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Discord Commands 101: Beginner’s Guide on Creating & Using Bot Commands

We can any day unanimously conclude that Discord is one of the most popular and convenient applications for chatting during gameplay. One major thing that makes this app special is that it takes great care of players’ privacy without compromising its functional qualities. Even though Discord is mainly a centre of attraction for gamers, we cannot deny its usefulness in serving more than gaming. There are unique and smart commands on this app, which can offer you a wide variety of activities.

All you have to do is type commands into its server chatbox, and a lot of things can happen. Some commands are used for sheer fun, but there are also many other commands that anyone can utilize as shortcuts during gameplay. Keep yourself glued to this article as you are about to discover the world of Discord shortcuts and chat commands.

What are Discord Commands?

Discord commands are commands that users can type in a text box to trigger specific actions in the messaging app. For example, they can be used to create games, initiate conversations, check server notifications and even regulate server settings. The possibilities of what one can do with Discord commands continues to grow as developers come up with new and exciting ways to use them. With each command comes an opportunity for users to customize their own experience within the online community. By using Discord commands, users have a remarkable amount of control over how they engage with their peers on the app.

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Different Types of Discord Commands and Their Uses

Discord has grown to be one of the most popular ways to stay connected with friends and family. It offers a robust suite of commands that can help you navigate the platform easily. Commonly used commands range from banning and kicking people from a server, to changing the server name and setting up automated chats. You can also change user roles and customize permissons for everyone. Moreover, Discord bots are available to provide additional entertainment or tools for users by issuing commands uniquely tailored to each specific bot. Here are the main three types of Discord commands. 

  1. Discord Chat commands
  1. Discord Bot Commands
  1. Discord Application Commands

Discord Chat Commands

Discord chat commands are a great way to streamline your conversations on Discord. They enable you to quickly perform common actions without having to manually type in commands each time. These useful commands can range from simple requests such as displaying a list of members of your Discord server, to more complex administrative tasks such as muting or banning users. 

There are literally hundreds of Discord chat commands lists available and many experienced users put together lists of their favorite ones to make their experience even smoother. No matter what your needs may be, there is likely a Discord chat command that will let you take control of your Discord conversations. These are categorised into Discord text commands and Discord slash commands.

Changing Nicknames Discord Image
!nickchanges your nickname on the server
!ban Users can ban someone from the server
!clear Users can clear their chat history in a text channel
!kickkicks someone from the server
!mutemutes someone on the server
!serverThis function provides information about the server you are currently in
!helpIt displays a list of all available commands
!urban [search term]This function searches the Urban Dictionary for a definition related to a given search term and posts it
!spotify [search term]Searches Spotify for a song related to the specified search term and posts it in the channel
!poll [question]Users are invited to vote in a poll and the results are displayed in the channel.
!quote [@user]Posts a quoted message from the specified user.
!flipThis function Flips a coin and posts the result in the channel
!weather [location]:It shows the current weather for the specified location in the channel
!roll [number]The function rolls a specified number of dices and posts the results
!jokePosts a random joke in the channel

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Discord Text Commands

Text commands are the basics of Discord commands and are used to help users manage the server they’re in. These commands range from basic commands like “ping”, which will give you a response from the Discord server, to more complex commands like “mute”, which will mute a user from the server. These Discord commands text can be found by typing “/” in the Discord chat window.

discord text command image
~~Your Text~~It strikes a specified part of your text
**Your Text**It bolds your selected text
Shift + EnterThis function creates empty lines
*Your Text*Writes your text in Italics
`Your Text`A Single Line is Code Blocked(color)
__Your Text__This function underlines your text
“`Your Text“`You can code block Multiple Lines
||Your Text||Spoiler Tag – This function is used to tell users that your text contain spoilers 
>Your TextSingle Line Quote
>>>Your TextMultiple lines line quote

Discord Slash Commands

Discord slash commands are a quick and easy way for Discord users to interact with both Discord itself and other Discord users. / Discord commands are essentially shortcuts which can be used to take different actions quickly. Discord slash commands list includes simple commands such as “/me” or “/help”, or you can use the command “/list” to get a full list of all the Discord Slash Commands available. 

discord slash commands image

These commands can help you easily access information, customize your Discord profile, and even start games with other Discord users. Try out a few Discord slash commands today to maximize your Discord user experience!

/giphy [keyword] For a specific keyword, this function searches and posts a GIF
/tts [text]Converts your selected text into speech
/quote [message ID]Quotes a specific message by its ID
/remind [time] [message]Sets a reminder for the specified time and message
/poll [question] [option 1] [option 2]Creates a poll with question and options
/join [voice channel name] This function helps in joining a specified voice channel
/leaveLeaves the current voice channel
/deafenMutes your audio in the current voice channel
/undeafen Unmutes your audio in the current voice channel
/mute [@user] Mutes the specified user in the current voice channel
/unmute [@user]Unmutes a particular user in the current voice channel
/modsYou can use this command to display a list of all chat moderators for that channel.
/block [username] 

You can use this command to block all chat messages from a certain user. Click the user badge block button after selecting a username
/unblock [username] With this command, you can unblock a user you previously added in the block list.
/disconnectIf you want to disconnect from your current chat server, use this command. To reconnect, simply refresh the page.
To ReplyIt allows you to start a new thread by replying directly to a message, or to add a new message to an existing thread.
/invite @someone [#channel]This command invites a team member to join the specified channel
/me [word or phrase]Make the text you type after the command so that it stands out in the channel.
/spoiler [word or phrase]/spoiler Discord blacks out your message in the chat to indicate that it is a spoiler.

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Discord Bot Commands

Bot commands are commands that are used by bots. A bot is a program that automates certain tasks, such as moderating a server. Some bot commands can be used to moderate a server, such as kicking or banning users from a server. Other bot commands can be used to play music or games within a server. Here are some of the common Discord bot commands list.

discord bot commands image
!play [song name or link]Plays the specified song or music video.
!pausePauses the current song.
!resumeResumes the current song.
!stopThis commands stops playing the song and also clears the songs in the queue
!skipSkips the current song.
!queueDisplays the current music queue.
!lyrics [song name] Searches for and displays the lyrics of a particular song.
!weather [city name] Displays the current weather for the specified city.
!define [word] Provides the definition of the specified word.

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MEE6 Commands

MEE6 is a Discord bot that helps server admins moderate their online communities more effectively and efficiently. It can be extremely helpful in managing the dynamic nature of Discord servers, especially at scale. MEE6 commands list is a comprehensive compilation of all the commands MEE6 offers to its users. This feature helps admins customize their MEE6 experience and better control their server.

The MEE6 command list includes broad commands such as banning members and managing messages to specific tasks like scheduling role assignment and setting auto-moderation actions. All MEE6 Discord commands are easy to use, making it an ideal choice for anyone setting up or improving their Discord server. Some of the MEE6 bot commands include:

MEE6 Commands image

MEE6 Bot Moderation Commands

Listed below are the best commands for MEE6 Bot moderation:

!ban [member] [optional reason]This command bans a specified member from the Discord server
!tempban [member] [duration] [optional reason]Temporarily bans a member from a server for a given amount of time.
!mute [member] [optional reason]With this command, you can mute a user so that they can’t speak or type on the server.
!tempmute [member] [duration] [optional reason]Temporarily mutes a member so that they cannot speak or use the chat box 
!unmute [member]Unmutes a member in chat.
!slowmode [optional timeout] [optional off]This command enables (or disables) slow mode in a specific channel.
!kick [member] [optional reason]This command is used to kick a user from a Discord channel
!infractions [member]Shows how many infractions a specific user has.
!warn [member] [optional reason]Warns a member for rule breaking or other infractions.
!clear [optional member] [optional count]Clears all the messages in a specific channel
!levelsDisplays the user’s current level and XP points.
!leaderboardThis function shows the leaderboard of users with the highest levels.
!rank [@user]Shows the rank of a particular user.
!welcomeCreates a message to welcome new members.
!autorole [role]Assigns a specific role to new members.

MEE6 Bot Search Commands

The following are the best commands for moderating MEE6 Bot search commands:

!youtube [search]With this command, you can search for a particular video
!twitch [search]You can search for stream channels in twitch
!imgur [search]searches for memes on Imgur.
!urban [search]Searches for slang from the Urban Dictionary.
!anime [search]This command searches Kitsu for anime.
!manga [search]With this command you can search Kitsu for manga.
!pokemon [search]Search the Pokeapi Pokedex for pokemon.

Probot Commands

With pobot Discord commands, you can add automated services to your Discord server and customize it however you’d like. From automated messages for members to customizable role assignments, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to improving your server’s functionality through pobot commands. Not only that, but they make it easy to assign roles to members, keep track of messages in a particular channel and more. With a little effort and creativity, you’ll find yourself with an intuitively designed server that functions exactly how you need it too. Who knew automation could be so fun?

pro bot commands image

Here are some common ProBot Discord commands list:

!rulesDisplays the server rules.
!report [@user] [reason]Sends a report to the server staff with the given reason about the specified user.
!suggest [suggestion]Submits a suggestion to the server staff.
!faqThis command shows a list of frequently asked questions.
!purge [number of messages]Deletes the current channel’s recent messages according to the number specified.
!mute [@user] [time]Mutes the specified user for the specified time.
!unmute [@user]Unmutes the specified user
!ban [@user] [reason]Bans the specified user from the server with the given reason.
!kick [@user] [reason]Kicks the specified user from the server with the given reason.

Dyno Bot Commands

Dyno Bot commands provide endless possibilities for users of popular messaging platform Discord. With a single command, users can customize their servers to fit their needs. Dyno Bot commands are easy to use and enabled users to bring life to their servers with moderation tools such as auto-moderation, music streaming, custom commands and more. What’s more, it is constantly being updated to provide users with the best possible experience and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements in Discord messaging.

Dyno Bot Commands image

Dyno Bot Moderation Commands

This is a list of the most useful Dyno Bot moderation commands for you:

?addmod [role]This command adds a moderator role.
?ban [user] [limit] [reason]If you want to ban a member, you can use this command. You have to specify the reason and time limit is optional
?unban [user or id] [optional reason]Unban a member who was previously banned.
?softban [user] [reason]In order to delete a specific user’s message, this command is used. To use this, ban and immediately unban the member.
?kick [user] [reason]Kicks a member from the server.
?lock [channel] (time) (message)This command sets a timer and message for locking a channel.
?unlock [channel] (message)This function unlocks a channel in your Discord server.
?announce everyone [channel] [message]sends an announcement to @everyone in a particular channel.
?members [role]Assigns a specific role to a list up to 90 members.
?warnings [user]With this command you can view all the warnings given to a particular user. 
?note [user] [text]creates a note about a user.
?notes [user]Views previously written notes about a user.
?clearnotes [user]Delete all notes associated with a particular member of Discord.
?deafen [user]Deafens an user.
?undeafen [user]Undeafens a user.
?modlogs [user]This command gets you a list of a particular user’s moderation logs.
?clean (optional number)Clears all the Dyno responses from the server.

Other Dyno Bot Commands

You can find a list of the best Dyno Bot commands here:

?catGenerates a cute cat picture and posts it automatically in the channel.
?doggenerates a cute dog picture and automatically posts it to the channel.
?pugGenerate a cute pug picture and posts it in the channel automatically.
?itunes [song name]With this command, you can get basic song info, artist and the album name..
?roll [dice size number – ie d20, or number of dice]This command is used to roll a dice or multiple dice in a channel.
?rps [choice]You can play rock-paper-scissors with the dyno bot command.
?country [country code]This command checks the stats of a specific country and its population, capital city, main currency and area.
?spaceGet information about the space station.

Carl Bot Commands

Carl Bot is a great way for anyone looking to manage their Discord servers more efficiently. With the many command options available, you can quickly and easily customize your server’s settings. Whether you’re setting roles, channel access, or creating custom commands specific to your server, Carl Bot has got your back! Create command categories, assign timers and counters for tracking game stats, or even calculate simple math equations – the possibilities are endless with Carl Bot! It’s worth noting that some of these functions require a paid subscription but this will grant access to more exclusive features in addition to those available for free. It’s an invaluable asset for any Discord user!

Carl Bot commands image

Here are some common Carl Bot commands:

!helpDisplays a list of available Carl Bot commands.
!prefix [prefix]Sets the command prefix for Carl Bot.
!pingDisplays the current latency of Carl Bot.
!uptimeDisplays the current uptime of Carl Bot.
!info [@user]Displays information about a specified user.
!serverinfoDisplays information about the current server.
!avatar [@user]Displays the avatar of a specified user.
!nick [@user] [nickname]Sets the nickname of a specified user
!embed [message]Sends a message in an embedded format.
!poll [question]Provides users with a poll to vote on.

These are just some examples of the many Carl Bot commands available. Carl Bot also offers customizations and configurations for these commands, allowing server administrators to tailor the bot’s behavior to their specific needs. Carl Bot can be a useful tool for server management, and its commands can enhance the functionality and convenience of Discord servers.

Discord Application Commands

With Discord’s application commands, developers can create custom capabilities to make interacting with the app more interactive and powerful. These unique tools are activated by typing a “/” followed by the command name in any server where you have installed the program. Through the API, devs configure their own version of these commands that carry out specific actions depending on what is requested.

discord application commands image
/play [song name]Plays a specified song in the voice channel that the user is currently in.
/pausePauses the current song that is being played in the voice channel.
/resumeResumes playing the previously paused song.
/skipSkips the current song and starts playing the next song in the queue.
/queueDisplays the current queue of songs that are scheduled to play in the voice channel.
/volume [number]This command is used to set the volume level for the current song.
/lyrics [song name]Searches for the lyrics of a specified song and displays them in the chat.
/search [query]Search your queries and display relevant results.
/translate [text] [target language]With this command, you can translate a specified text to your required target language.
/remind [time] [message]Sets a reminder for a specified time and message, and sends a notification at the specified time.

Discord offers two types of commands that can help you interact with other users. Global commands are like a universal language, allowing everyone to communicate across any server the application is installed on. Guild command work best within your own community; they provide an exclusive set-up for visitors and members alike to better engage in conversations specific to one particular guild or server!

Global Commands 

With global commands, you can use the bot anywhere. These powerful features are available to anyone who has access and work in both direct messages or servers with the bot present. Here are some examples of global commands:

Global discord commands image
/helpDisplays a list of available bot commands.
/statsShows the stats of the bot, such as uptime and server count.
/inviteSends an invite link for the bot to a specified user or channel.
/pingMeasures the bot’s current latency or response time.
/prefix [new prefix]Changes the prefix for the bot’s commands.
/infoDisplays information about the bot, such as the version and author.
/voteSends a link for users to vote for the bot on Discord Bot List.
/supportSends a link to the bot’s support server.
/sourceSends a link to the bot’s source code on GitHub.
/uptimeDisplays the amount of time the bot has been running.

Guild Commands

Unlike Global servers, Guild commands are specific to a single server and can only be used by members of that server. Guilds are like exclusive clubs, and with them come special commands! These server-specific instructions can be found within the slash command menu. Examples of guild powers include launching polls or setting custom ranks for members – making sure everyone knows who holds a privileged status in your little inner circle. Here are some examples of guild commands.

ban a user in discord command image
Commands Function
/greeting [message]Sets a custom greeting message for the server.
/goodbye [message]Sets a custom goodbye message for the server.
/mute [user]Mutes a specified user in the current voice channel.
/unmute [user]Unmutes a specified user in the current voice channel.
/kick [user]Kicks a specified user from the Discord server.
/ban [user]Bans a specified user from the server.
/role [user] [role]Provides a user with a specified role
/unrole [user] [role]Removes a specified role from a specified user.
/announce [message]Send an announcement message to the server.
/poll [question] [options]Provides users with the opportunity to vote in a poll

How to Use Commands?

Discord is an increasingly popular online platform that allows users to connect and use a wide range of communication options. One such option is the ability to use commands. Commands in Discord are essentially an advanced way of sending messages that give you access to more features than normal text chat. They are useful for making things happen quicker, like turning your microphone off or moderating a chat channel.

The commands themselves are inputs that start with a / followed by various other characters – all with unique functions. To use commands in Discord, simply type the command into the text area you’re typing into and press enter. There are many helpful resources available online that provide complete instructions on how to utilize commands and make the most of them in your online conversations.

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How to Create Custom Discord Commands?

Discord commands let you enjoy many exciting features, but the thought of making new Discord bots might have crossed your mind once or twice. Well, creating custom chat commands and bots involves a fair amount of coding knowledge. But, we are not going to keep you hanging, so here you can learn how to make Discord custom commands easily.

  1. Firstly, you have to install “Discord.py”.
  2. Now, you have to make Discord apps and bot.
  3. Next, create a Discord server as well (guild).
  4. Here, you have to add the bot you created into the guild.
  5. Final step includes coding that bot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Discord commands I’ve entered is not working?

If your Discord commands are failing to work, make sure you’ve entered the correct syntax. Additionally, see if there have been any reported issues with the service or specific bot that could potentially be causing a problem. Last but not least, double-check that the bot has all of its required permissions in order for it to successfully execute those commands.

Where can I get more Discord commands?

For all your Discord bot needs, you can visit top.gg or discordbots.org for an extensive range of bots and the commands associated with them! Plus, if you’re feeling creative and ambitious, you can even design your own custom bots using the powerful Discord API. You’ll be able to integrate these onto servers with exclusive commands tailored just for you,

Do I need bots for Discord commands

No, you don’t need bots for Discord commands as there are many in-built commands available for your use. However, bots can be incredibly practical and helpful for more intricate or personalized commands. Not to mention that they are beneficial in automated activities such as moderation or music streaming.

Is Discord really safe?

Although Discord has measures in place to guarantee user safety, like two-factor authentication and content filters, it is essential that users remain vigilant when engaging with unknown persons or sharing private information. It’s not a secret – the internet can be a dangerous place! Thus, we must all take cautionary measures and practice safe online habits while using any type of digital platform.

How to enable slash commands in Discord?

To enable slash commands on Discord, first ensure that your server has this feature activated. Then, create a bot or use an existing one and grant it appropriate permissions. Finally, take advantage of either the Discord API or a bot framework to build and register custom slash commands for immediate utilization!

How to add slash commands to Discord bot?

To incorporate slash commands into your Discord bot, you’ll have to create the command in your app’s developer portal and then add its code to your bot. Software like discord.py slash commands or Discord.js can help manage interaction with the API and subsequently respond when summoned by a user-generated command.


Discord is a brilliant medium for communication that lets you play and chat anonymously on the server. While Discord is growing as a popular gaming communication application, you have to know some basic features of this app to use the same fully. We have gathered all the slash commands that users frequently use for a delightful gaming session. Hope you have found this article useful since you are going to find Discord much more attractive after learning these amazing tricks!

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