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12 Most Useful Discord Chat Commands | How to Create & Use Bot Commands?

We can any day unanimously conclude that Discord is one of the most popular and convenient applications for chatting during gameplay. One major thing that makes this app special is that it takes great care of players’ privacy without compromising its functional qualities. Even though Discord is mainly a centre of attraction for gamers, we cannot deny its usefulness in serving more than gaming. There are unique and smart commands on this app, which can offer you a wide variety of activities. All you have to do is type commands into its server chatbox, and a lot of things can happen. Some commands are used for sheer fun, but there are also many other commands that anyone can utilize as shortcuts during gameplay. Keep yourself glued to this article as you are about to discover the world of Discord shortcuts and chat commands.

Chat and Bot Discord Commands List

So this list which we are going to provide here for your convenience contains the most useful and most used Discord commands by gamers. In fact, you can easily create your own unique commands in Discord to be able to perform new tricks and hacks. The primary knowledge you require to create new commands and use regular commands is by putting a slash “/” key at the starting of each command. The rest of the command should follow shortly after without any spaces in between. Now, let us take you through the most favourite commands that any gamer can’t stop swooning over.

1. Changing Nicknames

Not all gamers like nicknames that they are given upon entering a particular channel. You do not have to worry about carrying a nickname you do not like when you can change it easily with Discord commands. Just like Messenger chat, in each Discord chat, you can change your nicknames. Type “/nick[new nickname]” in the server chatbox, and you can change your nickname on that particular server. You would have to go to server settings and toggle the “Change nickname” and “manage nicknames” options.

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2. Finding GIFs

There is barely anyone who does not like to send GIFs during a chat conversation, let alone gamers. With Discord commands, you can find appropriate GIFs quickly and send them to other players in the chatbox by following a particular command. Of course, you can send GIFs using the option given beside the chatbox, but some gamers like it better when they do not have to remove their hands from their keyboards. So you can simply type “/giphy[what you want to search]” in the server chatbox.

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3. Informing Others if you are AFK

This is a very useful Discord function that you have to know if you are a hard-core gamer. It is a necessary thing to let your co-players know when you are “Away From Keyboard” so that they can cover for you during your gaming. One easiest process to do this is by putting a custom status so that others can see that you are not currently using your keyboard. All you need to do is go to the server chatbox and type “afk set[custom status]”. Thats it! This status will pop if someone mentions your nickname in their chatbox.

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4. Discord Reading your Texts Aloud

This function is a hugely important one, as it involves reading your messages aloud to other players. You might be wondering why this feature is needed; let us tell you why. Suppose you are busy playing a game, and you are communicating with your teammates over a microphone. Now, if your mic suddenly starts malfunctioning, how would you let your mates know that? Sometimes, they might not be paying attention to your written messages as they would be playing games. Now you can make use of this wonderful feature to let them know that your mic is not working. This command will read your message aloud to your co-players and leave a text on the voice channel. To enable this function, you just have to go to the chatbox and type “/tts[your message]”, and an automated voice would read your text.

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This command, though, requires a set of permissions before working properly. Navigate to the “Server Admin” option and turn the “Send tts messages” feature on.

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5. Knowing the Number of Members

Sometimes, curiosity gets the better of us and makes us do things. One such thing that may happen during gameplay is you get curious about how many members are there on the server you are using. Well, Discord chat commands do not disappoint here as well. You can know the exact number of members present at your server by typing “/membercount” in the server chatbox. This command, however, may not be very accurate if there are many member groups on the server with both offline and online members. But that happens rarely, as this command does actually go an extra mile and gather the actual number of members and present it to you.

membercount command image

6. Knowing the Person Talking to You

It can be quite tough when you see a particular player keeps talking to you, but you cannot know who that person is. It may be difficult as well to identify that person among all other players present there. So what you can do is type “/whois[user mention]” in the server chatbox, and you would get information about that person almost instantly.

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7. Finding Emoji

It has been a habit for us to use emoji while chatting on a chat thread. Players cannot shake this habit off even when they are using Discord. So here is the trick that may be helpful to a certain extent. You have to write “/emotes,” and a list of applicable emojis will appear in front of you.

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8. Chats Moderation

Now, this is a grave problem you are bound to face if you run a chat room. There can be some people who would not agree to not use swear words and offensive words no matter how much you plead them. So, what can be done is that you can block such offensive words and swear words to blacklist. Doing this, the phrases that you have blacklisted would not anymore appear in the chat room even if someone uses them. You just have to type “/moderationaddblacklist”.

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9. Ban a Member

If you are a moderator of a chat room, you might have felt an urge to ban certain members at times. If you know how to ban someone on Discord, the work gets easier. You have to type “/ban[user][time limit][reason for banning]” on the chatbox. Before any member gets banned, he/she will be able to see the reason why they are put forward for banning.

ban a user in discord command image

10. Playing Music

There are Discord music bot commands that let you enjoy listening to music while you are active on Discord. You can listen to music while you are busy playing games and communicating on Discord chat rooms by simply typing “/play[url]”. You can copy the url for the music from the internet or YouTube and paste it directly on this command.

play music command in discord image

11. Doing Table-flip and Unflip

If you need to express your anger due to any reason, Discord slash commands let you do that as well. You can show your outrage by flipping a table in Konami code. Just type “/tableflip” in your chatbox to get it done. When you are back to a normal state and have finally calmed down, type “/unflip” and get the table back to its normal position.

tableflip command image

12. Spoiler and Shrug

You can hide sensitive content by using the spoiler command. If you do not want others to find out a piece of particular information, just type “/spoiler”. This way, you would be able to save the ending for everyone. Now, coming to the shrug feature, you can do it in Konami code as well. Simply type “/shrug” in your chatbox, and the logo will appear.

shrug command image

How to Create Custom Discord Commands?

Discord commands let you enjoy many exciting features, but the thought of making new Discord bots might have crossed your mind once or twice. Well, creating custom chat commands and bots involves a fair amount of coding knowledge. But, we are not going to keep you hanging, so here you can learn how to make Discord custom commands easily.

  1. Firstly, you have to install “Discord.py”.
  2. Now, you have to make Discord apps and bot.
  3. Next, create a Discord server as well (guild).
  4. Here, you have to add the bot you created into the guild.
  5. Final step includes coding that bot.


Discord is a brilliant medium for communication that lets you play and chat anonymously on the server. While Discord is growing as a popular gaming communication application, you have to know some basic features of this app to use the same fully. We have gathered all the slash commands that users frequently use for a delightful gaming session. Hope you have found this article useful since you are going to find Discord much more attractive after learning these amazing tricks!

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