon will be visible to you. Click on it.

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5. A dialog box appears asking you to sign in to your Microsoft account. Sign in to your Microsoft account by entering all required details, and you are done!

Method 3: Linking Discord to Xbox using Discord Phone or Desktop App

To initiate the linking process from the Discord app, you can go through these actions:

1. Open the Discord app on your device which you want or have and go to “User Settings”. Here, click on the “Connections” option.

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2. You will see a list of icons available for pairing. Look for the “Xbox” icon on the right end.

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3. Select Xbox Live and sign in with your account details. Allow Discord to access your Xbox. That’s it! These two accounts will get linked with each other.

4. Once your account gets successfully linked, Discord will give you various options to select what you will like to share with your friends.

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Unlinking Discord And Xbox One Account

If you do not want your Discord app anymore, for whatever reason it may be, and don’t know how to do it, then you need help. Various users have asked us the one question, “How to unlink Discord and Xbox One?” Proceed further to resolve your issue of unlinking Discord and Xbox.

1. Go to your official Microsoft account settings and log in with your account details. Find the Discord link there and remove it. Now save these changes made.

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2. You can also remove your Discord account by going to your Xbox One account. Select the “Linked Social Accounts” tab in the accounts menu. Unclick on the “Link Discord Account” for unlinking.

3. To unlink through the Discord app, open your Discord account and go to “Account Settings”. Open the “Connections” tab and click on “Xbox Live Connection”. Now click the “Remove link” button and Confirm.

How to Use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox?

To use Discord Voice chat on Xbox, the first step is to link your Discord account to your Xbox account using any of the methods mentioned above. Once you have successfully linked your Discord and Xbox accounts, you can easily voice chat with your friends. But make sure that your friends have also logged in to Discord on their console. You can chat with your friends on Xbox using Discord only when they also have the same platform. Although, Cross-platform chat using Discord is not yet permitted by the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlink Discord from Xbox?

To unlink Discord from Xbox, navigate to “Settings” in Xbox console, choose “Account,” tap on “Linked social accounts,” and then deactivate the Discord link.

How to unlink Xbox from Discord?

Unlink Xbox from Discord by going to User Settings in Discord, tap on Connections, find Xbox, then click on the X icon to terminate the integration.

How to link Xbox account to Discord?

To connect your Xbox account to Discord, launch the Discord app, navigate to ‘User Settings’ > ‘Connections’, and pick Xbox Live. To authorize the Discord Xbox connection, simply follow the steps.

Why Xbox keeps unlinking Discord?

Xbox may unlink Discord for a variety of reasons, including account settings changes, software updates, or compatibility issues.


Getting Xbox is one major concern for Discord users who are passionate about gaming along with their friends. To have a more defined gaming experience, Discord provides the ability to link to Xbox accounts. And this has turned out to be helpful for many users. So, if you are in a dilemma on how to proceed with getting the Discord app on your Xbox, going through this article can resolve all your doubts. Adopt any of these stated, suitable methods with easy steps and you are done with it.

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