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What is an AAE File on iPhone | How to Convert & Open it on Windows?

Suppose you transfer your photos from iPhone to Windows PC. There appears an extended AAE file along with your images. Now, what exactly is an AAE file extension? .AAE file extension is a way to transfer indestructible edits that any user may have made to the JPEG images in iOS to the macOS system. AAE file type saves such edits so that your original pictures remain unaffected, and both saved in the same location, bearing the same name as well. There always arises questions on how to open an AAE file, or how to convert to jpg, or one can delete AAE files or not. These are not that hard to decipher and can be done within a few steps.

AAE File Extension

How to Open a AAE File on iPhone?

Opening an AAE file iPhone is a simple task and you can do it in two ways.

Firstly, by displaying it with the help of any other device’s iOS photo editor application. You open each of the edited images individually in that application and save them without any editing or alterations. This helps you to create copies of the AAE files on your iPhone’s camera roll. In the end, just get rid of the original picture and import those resaved modified/edited images.

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Another way is to use any specified iOS application specifically designed to transfer such files to your computer and all those alterations made to the original picture. However, do make sure that such an application is compatible with this activity and whether your computer can support the same.

How to Transfer Photos by Retaining Existing Modifications?

If you are a MAC computer user with OS X or other latest versions, you won’t have trouble transferring photos from your iPhone to your PC. But if not, you won’t be able to open those files on your laptop. Rather those customizations stay in your iPhone. To resolve this issue, you have to use any third-party application or software to read an .AAE file type on iPhone.

If you are an Android PC user or any other non-MAC computer user, those AAE formats won’t open or run on your device. The best possible scenario is to mail those pictures to yourself from the iPhone. You can also try uploading them on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Another way is to force your iPhone to make those modifications in the original image or export the modified copy to your laptop.

How to Open AAE File in Windows?

AAE files not supported in the windows program and presented as a preview image file with a size of, say, 1KB, and you won’t be able to open it. An error message will appear every time you try to open it with any other app. These iPhone AAE files are uniquely available to MAC-based systems or versions like iOS 8 and above. So, in case you want to open an AAE file extension on your Windows PC, there is a simple indirect way with a few steps.

1. Firstly, upload all image files to your Dropbox or one drive account.

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2. Then, log in to your Dropbox or drive account. This will help you to gather the images in their original sizes.

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3. The last step is to email those pictures to yourself and download them on your Windows PC. You can also have a modified app on your iPhone and then email them, although that might result in the deletion of the original sizes of images.

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Can I Delete AAE Files?

You might be troubled with those AAE files showing up in your folder or find some kind of dubious files, as these are usually hidden. Because when you try to open them, a message box appears to be unable to open them in a dialogue box. However, even after transfer, you don’t feel the need to have modified versions of your pictures, then you can safely delete those iOS app file extensions. These files hardly take up any space in your folder, and their sizes are in KBs.

AAE files are created by a photo application in an Apple device and are XTML based files. These are supposed to retain editing and changes made to the original image. So, even if you delete a file, only alterations will be removed and not image. Moreover, if you rename or move photos, the connection between jpg and AAE files is lost. There is no harm in deleting these files. No changes made to any of your other contents on PC.

How to Convert AAE to JPG with Pixillion Image Convertor Software?

All applications do not support AAE files, so you can use Pixillion Image Converter software or take help from other online portals. The aforementioned software will easily convert those AAE picture formats to JPG.

1. Download Pixillion Image Converter software and install it on your windows device.

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2. Select the “Add files” green button on the main toolbar. Find and select the specific AAE files, and click “Open” to add them to Pixillion and convert.

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3. Click on “browse” button near “Output Folder” to select a destination folder where the converted files saved, and then click on “Save to folder” option.

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4. Click on the dropdown menu on an “Output format” option and select the type of image file format. Find and click on JPEG. This will convert all selected images in this format only.

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5. Then, click on a “Convert” option available in the bottom right-hand corner of the main program or main toolbar. You can select one or more files to convert, and the required process begins.

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Bottom Line

We hope that the next time you see such files on your computer screen, you won’t have to worry about the matter that any of your images might get lost in the transfer process. These may appear suspicious but are rather easy to keep or delete. MAC shows such file extensions, but Windows won’t be able to read or run them. AAE extensions are just XTML based files that can be seen with the help of any text editor, say, Notepad or TextEdit. The processes mentioned above will work the same for your question on “how to open AAE files on Windows 10?”. Hopefully, this will help you to achieve your desired solution and know all about AAE file extension.

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