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A Comprehensive Guide: Why And How To Disable Steam Overlay

Do you ever experience random crashes or lag spikes when playing your favourite video game? Does the game take a long time to launch, or does it takes forever for in-game actions such as loading screens and save points to complete? If so, then you may need to disable Steam overlay. The Steam overlay is a feature designed to improve gaming performance by creating better use of system resources. However, sometimes these features can cause more problems than they solve. In this blog post, we’ll explain how turning off Steam overlay can help to optimize your gaming experience and potentially stop those annoying crashes and lags you’re experiencing while playing that one beloved game!

What is Steam Overlay?

Enhancing the gaming experience, Steam Overlay provides an effortless way for players to access key features such as their friends list, web browser, and Steam Community. By simply pressing a hotkey while in-game, a transparent window appears which allows users to browse these incredible options without having to pause or exit their game! With this convenient feature of the Steam platform at your fingertips during gameplay, you won’t have any delays on your path towards excellence. hope you understood what is Steam overlay.

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Why Should I Disable the Steam Overlay?

The Steam Overlay is a useful tool that allows you to access features of the game without ever leaving it – so why would you disable the Steam overlay? If, however, your gaming experience has been hindered by compatibility problems or performance issues related to your Steam overlay, then disabling could be an option for resolving those difficulties. Furthermore, if your computer storage capacity isn’t quite up to par or you’re using a lower-end PC setting in general, turning off the Steam Overlay might also lend itself towards improving gameplay overall.

How to Disable Steam Overlay on PC?

Here are the various ways on how to disable Steam Overlay on PC:

How to Turn Off Steam Overlay for All Games from App Settings?

To disable Overlay for all your games in steam , simply follow these easy steps on how to turn off steam overlay from app settings:

  • Simply open Steam and select the “Steam” option located in the top-left corner of your window.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Settings” to open the Settings window. 
Select Settings From Steam Drop Down Menu Image
  • Once there, click on the tab labelled “In-Game”.
  • Uncheck the box beside “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game” to complete your adjustments, then hit “OK” to save them.
Uncheck Enable Steam Overlay while in game From In Game Steam Settings Image

How can I Disable Steam Overlay for One Game on Different Operating Systems?

Although the process of disabling the Steam Overlay for a specific game on various operating systems is generally similar, each OS may have subtly different user interfaces. Here’s how to disable Steam Overlay for one game on different operating systems:

For Windows:

  • To access your Steam Library, sign in Steam application.
  • To disable the Overlay for your game of choice, simply use your right mouse button to click on it and select “Properties”.
Open Game Properties From Steam Library Image
  • To turn off the Steam Overlay, open up Properties and click on the General tab. 
  • Uncheck the box next to “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” for a smoother gaming experience.
Uncheck Enable the Steam Overlay while in game From General Properties Image
  • Click “Close” to save the changes.

On macOS:

  • To remove Steam Overlay for a specific game, open your Library in Steam and right-click on the game and then tap on “Properties”.
Go To Game Properties From Steam Library On Mac
  • In the Properties window, click on the “General” tab.
  • Uncheck the box beside “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” to turn off this feature.
Unselect Enable the Steam Overlay while in game From Game Properties Image
  • Click “Close” to save the changes.

For Linux:

  • To disable Steam Overlay, open your Steam library and right-click on the game you wish to deactivate it for. 
  • Then choose “Properties” in the dropdown menu.
Click On Game Properties From Library In Steam Image
  • In the Properties window, click on the “Set Launch Options” button.
  • Enter -no-browser +nooverlay in the Launch Options window and click “OK” for confirmation.
Set Launch Options In Game General Properties Image
  • Click “Close” to save the changes.

How to Disable Steam Overlay in Non Steam Games via Big Picture Mode?

To disable Steam Overlay in non Steam games through Big Picture Mode, take a few moments to complete these simple steps:

  • To turn off the Steam Overlay for a non-Steam game, launch Steam in Big Picture Mode and select the specific game from library.
Go To Steam Library In Big Picture Mode Image
  • Open the game and click on “Manage Shortcut” to continue.
Open Game From Library In Big Picture Mode And Tap Manage Shortcut Image
  • In the “Manage Shortcut” menu, select “Controller Options”.
Tap On Controller Options From Manage Shortcut Menu Image
  • In the “Controller Applications Options” pop-up, uncheck the “Enable Overlay on Non-Steam Game”.
  • Click “OK” to save the changes.
Uncheck The Enable Overlay on Non-Steam Game From Controller Applications Options Image

How to Disable Steam In-Game Overlay While Using Other Features? 

If you wish to retain the other features of Steam, such as its Friends list or Controller support but turn off the in-game overlay, then a few easy steps are all that is required. Here’s what you need to do on how to disable Steam in-game Overlay:

  • To get started, open Steam and head over to your Library. 
  • Next, locate the “Settings” option in Steam menu located in the top-left corner of the window and click on it.
Go To Library And Select Settings From Steam Menu Image
  • Now, open the Settings window and select “In-Game.” 
  • Uncheck the box next to “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” for a smooth gaming experience.
Unselect Enable the Steam Overlay while in game From Steam In Game Settings Image
  • To use a non-Steam gamepad with Steam, navigate to “Controller” tab in settings and then tap on “General Controller Settings”.
Tap On General Controller Settings Image
  • In the controller settings, tick off the box next to “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.” 
Tick Generic Gamepad Configuration Support In Steam Controller Settings Image
  • Be sure to hit “OK” afterwards so your changes are saved.

What Happens if Steam Overlay is Disabled?

By disabling the Steam Overlay, you will be missing out on an array of features that make gaming so much more interactive and exciting. These include being able to use the in-game Steam Community interface, take advantage of Steam Chat for communicating with friends and other players, share your gameplay via Stream Broadcasting, or utilize a special controller support feature.

By deactivating the Steam Overlay, some games may not be able to operate with all of their features properly. Achievements and Workshop access could be impacted for example as well as tracking game time. This is why it’s important to consider whether or not enabling the Steam Overlay would benefit your gaming experience before making any changes.

However, Disabling the Steam Overlay can be incredibly beneficial for your system in a number of ways. It could help to enhance game performances, reduce lag and prevent any software problems that may happen due to conflicts with the overlay. Plus, it also aids in boosting overall performance while decreasing usage on resources like RAM/CPU power too! Hope you got to know what will happen if Steam Overlay is disabled.

Does Steam Overlay Affect FPS?

Does Steam Overlay Affect FPS? Absolutely, it can significantly affect FPS (frames per second) when playing games. As the overlay runs on top of your game, it consumes more system resources and this increased load will result in a potential deterioration of your frames per second or an input lag. The effects of FPS will differ based on the technical details of your machine and also the game being played. 

Certain titles may be more sensitive than others, while some PCs might possess a larger reserve to manage the overlay without any apparent difference in performance. If you’re having problems with game performance, turning off the Steam Overlay could improve FPS and minimize input lag. Remember that disabling it will also limit access to several features like in-game Steam Community interface, Steam Chat, Broadcasting and even controller support! 

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Pros and Cons of Disabling Steam Overlay


  • Improved Game Performance: By disabling Steam overlay, you can give your system a break and experience improved performance in games including increase FPS rates and less input lag.
  • Reduced Conflicts: If certain games are crashing or exhibiting issues, disabling the Steam overlay could be just what you need to stop those conflicts from occurring. Don’t let your gaming experience suffer any longer; disable the Steam Overlays and get back in action!
  • Increased Security: If desired, Steam users may opt to disable the overlay feature in order to keep their gaming and chat activity private from other users.


  • Limited Access to Features: By disabling the Steam overlay, some of its dependant features will be rendered unusable, such as accessing the in-game Steam Community interface, using Steam Chat, engaging with broadcasts on Steam Broadcasting and connecting a controller through the platform’s support.
  • Limited Access to Information: By disabling the Steam overlay, you may be missing out on vital data related to your gaming experience, like how much time you’ve spent playing or earned achievements.
  • Limited Access to Community Features: By disabling the Steam overlay, you may lose your opportunity to utilize some of its amazing community features like Workshop and exclusive game forums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Steam Overlay affect your gaming experience?

Steam Overlay can significantly elevate your gaming experience by granting access to the Steam Community, however it could also reduce game performance and cause clashes with some games.

Is there a way to disable Steam Overlay in a specific game?

To disable Steam’s Overlay feature on a specific game, simply right-click the title in your library, select Properties and uncheck the “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game” box. You’ll be able to enjoy playing without interruption!

How can I change the Steam Overlay shortcut?

To change the shortcut of Steam Overlay, start by launching Steam. Then navigate to Settings > In-Game and update your preferred “Overlay shortcut key” in that specific section. There you have it – now you can effortlessly modify your shortcut!

How to turn Steam Overlay on?

Open Steam, click “Steam” in the top left corner, choose “Settings,” select the “In-Game” tab, and then enable the checkbox next to “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.”


By disabling the Steam Overlay, you can enjoy improved gaming performance and enhanced privacy. Still, this might limit access to several community aspects of Steam as well as certain features. It all boils down to what your preferences are and which needs you have in mind.

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