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14 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 along with Set-Up Guide

When it comes to Windows 10, you can get customization to the level you can’t even think of. Imagine having a desktop background of your choice and interest. Yes, Windows 10 does offer you the ability to do so with its live wallpapers. You can enhance your system background by lacing it with all kinds of widgets, dynamic wallpapers, stickers and much more. Live Desktop Wallpaper Windows 10 not only gives an alluring look but also allows you to customize your system’s look according to your interest. Abundant smart apps for Windows 10 are available that come up with tools and features you would love to work with. These features help to add a different meaning to moving desktop backgrounds you are looking forward to. Get the best live wallpaper Windows 10 by using any of these apps.

What is Dynamic Wallpaper on Windows 10?

Dynamic wallpapers are live wallpapers that give a great way to customize and enhance your PC background. To overcome that old, boring and pale look of your computer background, these live wallpapers are there to redefine your system look. These are basically videos or gifs that act as wallpaper for your Windows. They take up much more resources on your PC as compared to other normal wallpapers. But they won’t fail to impress their spectators and users. With various apps and tools, you can very comfortably personalize any video or image according to your choice to set it as a desktop background. Many of these tools are free of cost and do not demand a penny for installation.

How to Set Live Wallpaper Windows 10?

To set a dynamic or live wallpaper on your Windows 10 background, you must be aware of various tools and apps that provide these live wallpapers. Look for the best suitable app you wish to have. Get that app on your computer by downloading it from its respective store. Install it as instructed, and if a free trial is available, get that free trial version. Launch the app on your computer and select the source of live wallpaper. You can select the best Windows 10 wallpaper from your own system memory or get it online. Select the wallpaper and look into settings to apply it as your desktop background.

10+ Best Live Wallpaper Windows 10 Apps for Laptop Free Download

1. Microsoft Store Live Wallpaper App

You can use this Microsoft store product with the .wmv format of videos to set wallpaper in the free version. If you want to set any other format video as a wallpaper, you must first convert it into a .wmv format and then use it. It also offers you the flexibility to pause and restart the live wallpaper anytime from the taskbar as per your choice. To set any live wallpaper from your system, simply open the app, click on browse folder and look for the folder that contains videos in the .wmv format.

Microsoft Store Browse Folder Option Image

2. Rainmeter

This app comes up with the best free wallpapers for desktop with a wide range of skins/themes for your desktop. Its free and open-source tool helps in better customization and aids in viewing all kinds of valuable information. It comes up with the skin that is generally in small-sized widgets and can move freely over any desktop. Being suitable for any PC with Windows 7 or above, this wallpaper app requires minimum hardware resources for its functioning. One can also use this app for rebuilding applications in an easy-to-understand language. Some themes are smart enough to capture your notes and to-do lists and assist in managing your system’s media player.

Manage Rainmeter Folder Image

3. Chameleon Wallpaper App

If you are looking for a smart and efficient app that gives you the best animated wallpaper Windows 10, then the Chameleon wallpaper app is a perfect search for you. As the name suggests, this app offers the most attractive live wallpapers by adjusting background colors. As you point the mouse on something in the background, the color accordingly changes. It picks up more than one color and gives an immense attractive look to your desktop background. Since the advanced version of Chameleon 2.0 is highly optimized, it consumes a minimum battery and chooses a color just with a double-tap. Display camera preview option is also available that helps to know how the camera captures colors.

Chameleon app wizard image

4. RainWallpaper

This live wallpaper app helps to set up an animated skin automatically as soon as you launch it in your system. It also offers a wide range of wallpapers that provides you the flexibility of changing desktop background as and when desired. Its net and responsive interface is lag-free and prevents weighing down computer resources. An integrated wallpaper editor allows editing images from the beginning or any existing images. These wallpapers also come accompanied by sound and function well with just a mouse click. This user-friendly software allows advanced quality video formats, including MP4, WebM or WMV. Thus, you can enhance your desktop’s beauty and give it a complete new look according to your choice.

RainWallpaper App Wizard Windows 10 Image

5. Push Wallpaper

This free live wallpapers Windows 10 app lets you pick up both video and live wallpaper from its huge library of available wallpapers. The exe file present makes it possible for you to choose any video and keep it as your desktop wallpaper that looks lively and happening. You can also be able to put videos and GIFs as desktop wallpapers. To provide you with a better experience, it offers customization options for adjusting the particle speed in a space-based live wallpaper. No doubt you can come up with some of the best desktop wallpapers according to your taste.

Push Wallpaper Wizard Image

6. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine turns out to be an efficient and powerful tool for live wallpapers on Windows 10. With an ample amount of options, it also allows you to pick up graphics and videos. You can even pin any particular website or application as your live wallpaper. To give your wallpaper your own taste and touch, it offers you a facility to personalize wallpapers as you desire. One best thing that this app comes up with is to scale dynamic wallpapers on any monitor. If you possess an ultra-wide monitor or a multi-monitor setup, you can even run it. With all these customization and personalization abilities, you can manage to get some of the best live wallpaper for Windows 10.

Wallpaper Engine customization image

7. Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper

If you are a fish lover, then this Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper is there to serve you best. It comes up with light and lively wallpapers with fishes swimming in the background. This gives a soothing and relaxing look as you gaze on your desktop screen amidst working. Additional details like bubbles and swinging corals make your wallpaper look more attractive. You get the option to personalize the background as per your desire and select the type of bubbles you wish to have. To improvise your desktop’s appearance and make it more happening, it also allows you to have varied lightning effects for your aquarium.

Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper on Windows 10 Image

8. Sim Aquarium 3

To have a classic 3D graphic look on your desktop screen, this Sim Aquarium 3 provides a virtual fish tank for your desktop. Its lively and breath-taking visual gives an interactive appearance to your desktop. You can easily personalize your aquarium with special effects and sound effects to make you feel soothing and comfortable. It also allows you to bring in audio files making your aquarium-like feel more fantastic and embellishing. You can have a large variant with 2 elaborated 3D coral reef backgrounds and 30 super intricate fish varieties with an appealing look. To give you a complete natural visual of an aquarium, it supports 3D glasses and displays offering special art effects of luminescence.

Sim Aquarium 3 App Image

9. Hologram Girl From Blade Runner 2049

If you are looking for something unique for your Windows 10 desktop background, then this wallpaper inspired by the movie Blade Runner is a perfect fit. With a touch of science fiction and moving hologram girl, it mesmerizes your desktop and gives it an entirely unique look. It comes up with free live wallpapers on Windows 10 and works smoothly with your existing operating system. There is absolutely no chance for slowing down your computer, letting you work flawlessly at your desired speed. The best thing it comes up with is that its wallpapers will pause automatically as you switch from desktop to any folder or browser.

Hologram Girl From Blade Runner 2049 Image

10. Deskscapes

To set live wallpapers on Windows 10, this dynamic app allows a tailor-made experience and creates a wallpaper according to your interest. You can use your own WMV files to set as your desktop background if you wish to do so. With 60 special impressions and a wide range of color effects, Deskscapes allows modification of wallpapers easily and effortlessly. This easy-to-use software considers desktop resolution and aspect ratio. Thus, no worries about coming up with a wallpaper that fits your desktop quickly. You can also recolor your existing wallpapers to come up with some efficient desktop backgrounds for Windows 10.

Deskscapes Wizard Image

11. Star Wars Darth Vader

For Star Wars fans, this wallpaper is an absolute stop to give them a cinematic experience. This dark-themed wallpaper with the sinister villain Darth Vader gives a stunning look to your desktop background. It provides a magnificent and lively look to your desktop in its own moving style. Allowing you to define the lightsaber time based on its battery consumption and Wifi signal strength, this application will be your best buddy. It also allows customization of trembling lightsabers according to one’s requirement.

Star Wars Darth Vader Image

12. Tomb Raider

Popular action-adventure films became a base for many activities, animation, merchandise and wallpaper due to its popularity. Moving wallpapers Windows 10 are one such creativity for its fans that allow them to decorate even their PC. This free software makes use of 3D models of popular characters from movies in different models. The graphical movement with up-to-date online wallpapers helps to brighten the desktop and gives an engaging background.

Tomb Raider Image

13. Widgets HD

Widgets HD goes a step ahead and results in some cool and awesome gizmos for Microsoft Windows 10. To change your desktop background as per your need and choice, it offers a large collection of applications. You can pick up any theme of your choice. Its attractive material pattern is one primary thing that this wallpaper boasts of and gives your desktop a complete new look. For your comfort and ease, it allows you to use different widgets and tools. These tools help you check weather, time and date and many other important features. Additional features like variant themes, dictionary, speed test for the internet and slideshows also become a part of it, making it one of the best desktop backgrounds.

Widgets HD Image

14. Winter WonderlanD

Winter Wonderland contains a collection of winter scenery photos and is an ideal match for those who are fond of such mesmerizing scenic beauty. This easy-to-use app has a simple interface and is quite convenient to set. You can select any image that you love to have on your desktop background. It provides you the convenience of setting any image as wallpaper and can even save wallpapers to an SD card. This smart app allows you to share images on Facebook, Twitter, email and MMS.

Winter WonderlanD Image


To have cool computer backgrounds for windows is like a piece of a cake these days as the operating system supports a wide range of wallpapers. With varied tools and customization, the library contains a wide range of slideshows to give an impeccable look to your desktop background. Making use of these best live wallpaper Windows 10 apps mentioned above, you can get the perfect wallpaper for PC. Editing and giving wallpapers a new look according to your choice becomes easier than ever before. So, get any of these apps for your Windows 10 and convert your desktop background in your own personalized way.

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