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15 Best Windows 10 Calendar Apps – Free Download for PC/Laptop

Planning a daily schedule using a calendar is a common activity for anyone who has numerous events lined up. But to make things easier and quicker, making use of the virtual calendar has become a trend. In the era of computers and laptops, getting a free calendar app for Windows 10 helps a lot. It assists in managing your schedule that includes meetings, reminders, appointments and various other events or important dates. You can install various apps on your Windows 10, or you can find an inbuilt calendar that might be on your device.

Coming up with the best calendar for Windows would help you organize your work well and make things run smoothly. For the best results, you need to know all about the various calendar apps that work uniquely. Here are a few apps that you can get familiar with, and they can turn out to be helpful for your Windows 10.

Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10

1. Mail and Calendar

This is one of the best-recommended apps by Microsoft Corporation for Windows PC. Being independent, it does not need to be installed separately as an Office bundle. Since it is compact, it demands less space as compared to Outlook to be installed. This Outlook calendar app helps to manage your schedule by keeping you updated about your email messages. Whether working from the office or home helps establish quick communication for you with your contacts. It is compatible with accounts like Gmail, Office 365 and

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2. Efficient Calendar

To manage your time efficiently and smartly, Efficient Calendar is one of the best schedule app for Windows 10. It uses calendar, tasks and events modules with a responsive interface that displays the features on the left end of the calendar. Keep track of your appointments and events also, and you can have a multiple calendar view. This list view with multiple calendars makes managing all the events quicker without taking much time. It can be easily synced with your mobile phone and PC in just 4 simple steps without any complexity.

This smart calendar for your Windows comes with some advanced features that allow you to set priorities for events and tasks and put a reminder for previous activities and events. It also offers to save comments for any event or appointment. A recycle bin with a backup and restore feature is also found where unused and old data can be dumped.

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3. Google Calendar App for Windows 10

This free calendar app comes with the simplest technology and thus becomes user-friendly to be used without letting you compromise with its advanced features. Google calendar provides a sorted layout where you can find everything in an organized way. You can add your calendar or advanced events by simply pressing a few keys. The repeated reminders won’t allow you to miss any of your meetings or events as it keeps you updated and reminded. It also comes with the ability to send messages and emails to yourself.

To let you differentiate between various events allows you to prioritize different events or appointments based on your schedule. This free-of-cost calendar can be synced to any app on your system without trouble. For better and improved communication, you can share this calendar with each other. The Google calendar desktop app or widget helps to ease workflow by managing your complete schedule without demanding much time. So, add Google Calendar to Windows 10 now and utilize all the advanced features of it.

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4. Mine Time

This easy-to-set-up free calendar app is a great app for managing your events and tasks well. You only need to connect to service accounts, and voila. Simply install this app, and also you can update it with just one click. The best feature that it comes up with is integrating with all the other calendars on your PC or Laptop. You can integrate it with Google Calendar,, Exchange, iCloud and all CaIDAV services, allowing all your calendars to be accommodated in a single place.

You can also get through the stats that tell you the frequency of follow-up with co-workers in the past. It also lets you know how many times the date for any event has been changed. It has an easy-to-work interface that offers easy setting up events and other tasks. To make things easier for you, it uses AI to make your daily arrangements and preferences. If you are looking for a free desktop calendar app for Windows 10, this could be a perfect choice.

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5. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook offers an efficient mailing system and provides a calendar app with contacts and tasks in one app. This calendar app is convenient to use and keeps your work better organized, and keeps all records of your RSVPs meetings and bookings for conference rooms. You can share this Microsoft calendar for Windows 10 with your friends and colleagues that makes it possible to check their availability for any common event. It also keeps all your sensitive data secured with company-level security. The calendar can automatically take up your bill due dates and travel schedules to send you a regular reminder. This prevents any meeting, important events or any major bill payment from being skipped.

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6. My Calendar

This Microsoft calendar app is one of the best calendar apps for Windows that is highly customizable and provides various other useful features. You can change the calendar viewing format as per your requirement and add photos to birthdays and task management. It shows up vacations and other special events in the calendar. Offering multiple live tile selections does not show up ads and various options to manage tasks. Its advanced feature allows you to choose visible calendars from all the available calendars on your PC. This being one of the best calendar apps, provides an easily customizable view and comes with enhanced task management.

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7. Lightning Calendar

To keep your schedules and important events well organized, Mozilla comes up with the concept of Lightning Calendar. This calendar is well related to your Thunderbird or Seamonkey email. Its smart features help in doing various tasks more comfortably. You can manage several calendars easily, which allows you to build a separate to-do list for your own events. You can send invitations to your friends and colleagues for special events. Also, you can subscribe to public calendars using this calendar app. This free calendar app works well for Windows 10, giving you the required desired results.

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8. Onecalendar

To help you develop all the calendars under one roof, this One Calendar is a perfect match. Being simple and user-friendly, this Microsoft-powered Calendar is extremely customizable and provides multiple attractive features. This best calendar app for Windows 10 offers a platform that allows Outlook Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, Facebook events, Office 365, and more to be seen in one place. One can manage all the appointments, events and schedules without any complex operation. It eases your work by letting you filter your appointments and make amendments to them for smooth working.

The filter operation makes it possible to work quickly, saving your time. All the data stored in the Calendar is safe to keep and provides multiple viewing options with day, week, month and year. Also, you can work in the offline mode without requiring any internet connection. Thus, it won’t create any hindrance in your work and offer uninterrupted workflow even when the internet connection lost.

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9. Hope Calendar

Hope Calendar is a perfect choice for people looking for simple apps laced with advanced features. This calendar app adjusts comfortably to your current device settings and does not call for any special settings to make. With a neat and simplified layout, the view of all the events and appointments becomes easier. It is also compatible with Google Calendar, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud. This desktop calendar Windows 10 features a heat map that will let you know your busy days with a mere look at the calendar. All future appointments are visible in simple live tile format.

You can also find an option to view up to 5 appointments in a large live tile format. It also provides an agenda view that represents your imminent days in a captured image. Simply double-click or skip the current day with a click and hold to make additional appointments. This smart featured calendar also provides a hide appointment option and will show you a quick view of the same when required.

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10. Chronos Calendar+

This is known to be one of the best and stylish calendar apps for Windows that exhibits attractive features. Chronos calendar app assists in maintaining schedule and events in an elegant style. It also provides perfect integration with all installed calendars on your device. Since it supports more than 30 languages and provides holiday correction for several countries, this becomes one of the best Windows calendar app to use. Along with varied languages, it also lets you know about special days for more than 70 countries, making it unique. To provide a better working experience, it offers rich live tile customization with a clean interface. It also provides convenience to add moon phases and zodiac calendars to the main dashboard for astrology lovers.

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11. Timetable Tile

To keep a record for all the lectures, this Timetable Tile lets you add courses and lectures with the specified time from starting to end. In order to make it more effective, you can add a teacher’s name and place to it. The main screen would display all the scheduled lectures for the current day. In case you wish to see the past lectures for the day, you can do so by changing the settings. When the app launched, it will show the live tile to display current lectures. You can reach the course page by accessing the App bar and make changes to the course and lecture. With the help of a weekly view, you can navigate to various lectures. To make finding any course easier and quicker, Semantic zoom works well.

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12. Event Calendar

To keep track of all your events, this Event Calendar serves well. You can easily list all your important events like marriages, birthdays, festivals and vacations in this app. You will get regular notifications keeping you informed about the event from time to time. Since you will be reminded of the event as it approaches, it minimizes the chances of forgetting any event. It provides you with the option of adding different events and saving them to the cloud. You can also enjoy the feature of getting a notification on the desktop with the toast notification option. To protect your sensitive information, it helps to keep all your info safe and secure.

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13. Timetree

This smart calendar sharing app built to manage one’s schedule and through proper sharing and communication. You can share your calendar with your friends, partners, family, and colleagues with all the events and tasks. Collaborating and coordinating with others in a single calendar becomes easier and effortless with Timetree. It also allows recording memos, keeping a note of all the important activities and making it simpler to share and access. Since it contains all the updated appointments and events, you will not forget or miss any activity, making it the best shared calendar app.

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14. My Study Life

This My Study Life is an appropriate match to make things easier for students and get away with paper planning for their classes. It aids in organizing classes, tasks and exams without letting you forget about any lecture or assignment. This app supports week and day rotational timetables making you aware of all the class schedules. Keep track of all the assignments or projects that are to be delivered with a specified deadline. Also, receive a reminder for pending and incomplete tasks and the upcoming exams and classes. Thus, no worries about skipping any exam or class by mistake. By syncing all your data across the device, you can access it even without an internet connection.

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15. Woven

If you are looking for the most powerful scheduling tool, getting a Woven app for your Windows serves well. It allows you to work with all calendars under one roof. You can very easily schedule all your events directly into the app. For better workability, this app allows plan, manage and join video events, making it possible to schedule with zoom and google hangouts. Since it can be shared to all friends and colleagues, you can check people’s availability and schedule in your group. You can also connect it with Google, G Suite and Office 365.

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Scheduling all your events and tasks virtually makes it possible to manage your activities in a better-synchronized way. With multiple calendar apps available, it is important to know about all the features that make it more versatile. To make the best use of it, you must know all the detailed specifications about any app. Using a calendar app on Windows 10 helps make things simpler and prevents any event from being missed. Various calendar widget apps for Windows 10 mentioned here to make you familiar with its working.

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